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MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 2 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by OTSportsChek (Limon vs Genoa-Hugo)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 2 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

First week of the season complete and we had some great games right off the bat.  I am expecting plenty of movement the first few weeks as we try and get things sorted out.  I am very excited to have basketball back and looking forward to another big week of games.

Class 3A                                                                                            Last Week

1. Lutheran (2-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Manitou Springs (2-0)4
3. Eaton (1-1)3
4. St. Mary’s (2-0)7
5. Faith Christian (1-1)2
6. Manual (0-1)6
7. Centauri (1-0)8
8. Highland (2-1)NR
9. Salida (1-0)9
10. Coal Ridge (1-0)10
Others to Watch for: Resurrection Christian, Sterling, Brush, Estes Park, Machebeuf, Strasburg, Platte Valley, Lamar, C.S Christian, Alamosa, Pagosa Springs

Dropped out: Sterling (5)

Class 2A                                                                     Last Week

1. Limon (2-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Wray (2-0)2
3. Fowler (1-1)3
4. Mancos (2-0)10
5. Yuma (0-2)4
6. Sanford (2-1)5
7. Denver Christian (1-1)8
8. Peyton (0-1)7
9. Ignacio (0-1)6
10. Holly (1-0)10
Others: Sedgwick County, Meeker, Monte Vista, Crested Butte, Vail Mountain, Holyoke, Del Norte, West Grand, Center, Cedaredge

Dropped out: None

Class 1A                                                                          Last Week

1. De Beque (2-0)1 (2 weeks)
2. Mile High Academy (0-0)2
3. Primero (2-0)3
4. Merino (1-0)4
5. Haxtun (2-0)6
6. Genoa-Hugo (1-1)5
7. Kit Carson (2-0)9
8. Sangre De Cristo (1-0)10
9. Cheyenne Wells (2-0)NR
10. Simla (1-1)7
Others: Sierra Grande, Briggsdale, Belleview Christian, Granada, McClave, Cheraw, Eads, Kiowa,

Dropped out: None

5 thoughts on “MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 2 Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)”

      1. Bad, I think you valued the the Faith loss by not dropping them very much in your poll but at the same time didn’t value it so much that you placed a 1 loss team above St. Mary’s. I understand not punishing Lutheran and Manitou for not losing even though they were not very impressive. The season will be the best judge of where teams are at I suppose.


      2. Eaton loss was to a 4A team in D’Evelyn, Eaton also picked up a good win over Highland. Yes I did not drop Faith much but who deserves to be ahead of them is the question.


  1. So, my point wasn’t exactly that Faith should have fallen further. I guess I didn’t think you valued the win. I guess the coaches around the state had the same thoughts as I. St. Mary’s is a beast with 4 double digit scorers and a 5th joing them soon. There going to be difficult to stop with so many scorers and their pace of play.


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