Baseball Predictions

Class 1A Baseball Regional Predictions

Class 1A Baseball Regional Predictions

Regional kick off this Friday and Saturday.  16 Team will battle for a shot to reach the Final 4 held at All Star Park in Lakewood.  The top 4 seeds will host the regional and winning two games gets you into the Final 4.  Good Luck to all teams this weekend

Regional Predictions

#1 Merino over #16 Elbert

#9 Granada over #9 Simla

#1 Merino over #9 Granada

This should be a very competitive regional.  Granada vs Simla could be one of the best games in the Sweet 16.  I am guessing both teams possibly pitch their #1’s.  Merino I think will cruise past Elbert and have the advantage of their best pitcher for the Elite 8.  Whoever Merino faces in the Regional Finals should be a good test.  I am going with Merino to advance with their pitching depth.

# 4 Dove Creek over #13 Otis

#12 Nucla over #5 Flatirons Academy

#4 Dove Creek over #12 Nucla

This should be a very tough regional and I think any of the 4 teams in this region could advance into the Elite 4.  All 4 teams have shown they can be beat but also can win big games.  The regional final could be a battle between which team has the deeper pitching staff.  Like I said I could see any of the 4 teams advance to the final 4. 

#3 Evangelical Christian over #14 Eads

#6 Holly over #11 Caliche

#6 Holly over #3 Evangelical Christian

Another tough regional where pitching depth will be key.  I think both matchups could prove interesting.  I think Eads could push ECA especially if ECA saves their #1.  Holly vs Caliche is another great matchup and look for a low scoring game.  Holly is my pick to advance I think their pitching depth proves to be the difference.

#2 Cheyenne Wells over #15 Prairie

#7 Haxtun over #10 Stratton

#2 Cheyenne Wells over #7 Haxtun

I think this is the second toughest Regional and Cheyenne Wells did not have any favors done for them in this region.  I think Cheyenne Wells has shown their pitching and hitting depth and I think cruise past Prairie in the first game.  Haxtun vs Stratton could be a good matchup, but I think hitting wise Haxtun will pull away.  In the regional final I think Cheyenne Wells gets by Haxtun but expect a low scoring game and pitching depth is once again key to advance.