6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football Week 7 League Breakdown

sport shots by kim
Picture by Sports Shots by Kim (La Veta vs Branson/Kim)

6-Man Football Week 7 League Breakdown

In the 6-Man ranks most teams have already played 2 or more league games and most leagues have developed a couple front runners. 6-Man still plays at most a 9-game season and the playoffs start the same time as Class 2A, 1A, and 8-Man.  6-Man has had some very high scores this year and have been a bit unpredictable at times.

Central League

The Central League has one team in the clear lead.  Genoa-Hugo is 2-0 in league with wins over Deer Trail and Hanover.  Genoa-Hugo cannot officially lock up the league title till they play Edison next week.  Genoa-Hugo this week plays Colorado DB and Genoa-Hugo should move to 3-0 and next week game will be for a league title.  Deer Trail and Edison both sit with 1 lose in the League Standings but Deer Trail did beat Edison head to head.  This week Deer Trail hosts Hanover.  This is probably an elimination game in terms of the playoffs.  Deer Trail sits at 23 and Hanover at 22.  The loser will drop a bit in the RPI and the winner will probably move into the Top 20 of the RPI.  Hanover is 1-2 in league with loses to both Edison and Genoa-Hugo.  Deer Trail is 1-1 in league with their lose to Genoa-Hugo being their only lose.  Deer Trail is the only team in the entire league with a positive scoring differential and is the favorite in this game.  I am going with Deer Trail to beat Hanover and stay in second place in league.  Edison has a non-league game against Cheraw.  Edison desperately needs this win and could help move them into the Top 20 of the RPI as well.

RPI: #11 Genoa-Hugo, #22 Hanover, #23 Deer Trail, #24 Edison, #30 Colorado DB

East Central League

The East Central league has a clear-cut favorite and that is Stratton/Liberty.  Stratton/Liberty is 2-0 in league with very impressive wins over Otis (77-6) and Idalia (59-22).  Stratton/Liberty still has 4 tough games to end the year but are looking like one of the front runners in 6-Man.  This week Stratton/Liberty plays a non-league game against #8 Granada.  Sitting in second place and the other undefeated team in league is Arickaree/Woodlin.  Arickaree/Woodlin has only played 1 league game against Flagler/Hi Plains and snagged the victory.  Arickaree/Woodlin also has key wins against Fleming and Granada.  This week Arickaree/Woodlin faces off against Idalia.  Arickaree/Woodlin will have to play good football to avoid being upset by a very good Idalia team.  Idalia was blown out by Stratton/Liberty last week and the score with starters in was 52 to 8 before Stratton/Liberty JV team was put in.  Idalia will have to fix some things on defense this week and must do a better job of stopping the run.  Idalia did find some success running the ball and will need that this week.  I am going to go with the upset and I am picking Idalia to upset Arickaree/Woodlin.  That is the only league game this week.  Otis will make the trip north to Briggsdale in what will probably be a very high scoring game with both teams breaking the 40-point mark.  Otis will have to find a way to stop the pass if they plan to avoid the upset.

RPI: #1 Stratton/Liberty, #2 Otis, #4 Arickaree/Woodlin, #6 Idalia, #12 Flagler/Hi Plains

North League

The North League is a two-horse race with Prairie and Peetz leading the way.  Peetz has a non-league game this week as the North and East Central league are facing off against each other.  Peetz hosts Flagler/HI Plains and this will be a very physical football game.  Peetz will have to find a way to play better defense and not give up 85 points.  Peetz offensively has been on fire and their game last week was the first time I have seen a team break 100 points.  Peetz should grab the win.  We mentioned in the East Central League that Briggsdale is out of league as well against Otis.  Briggsdale, Fleming, and North Park all sit at 1-2 in the league standings and those 3 will battle for the 3rd place finish.  There are two league games this week.  Prairie will host Weldon Valley.  Prairie will be looking to bounce back from last week’s 64 to 59 lose to Otis.  Prairie should make quick work of Weldon Valley and move to 4-0 in league.  The big-league game this week is Fleming traveling to North Park.  North Park picked up their first league win and first win of the season blasting Weldon Valley 78 to 26.  North Park will now try to make it 2 in a row by upsetting Fleming.  Fleming last week played Manzanola and grabbed the 58 to 14 win.  Fleming was able to bounce back after their lose last week.  Fleming is very young, and I may have jumped the gun by a year on this team but next year they will be very dangerous.  Fleming is right on the edge of the RPI and so is North Park, so this could be a huge game in terms of who makes the playoffs.  I am leaning towards Fleming to grab their second league win.

RPI: #7 Peetz, #8 Prairie, #14 Fleming, #15 Briggsdale, #19 North Park, #26 Weldon Valley

South Central League

The South-Central league has come down to two teams Manzanola and La Veta both sit at 2-0 and the league title will be decided next week when La Veta hosts Manzanola.  La Veta hosts Cripple Creek and should be a quick win for La Veta.  Manzanola plays out of league against Mountain Valley and I will talk more about that game in the South West League breakdown.  The lone league game is Primero hosting Kim/Branson.  Both teams are 0-2 in league and neither have won a game.  This will be a good chance for a team to grab some much-needed momentum heading forward.  The South-Central League will probably only get 1 team into the playoffs.  Manzanola is #20 and La Veta is #21.  Unless Manzanola pulls the upset tonight, I believe that the South-Central League will only get one berth.

RPI: #20 Manzanola, #21 La Veta, #27 Primero, #28 Kim/Branson

South East League

The South East League has become a two-horse race as well with Kit Carson and Granada jumping to the top of the Standings.  Granada is 3-0 in league with wins over Cheyenne Wells, Eads, and Cheraw.  They face Kit Carson next week and step out of league to face #1 Stratton/Liberty.  Granada will have a good measure of how good they are after this week’s game.  Kit Carson is also 3-0 in league and face Walsh who is currently is second place at 2-1.  Walsh has wins over Cheraw and Eads but have yet to face the Top 3 teams in the league.  We won’t know how good Walsh is, but we will have a better idea after this game.  Kit Carson has not been talked about much but are another front runner in 6-Man.  They have blasted every single opponent and have yet to give up over 10 points.  Kit Carson has also scored over 50 points in every game.  After Walsh they play Granada next week for the League title and then close the season against #1 Stratton/Liberty.  Kit Carson is my pick over Walsh and should continue their streak over 50+ points games.  The other league game this week features Eads and Cheyenne Wells.  Eads is having a down year and are trying to rebuild for next year.  Cheyenne Wells will be looking to end a two-game losing streak and get to 2-2 in the league standings.  Cheyenne Wells has struggled defensively as of late giving up over 60 points in back to back weeks.  We will have to see if Cheyenne Wells can fix a few things.  I am going with Cheyenne Wells in this game.

RPI: #3 Kit Carson #9 Cheyenne Wells, #10 Granada, #16 Walsh, #18 Cheraw, #25 Eads

South West League

Mountain Valley is your League Champion.  When they beat Sierra Grande a few weeks ago they locked up their League Championship and an automatic playoff spot.  Mountain Valley still must play Cripple Creek in terms of league games.  This week we will find out how good Mountain Valley is when travel to Manzanola.  Mountain Valley can grab a statement win by winning big against Manzanola.  This will probably be Mountain Valley last big test until the playoffs, so this team will have to keep improving.  The long league game this week is a huge one.  Cotopaxi travels to Sierra Grande and they kick off at 1:00pm today.  Cotopaxi is #13 in the RPI and Sierra Grande is #17 so you can see how big of a game this will be.  The winner will finish second in league but more important is the impact to their RPI.  The loser will probably only drop a bit but the winner will have their RPI improve.  Sierra Grand and Cotopaxi both lean heavily on their rushing attack and whichever team can run the ball most effectively will win this game.  I am going with Sierra Grande to snag a hard-fought win over Cotopaxi.

RPI: #5 Mountain Valley, #13 Cotopaxi, #17 Sierra Grande, #29 Cripple Creek