Football Key Players Returning

Top Returning O-Lines Class 1A (2019)


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Top Returning O-Lines Class 1A

Picking the top returning Offensive Lineman was a very challenging feat.  It was a lot of digging through who was lost and who is coming back.  An offensive line could be hurt by departures of a few players or could be strengthened.  This was one of the toughest things positions groups to pick.

High School Breakdown
Limon HS Limon loses a big senior class after winning the state championship.  Limon possibly losses 3 or 4 starters on the offensive line so replacing this group will be key.  With just 3 upcoming seniors, Limon will look to younger kids to replace holes.  Logan Marx will anchor the offensive line and Limon always seems to develop solid offensive linemen.
Peyton HS Peyton like Limon could be losing 4 offensive linemen.  Peyton though has a bit more leadership returning with Antonio Reza and Jase Lantto coming back.  Peyton is a run heavy team so developing offensive linemen is key.
Colorado Springs Christian Colorado Springs Christian had just 4 seniors on their team last year 3 of which were offensive linemen.  CSCS will have some holes on the offensive line but a very good sophomore class will be Junior and a year older.  Mike Lavrenz, Rian Chavez, and Zeke Larson will anchor a very solid offensive line.  Look for CSCS to have a big year if the holes on the offensive line can be filled.
Centauri HS Centauri loses a very good senior class including 3 or 4 offensive line.  Centauri though seems to always produce solid offensive linemen.  Remi Lucero, Adam Chacon, and Luke Archer will anchor the offensive line.  Centauri will be tough once again if the holes and leadership can be replaced.
Florence HS Florence loses potentially 2 or 3 offensive linemen.  Florence will have a solid core of offensive linemen returning as they push for a deep run again.  Florence will look to Javier Lancaster and Julian Sullivan to lead this offensive line.  Florence of course needs to fill holes, but this offensive line should be solid.
Holyoke HS Holyoke loses just 3 total seniors and possibly only one is an offensive lineman.  Holyoke could be returning their entire offensive line.  Holyoke is a younger team and leadership must be developed.  Look for Andrew Rivera to step up and lead this offensive line.  Holyoke could be a team to watch for this year.
Meeker HS Meeker potentially is losing 3 or 4 starters on the offensive line but have a solid core returning.  Meeker was a younger team last year and with another year of experience this team could be poised for a deep run.  Meeker always seems to develop solid offensive linemen.  Look for Colby Shelton and Ridge Williams to anchor a tough offensive line.
Monte Vista HS Monte Vista is potentially losing 2 or 3 offensive linemen.  Monte Vista played plenty of Juniors and sophomore last year so look for a solid core to return this year.  Andrew Smith, Jason Ross, and Emilio Sandoval should anchor a tough offensive line for Monte Vista.
Rocky Ford HS Rocky Ford is losing just two seniors in general and both were WR’s.  Rocky Ford will be returning their entire offensive line and this group is key for Rocky Ford to make the playoffs.  Rocky Ford has been a pass heavy team and this offensive line must be at their best.
Paonia HS Paonia was hit hard on the offensive line two years ago but this year look to be returning some talent.  Paonia loses just 1 or 2 offensive linemen but the core will be returning.  Levi Peterson and Austyn Norris will anchor an improved offensive line.
Clear Creek HS Clear Creek was hit hard by graduation in the skill position but on the offensive line they look to return some talent.  Clear Creek is possibly losing just 1 or 2 offensive linemen.  Clear Creek may need to lean on their offensive until the skill positions come together.
Rye HS Rye loses just 4 seniors from last year’s team, this includes 1 offensive linemen.  Rye has been struggling the past few years but with the core of their offensive line returning they could make a big jump this year.
Strasburg HS Strasburg possibly could be losing 3 or 4 offensive line plus Strasburg will have a new coach. Strasburg though has plenty of tradition plus seems to produce solid offensive linemen.  I see Strasburg still being tough and will look to Trevor Smith to lead this offensive line.
St. Mary’s St. Mary’s is losing just 5 seniors and no offensive linemen graduated.  St. Mary’s offensive line must step up next year and this group could help lead St. Mary’s into the playoffs.  This is another team to watch for in the tough Tri-Peaks League.
Other Offensive Lines to watch for Crowley County, Hotchkiss, Wray, Center, Burlington, Highland, Flatirons Academy (Cornerstone Christian), Olathe, Jefferson, Wiggins, Buena Vista, John Mall, Manual

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