Volleyball Top Returning Players

Top Returning Volleyball Players Class 3A



Picture by OTSportChek and SKERJ (University vs Sterling 2018)

Top Returning Volleyball Players Class 3A

I am going to list the top returning players in 3A in these categories:  Kills, Assists, Serving Aces, Blocks, and Digs.  I will work my way down through all 3A, 2A, and 1A.  Also, I am going to need a ton of pictures for Volleyball so I will take all volleyball pictures

Top Returning Players: Kills

Player High School Year Stats
Payton Brgoch Lutheran Senior 434 Kills, Kill Percentage 63.5%
Cortney Arrasmith Vanguard Senior 295 Kills, Kill Percentage 67.8%
Charlie Tidwell C.S Christian Senior 282 Kills, Kill Percentage 42.9%
Delaney Eckhardt Valley Senior 257 Kills, Kill Percentage 37.5%
Claire Smith Platte Valley Senior 248 Kills, Kill Percentage 38.6%
Bianca Good La Junta Senior 242 Kills, Kill Percentage 32.4%
Kaela France Ellicott Junior 240 Kills, Kill Percentage 50.8%
Sydney Henry Sterling Soph. 237 Kills, Kill Percentage 30.0%
Reese Barber Bennett Junior 232 Kills, Kill Percentage 35.6%
Fernanda Merancio Lamar Soph. 230 Kills, Kill Percentage 35.7%
Abby Miller C.S Christian Junior 228 Kills, Kill Percentage 33.8%
Hayden Mayo La Junta Senior 220 Kills, Kill Percentage 28.6%
Deveyn Hainey Englewood Senior 219 Kills, Kill Percentage 31.4%
Merrill Rollhaus Colorado Academy Senior 217 Kills, Kill Percentage 32.9%
Avery Wright Montezuma-Cortez Soph. 211 Kills, Kill Percentage 37.4%

Top Returning Players: Assists

Player High School Year Stats
Kiersten Brock C.S Christian Junior 1136 Assists
Jordan Mobbley Alamosa Senior 847 Assists
Raena Schledwitz Bennett Senior 796 Assists
Haley Eckhart La Junta Senior 716 Assists
Megan St. Jean Eaton Soph. 610 Assists
Alexa LaMack St. Mary’s Senior 590 Assists
Leigha Comisky Montezuma-Cortez Junior 582 Assists
Allure Padilla Faith Christian Senior 562 Assists
Baylee Harris Cedaredge Junior 560 Assists
Kennedey Johnson Lutheran Senior 558 Assists
Allie Schumacher Sterling Junior 554 Assists
Calla Winner Peak to Peak Senior 470 Assists
Chloe Brown Prospect Ridge Senior 460 Assists
Jenna Wise Gunnison Senior 447 Assists
Delaney Eckhardt Valley Senior 424 Assists

Top Returning Players: Service Aces

Player High School Year Stats
Jandel Bracamontes DSST-College View Soph. 80 Service Ace’s
Emma Cable Eagle Ridge Academy Senior 80 Service Ace’s
Allure Padilla Faith Christian Senior 75 Service Ace’s
Jenna Wise Gunnison Senior 71 Service Ace’s
Alexa LaMack St. Mary’s Senior 68 Service Ace’s
Abby Miller C.S Christian Junior 63 Service Ace’s
Chloe Brown Prospect Ridge Senior 60 Service Ace’s

Top Returning Players: Blocks

Player High School Year Stats
Dalton Henderson Ellicott Soph. 159 Total Blocks
Taylor Wiescamp Coal Ridge Junior 114 Total Blocks
Emily Depriest Alamosa Senior 111 Total Blocks
Payton Brgoch Lutheran Senior 108 Total Blocks
Grace Lemelin Stargate School Senior 98 Total Blocks
Kaitlin Reynolds Florence Senior 95 Total Blocks
Cortney Arrasmith Vanguard Senior 95 Total Blocks
Chloe Waka Stargate School Junior 89 Total Blocks
Taylor Motz Alamosa Senior 87 Total Blocks
Peyton Ullrich Bennett Senior 81 Total Blocks

Top Returning Players: Digs

Player High School Year Stats
Jade Feather Sterling Senior 571 Digs
Jayda Brown Englewood Senior 475 Digs
Avery Stein C.S Christian Senior 449 Digs
River Pitcher Pagosa Springs Junior 405 Digs
Logan Conlin University Soph. 392 Digs
Kylie Williams University Junior 387 Digs
Bella Vezzani Lutheran Junior 377 Digs
Deveyn Hainey Englewood Senior 370 Digs
Jordan Alexander Colorado Academy Soph. 367 Digs
Kyla Gefre Liberty Common Senior 364 Digs
Sydnee Connors Florence Senior 351 Digs
Hayden Mayo La Junta Senior 349 Digs
Jubilee Diamond C.S Christian Senior 335 Digs
Sophie Kiehl Peak to Peak Junior 329 Digs