Volleyball Top Ten Rankings

CHSAAnow.com Preseason Volleyball Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

CHSAAnow.com Preseason Volleyball Rankings (Class 3A thru 1A)

I have not forgotten about Volleyball.  I am a bit behind from where I wanted to be but I really dive into Volleyball Starting next week.  I will do full league predictions for Class 3A thru 1A next week.  I wanted to at least get the CHSAAnow.com Rankings up for Volleyball.  I will have my own rankings posted for Volleyball starting August 30th.

Class 3A                                                                    Last Week

1. Eaton (6)
2. Sterling
3. Lamar (2)
4. Lutheran
5. University
6. Resurrection Christian (1)
7. Montezuma-Cortez
8. Liberty Common
9. Prospect Ridge
10. Platte Valley
·         Others: Bayfield, Alamosa, DSST-Montview, Delta, Coal Ridge, CS Christian, Manitou Springs, St. Mary’s, Valley, Faith Christian, Basalt, Cedaredge Dropped out:

Class 2A                                                                    Last Week

1. Meeker (2)
2. Denver Christian (1)
3. Wiggins (1)
4. Dayspring Christian
5. Yuma
6. Lyons
7. Fowler
8. Hoehne
9 Sedgwick County
10. Rye
·         Others: Limon, Swink, Dawson School, Sanford, Addenbrooke Classical, Vail Christian, Mancos, Holyoke, Sargent, Del Norte Dropped out:

Class 1A                                                                     Last Week

1. Merino (6)
2. Simla
3. Fleming (3)
4. Wiley (1)
5. Briggsdale
6. Sangre De Cristo
7. Springfield
8. Kit Carson
9. Otis
10. Haxtun
·         Others: Stratton, Weldon Valley, Pikes Peak Christian, Edison, Evangelical Christian, Genoa-Hugo, Dove Creek, Manzanola, Kiowa, La Veta, Elbert, Idalia, Cotopaxi, McClave, Hanover, Cheyenne Wells, South Baca Dropped Out: