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Mile High Prep Report 2A League Awards.

Mile High Prep Report 2A League Awards.

My second annual All-League Awards.  1 Player Per Offensive and Defensive Team If you make offense or defense you will not be on both.  These lists are never easy to come up with and take a ton of time and research. I may have missed someone and if I did please message me or email me and I will take a look. .  If you would like a certificate, let me know and will mail you one or email them to you.

Remember these League Awards are from Mile High Prep Report not CHSAA or the Leagues themselves! Those should be announced by CHSAA and the Leagues at a later time!!!

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  I will give a least 1 or 2 whole units an award.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line!

Patriot East League Awards

Player of the League:

QB Kade McDaniel Sr. Platte Valley High School; 890 yards passing, 8 TDs, 5 INTs, 600 yards rushing, 8.1 yards per carry, and 8 TDs,

Coach of the League:

Rob Busmente, Sterling High school

Surprise Team of the League:

Valley High School

All Patriot East League Awards

Patriot East League Offensive Team

QB Kade McDaniel Sr. Platte Valley High School

QB Scott Grable Sr. Eaton High School

QB Servando Perez Sr. Valley High School

RB Jeff Gore Sr. Valley High School

RB Ethan Florez Sr. Eaton High School

RB Riley Bornhoft Sr. Sterling

RB Salvador Rojas Sr. Eaton High School

WR Tucker Myers Sr. Sterling High School

Sterling Offensive Line

Platte Valley Offensive Line

Eaton Offensive Line

Patriot East League Defensive Team

Cesar Hinojos Jr. Brush High School

Brandon Blanco Sr. Valley High School

Peyton Rose Sr. Sterling High School

Keaton Knaub Sr. Sterling High School

Zayne Stam Jr. Weld Central High School

Evan Whitman Jr. Sterling High School

Morgan Tribbett So. Eaton High School

Dylan Jaramillo Jr. Fort Lupton High School

Ryan Dirksen Jr. Eaton High School

Brady Albrandt Sr. Sterling High School

Devyn Lauer Jr. Platte Valley High School

Gage Butler Sr. Eaton High School

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Radek Mccracken Jr. Sterling, Kaeden Sheets Sr. Sterling, Alejandro Maltos-Garcia Jr. Brush, Joseph Welch Sr. Fort Lupton, Giovanni Mendoza Jr. Valley, Jackson Keil Jr. Sterling, Kole Knaub Jr. Sterling, Sergio Hernandez Jr. Fort Lupton, Juan Maravilla Sr. Eaton, Jayce Kreeger Jr. Brush, Tanner True Sr. Eaton, George Graybill Sr. Weld Central, Ryan Dirksen Jr. Eaton, Kyle Wellen Jr. Brush, Brush Offensive Line, Valley Offensive Line

Special Teams Player of the League

K/P Jose Lopez Jr. Eaton High School; 26 for 26 on Extra Points, 1 for 1 on FG 30 yards make. 5 punts averaging 21.6 yards, 20 Kickoffs averaging 45.7 yards with 3 Touchbacks

Patriot West League Awards

Player of the League:

RB/LB Tanner Applebee Sr. Resurrection Christian; 234 yards rushing, 6.7 yards per carry, 6 rushing TDs, 45 Tackles, 18 Tackles for Loss, 8.5 Sacks, 1 Fumble Recovery, and Averaged 33.8 per Punt with 10 punts.

Coach of the League:

Jeff Van Winkle, Resurrection Christian

Surprise Team of the League:


All Patriot West League Awards

Patriot West League Offensive Team

QB Will Schrotenboer Jr. Resurrection Christian

QB Shane Bishop Sr. D’Evelyn High School

QB Tristan Youngblood So. Berthoud High School

QB Nolan Hertzke So. Severance High School

RB Caden Measner Sr. University High School

RB Jake Shorb Jr. Severance High School

RB Kyle Jones Sr. University High School

WR Kase Sundarapura Sr. D’Evelyn

Resurrection Christian Offensive Line

University Offensive Line

Severance Offensive Line

Patriot West League Defensive Team

Tanner Applebee Sr. Resurrection Christian

Eddie Lemos Jr. Resurrection Christian

Austin Burdette Sr. Berthoud High School

Colby Runner So. Severance High School

Cooper Hidalgo Sr. Berthoud High School

Jacob Rose Sr. D’Evelyn High School

Christian Scandrett Sr. Resurrection Christian

Reece Gazdik Jr. Severance High School

Justin Hawthorne Jr. Resurrection Christian

Aj Goldfain Sr. Resurrection Christian

Bryce Strang Sr. University High School

Jack Virgil Jr. University High School

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Greg Garza Jr. University, Dylan Evans Sr. Resurrection Christian, Jude Mcintyre Sr. D’Evelyn, Tanner Coble Jr. Berthoud, Trevin Hull Jr. Severance, Jaydin Hedelius Jr. Berthoud, D’Evelyn Offensive Line, Berthoud Offensive Line, Caden Donovan Jr. Severance, Mason Bright So. Severance, Holden Tatman Sr. Resurrection Christian, Clay Lewis Sr. Berthoud, Dillon Bushlack Sr. D’Evelyn, Caden Donovan Jr. Severance, Jay Rothe Sr. University, Will Reeves Fr. Resurrection Christian, Tyler Brooks Sr. Berthoud, Jack Giles Jr. Berthoud,

Special Teams Player of the League

Rylie Bayens Jr. Resurrection Christian; 25 for 33 on Extra Points, 80% on Extra Points and 25 points on the season.

Southwest League Awards

Player of the League:

QB Zane Rankin Sr. Lamar High School; 1178 yards passing, .509 completion percentage, 13 Passing TDs, 417 yards rushing, 6.6 yards per carry, and 6 Rushing TDs, 33 Tackles, 1 TFL, 2 INTs, and 1 Fumble Recovery, 11 Punt Returns Averaging 15.9 yards per Return and 1 Punt Return for a TD

Coach of the League:

Nathan Morales Pagosa Springs High School (1st Year at Pagosa Springs)

Surprise Team of the League:

La Junta High School

All Southwest League Awards

Southwest League Offensive Team

QB Zane Rankin Sr. Lamar High School

QB Kasey Jones So. Alamosa High School

QB Grant Aucoin Sr. Pagosa Springs High School

QB Isaac Ross Jr. Bayfield High School

RB Dylan Tressler Sr. Pagosa Springs High School

RB Dante Gonzales Jr. Alamosa High School

RB Jesus Reyes Sr. Lamar High School

RB Anthony Torrez Jr. La Junta High School

WR Blake Buxton Sr. Lamar High School

WR Mitch Lewis Sr. Pagosa Springs

Pagosa Springs Offensive Line

Lamar Offensive Line

La Junta Offensive Line

Southwest League Defensive Team

Devyn Kincade Sr. Lamar High School

Damian Orozco Jr. Alamosa High School

Cash Mueller Sr. Alamosa High School

Greyden Martinez Jr. Lamar High School

Aaron Aucoin So. Pagosa Springs High School

Caleb Laverty Sr. Pagosa Springs High School

Luis DeLaTorre Sr. Lamar High School

Kane Absmeier Sr. Alamosa High School

Mitch Peabody Sr. La Junta High School

Nicholas Johnson Sr. Bayfield High School

Aidan O’donnell Sr. Pagosa Springs

Damian Antonio Ramos Sr. Lamar

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Crosby Edwards Sr. Bayfield, Kade Jones So. Alamosa, Cade Carlson Sr. Bayfield, Luke Garner Fr. La Junta, Alamosa Offensive Line, Bayfield Offensive Line, Cody Lopez Alamosa, Gabe Heersink Sr. Alamosa, Pedro Gomez Sr. Lamar, Alex Castaneda Sr. Lamar, Nolan Kay Sr. Pagosa Springs, Cam Hinger Sr. Pagosa Springs, Hayden Shawcroft Jr. Alamosa

Special Teams Player of the League

Luis DeLaTorre Sr. Lamar High School; 27 Kickoffs averaging 44.6 yards per Kick, and 1 Touchback, 23 of 27 on PATs, 90% on his PATS with 23 points

West League Awards

Player of the League:

QB Nolan Bynum Sr. Delta High School; 848 yards passing, 58.8 Completion %, 7 Passing TDs, 177 yards rushing, 4 Rushing TDs, 15 Tackles, and 2 INTs

Coach of the League:

Ben Johnson Delta High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Moffat County High School

All Western Slope League Awards

West League Offensive Team

QB Nolan Bynum Sr. Delta High School

QB Mason Pyles Jr. Woodland Park High School

QB Gunner Johnson Jr. Englewood High School

QB Ryan Peck Jr. Moffat County High School

RB Caleb Frink Sr. Moffat County High School

RB Braden Roskam Sr. Woodland Park High School

RB Timothy Horn Jr. Delta High School

RB Jace Perez Jr. Elizabeth High School

WR Colbi Braslin Sr. Delta High School

WR Nate Gravagno Sr. Englewood High School

Delta Offensive Line

Moffat County Offensive Line

West League Defensive Team

James Goff Sr. Delta High School

Hunter Goff Jr. Delta High School

Colton Johnson Sr. Delta High School

Bryson Cox Sr. Woodland Park High School

Jacob Wilkinson Sr. Woodland park High School

Ryan Connelley Jr. Elizabeth High School

Joseph Campagna Sr. Moffat County High School

Shawn Fox Jr. Englewood High School

Taran Teeter Jr. Moffat County High School

Aiden Hernandez So. Woodland Park High School

Logan Hafey Jr. Moffat County High School

Colbi Braslin Sr. Delta High School

Tyler Baldus Sr. Woodland Park High School

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Jason Weber So. Elizabeth, Nathan Scharnhorst Jr. Delta, Evan Atkin So. Moffat County, Englewood Offensive Line, Woodland Park Offensive Line, Andrew Harper Jr. Woodland Park, Noah Nortnik Sr. Delta, Brandon Cano Sr. Delta, Julian Galvan Sr. Englewood, Darren Genger Sr. Woodland Park, Elisiah Garner Jr. Woodland Park, Jason Timbreza Sr. Delta, Colton Simonis Sr. Woodland Park, Jeffery Griffth Sr. Delta, Colton Foegen Jr. Elizabeth, Corey Scranton Sr. Moffat county,

Special Teams Player of the League

Juan Gaucin Jr. Delta High School; 14 of 16 on PATS, 90% on his PATS, 2 for 3 on FG with a long of 29 yards.  20 Total Points