Football Key Players Returning

Class 1A Football Returning Sack Leaders


Class 1A Football Returning Sack Leaders

In hopes of having a 2020 Football season I am going to start with Top Returning Players by Position like I have for the past few years.  (Stats pulled from

Player High School Year Stats
Kevin Trejo Sheridan Senior 19.0 Sacks
Adnex Bumba Jefferson Senior 15.0 Sacks
A.J Hemphill Strasburg Senior 8.5 Sacks
Elijah Burkett C.S Christian Senior 8.0 Sacks
Joey Beckner Holyoke Senior 8.0 Sacks
Clay Robertson Clear Creek Senior 6.0 Sacks
Blake Reeves Florence Senior 5.5 Sacks
Randy Valdez Sheridan Senior 5.0 Sacks
Severin Grundvig C.S Christian Senior 5.0 Sacks
Zackary Eskelson Meeker Junior 4.5 Sacks

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