Boys and Girls Basketball News and Prediction Results

Girls Basketball Friday and Saturday Top Ten Predictions Results

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Girls Basketball Friday and Saturday Top Ten Predictions Results

I posted my first game predictions for the 2020 basketball season and here are how my predictions turned out.  In the first column is my prediction, in the second column is the score, and in the third column is if I was correct or incorrect in my prediction.

Friday 1/24/2020

Class 3A-Overall Record: 12-0

My Predictions Score Prediction Results
#1 St. Mary’s over Buena Vista 91-30 Correct
#3 Pagosa Springs over Monte Vista 75-19 Correct
#4 Centauri over Bayfield 43-32 Correct
#5 The Academy over Bennett 76-26 Correct
#6 Alamosa over Montezuma-Cortez 52-20 Correct
#7 Eaton over Sterling 56-40 Correct
#8 Vanguard over La Junta 52-28 Correct
#9 Platte Valley over Frontier Academy 66-29 Correct
#10 Delta over Coal Ridge 64-42 Correct
Moffat County over Grand Valley 44-34 Correct
Florence over Custer County 59-39 Correct
Resurrection Christian over Valley 52-40 Correct


Class 2A-Overall Record: 13-2

My Predictions Score Prediction Results
#1 Rocky Ford over Swink 36-28 Correct
#2 Limon over Deer Trail (1A) 52-11 Correct
#3 Holyoke over Sedgwick County 45-33 Correct
#4 Sanford over Center 41-28 Correct
#5 Del Norte over Sargent 43-19 Correct
#8 Yuma over Wiggins 48-38 Correct
#9 Heritage Christian over Highland 58-23 Correct
Rangely over West Grand 36-33 Correct
Ignacio over Ridgway 49-20 Correct
Hayden over Soroco 43-65 Incorrect
Holly over Hoehne 49-57 Incorrect
Meeker over De Beque 60-34 Correct
Hotchkiss over Vail Christian 40-32 Correct
Dawson School over Front Range Christian 53-29 Correct
Colorado Springs School over Dolores Huerta 50-18 Correct


Class 1A-Overall Record: 13-1

My Predictions Score Prediction Results
#1 Briggsdale over Prairie 62-33 Correct
#2 Fleming over Idalia 54-37 Correct
#3 Sangre De Cristo over Cotopaxi 34-27 Correct
#4 South Baca over Granada 73-26 Correct
#6 Kit Carson over Cheyenne Wells 50-14 Correct
#8 Genoa-Hugo over Burlington (2A) 50-36 Correct
#9 Elbert over Edison 48-40 Correct
#10 Merino over Akron (2A) 61-32 Correct
Wiley over Walsh 66-61 Correct
McClave over Eads 32-39 Incorrect
Stratton/Liberty over Otis 39-29 Correct
Moffat over Sierra Grande 53-46 Correct
Antonito over Centennial 47-38 Correct
Kim/Branson over Cheraw 49-44 Correct


Saturday 1/25/2020

Class 3A-Overall Record: 21-3

My Predictions Score Prediction Results
#1 St. Mary’s over Florence 80-22 Correct
#2 Lutheran over Peak to Peak 62-15 Correct
#3 Pagosa Springs over #6 Alamosa 35-24 Correct
#4 Centauri over Montezuma-Cortez 57-28 Correct
#8 Vanguard over Lamar 56-21 Correct
#9 Platte Valley over Northridge (4A) 61-63 Incorrect
Arrupe Jesuit over Sheridan 56-28 Correct
Jefferson Academy over C.S Christian 52-27 Correct
Colorado Academy over Machebeuf 32-39 Incorrect
Moffat County over Cedaredge 38-42 Incorrect
Bayfield over Monte Vista 46-24 Correct
Buena Vista over Ellicott 49-41 Correct


Class 2A-Overall Record: 24-3

My Predictions Score Prediction Results
#2 Limon over Akron 66-29 Correct
#3 Holyoke over #6 Wray 70-57 Correct
#4 Sanford over Sargent 36-18 Correct
#5 Del Norte over Custer County 62-24 Correct
#7 Rye over Las Animas 60-9 Correct
#8 Yuma beat by Sidney NE 21-51 Correct
Soroco over North Park 48-35 Correct
Ignacio over Telluride 77-9 Correct
Sedgwick County over Otis 39-19 Correct
Plateau Valley over Hayden 30-44 Incorrect
Meeker over Paonia 40-30 Correct
Colorado Springs School over Evangelical Christian 36-30 Correct


Class 1A-Overall Record: 26-1

My Predictions Score Prediction Results
#1 Briggsdale over Caliche 74-16 Correct
#2 Fleming over Prairie 62-41 Correct
#3 Sangre De Cristo over Antonito 72-29 Correct
#4 South Baca over Walsh 88-28 Correct
#5 Springfield over McClave 57-37 Correct
#6 Kit Carson over Holly (2A) 39-26 Correct
#8 Genoa-Hugo over Stratton/Liberty 47-28 Correct
#9 Elbert over Flagler/Hi Plains 38-29 Correct
#10 Merino over Dayspring Christian (2A) 55-39 Correct
Shining Mountain over Beth Eden 57-13 Correct
Cotopaxi over La Veta 52-26 Correct
Kiowa over Cheyenne Wells 46-28 Correct
De Beque over Caprock Academy 63-24 Correct