1A Boys Basketball Top Ten Breakdown, 2A Boys Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

State Tournament Projections Class 2A and Class 1A (Boys)


State Tournament Projections Class 2A and Class 1A

I will release Class 3A tomorrow.  These are my playoff projections for Class 2A and 1A using my regional projections.  Of course, things continue to change, and District Tournament determine if some teams even make it to regionals.

Class 2A

Region 1

Pick: Holly

Holly will have to contend with the winner of Dayspring Christian and Simla which should be a great game.  I do think Holly is one of the best teams in 2A and is my pick to advance.

Region 2

Pick: Fowler

The clash between Fowler and Vail Christian should be a good game.  I am going with Fowler they are battle tested and should advance past Vail Christian.

Region 3

Pick: Byers

Another lower seeded picked in Region 3.  Peyton and Byers should meet up in the Regional finals, but I think Byers is another top team and gets past Peyton.

Region 4

Pick: Limon

Limon has one of the more talented teams in 2A, but they have not played consistent.  Rocky Ford vs Del Norte will be a good game with the winner giving Limon all they can handle.

Region 5

Pick: Yuma

Yuma has proven they are one of the best teams in 2A.  They will have to deal with the winner of Sedgwick County vs John Mall.  Yuma vs Sedgwick County in the Regional Finals would be a great rivalry game to advance to state.

Region 6

Pick: Mancos

This was a tough pick.  Mancos vs Heritage Christian in the Regional finals should be a good game.  I am hearing of some injuries to Heritage Christian which would hurt them against a tall Mancos team.

Region 7

Pick: Sargent

Sargent vs Denver Christian in the Regional Final would be the best game of the Regional tournament.  Sargent is a team who will surprise people they play great defense and can use their athleticism to their advantage.  Denver Christian has proven they can beat anyone and could easily be hosting instead of traveling.  I think Sargent on their homecourt snags an upset win.

Region 8

Pick: Highland

No one has really touched Highland in 2019 and I think that continues.  Highland is one of the better teams in 2A and a game against Sanford in the regional finals would be an interesting matchup.  I don’t think Sanford has the scoring ability to keep up and Highland moves onto the state tournament.

State Tournament Bracket (Class 2A

I am seeding the state tournament with the most current RPI and using my picks it would look like this:

#1 Holly vs #8 Mancos

#4 Fowler vs #5 Limon

#3 Highland vs #6 Byers

#2 Yuma vs #7 Sargnet

Class 1A

Region 1

Pick: De Beque

De Beque is my favorite right now to win the State Tournament and are playing most consistent basketball.

Pick: Evangelical Christian

Evangelical Christian vs Ouray will be a great matchup and is a hard matchup to pick.  I am going ECA in a good game over Ouray.

Region 2

Pick: Cornerstone Christian

The winner between Prairie and Haxtun will give Cornerstone Christian all they can handle.  Both teams have proven that they can hang with top opponents.  Haxtun vs Cornerstone Christian puts the #1 regional seed on upset alert.

Pick: Arickaree/Woodlin

Arickaree/Woodlin would have to get by Merino first which is not an easy feat.  I do think the Winner of Arickaree/Woodlin and Merino could beat Mile High Academy.

Pick: Peetz

Front Range Baptist is the higher seed, but I think Peetz could have some magic left and make a run for the tournament.  Peetz continues to improve week in and week out and I think they can beat Front Range Baptist.

Region 3

Pick: Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo is another team I think can make a run for a State title.  McClave and Kim/Branson will push Sangre De Cristo, but I think Sangre could be peaking at just the right time.

Pick: Walsh

Walsh has the talent to make a run for a tournament berth, but Kit Carson will be their big test.  Kit Carson should get by Creede but Creede is playing better basketball.  Walsh would have to contend with a good shooting Kit Carson team to advance.

Pick: Cheraw

Cheraw vs Springfield is a rematch from earlier in the year.  Should be a great matchup but I think the length of Cheraw will cause problems for teams.

State Tournament Bracket

I am using RPI to seed the Bracket.

#1 Cornerstone Christian vs #8 Evangelical Christian

#4 Walsh vs #5 Cheraw

#3 Sangre De Cristo vs #6 Peetz

#2 De Beque vs #7 Arickaree/Woodlin

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