2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Football League Predictions & Playoff Predictions

Class 2A Football League Predictions & Playoff Predictions

We move into Class 2A, and we look at my league predictions.  I will also give my playoff predictions for fun.  I know regular season games kick off tonight, but most will start playing Friday Night and Saturday Night.  These predictions are always fun to look back at the end of the season.  I am going to shorter my Class 1A and 2A predictions but will make sure to dive more in-depth next week.  Good Luck to all teams this year.

Colorado League

#1 Englewood

#2 Elizabeth

#3 Kent Denver

#4 Denver West

#5 Alameda

The Colorado League is back this year and features 5 teams.  I think there are 3 teams that come to mind for playoff contenders.  Englewood is my pick to win the Colorado League.  QB Gunner Johnson is back and will lead an improved offensive attack for Englewood.  Defensively Englewood has the most holes to fill with only 5 of their top 13 tacklers back.  I think offensively Englewood will be tough to stop this season.  Elizabeth is my pick for second place.  Elizabeth had a young team a season ago starting a lot of sophomores.  I think Elizabeth takes a big step this season especially behind QB Jason Weber and RB Jace Perez.  Defensively Elizabeth returns 12 of their top 13 tacklers and could be one of the tougher units in Class 2A.  Kent Denver is my pick for third place and my dark horse pick.  Kent Denver has had a few down years and this season feature a Senior and Junior heavy team.  Kent Denver offensively returns QB Michael Redmond and RB Finn Cooper.  Defensively Kent Denver returns 6 of their top 13 tacklers and must have some kids really step up.  Denver West and Alameda both played during the springs season and we will see if the experience will help them this fall.

My predictions for the Colorado League

League Champion: Englewood

Playoff Contenders: Englewood, Elizabeth, Kent Denver

Dark Horse: Kent Denver

Player of the League: QB Gunner Johnson (Englewood)

Others to watch for: Jason Weber (Elizabeth), Cooper Connelley (Elizabeth), Jace Perez (Elizabeth), Michael Redmond (kent Denver), Finn Cooper (Kent Denver), Carmelo Williams (Denver West)

Flatirons League

#1 Faith Christian

#2 D’Evelyn

#3 Northfield

#4 Middle Park

#5 Pinnacle

#6 Arvada

The Foothills League is wide open this year but could possibly be one of the weaker leagues.  The Foothills League may only get 1 team into the playoffs, but we will have to see how the season goes.  I had a hard time picking a league winner and this is a wide open league race.  I am going with Faith Christian as my league champion.  Faith Christian will be searching for a new QB but return RBs Jonah Shelton and Austin Auperlee.  Defensively Faith Christian returns 6 of their top 13 tacklers but who steps up is a big question mark for Faith Christian.  D’Evelyn is my pick for second place.  D’Evelyn is also searching for a new QB and new playmakers at the RB position.  D’Evelyn defensively returns 6 of their top 13 tacklers and leadership is a big question mark.  Northfield is the one team who I think can make a big run for the league title.  Northfield returns a lot of their roster from a year ago and could be the team to make that turn around.  No stats were listed from a year ago.  Middle Park is another team who could rise up to the challenge Middle Park season was cut short a year ago but return their QB Forest Schofield.  Can everything come together for them this year to help them push for a league title.  Pinnacle also returns a lot of talent from last year but the lack of tradition is why I have them sitting so far down.  Arvada is in the same boat as Pinnacle.

My predictions for the Flatirons League

League Champion: Faith Christian

Playoff Contenders: Faith Christian, D’Evelyn, Northfield

Dark Horse: Northfield

Patriot East League

#1 Sterling

#2 Brush

#3 Platte Valley

#4 Weld Central

#5 Valley

#6 Fort Lupton

The Patriot East League should be a great battle this season and features 3 maybe 4 playoff teams.  Sterling is my pick to win the Patriot East League.  Sterling returns QB Radek Mccracken but the offense could need a new offensive line and a new weapon at RB and WR.  The defense for Sterling is the biggest upside.  Sterling returns 8 of their top 13 tacklers and this unit must hold down the fort till the offense comes along.  Brush I think is the biggest challenger for the league crown.  Brush returns QB Alejandro Garcia and RB Cesar Hinojos.  The offensive line for Brush returns their core but the biggest upside for Brush will be their defense.  Brush returns 11 of their top 13 tacklers and could be a top 10 defense this season.  Platte Valley is another team who I think can challenge for the league crown.  Platte Valley will be searching for a new QB but RBs Logan Curtis and Weston Meyer should be able to step up and lead the offense.  Platte Valley defense is also going to be tough returning 7 of their top 13 tacklers.  Weld Central is my dark horse pick this year.  Weld Central returns all 3 players who played QB last season and RB Zayne Stam.  Weld Central must improve defensively this year but will have holes to fill losing 7 of their top 13 tacklers.  Valley and Fort Lupton round out the bottom of the Patriot East League.

My predictions for the Patriot East League

League Champion: Sterling

Playoff Contenders: Sterling, Brush, Platte Valley

Dark Horse: Weld Central

Player of the League: QB Radek Mccracken (Sterling)

Others to watch for: QB Alejandro Garcia (Brush), Cesar Hinojos (Brush), Logan Curtis (Platte Valley), Weston Meyer (Platte Valley), Zayne Stam (Weld Central),

Patriot West League

#1 Eaton

#2 Resurrection Christian

#3 Severance

#4 University

#5 The Academy

#6 Berthoud

One of the tougher leagues in Class 2A this year will be the Patriot West League.  Possibly 4 teams could get into the playoffs and I think all 6 teams can compete and will make for a fun league race.  Eaton is my pick to win the Patriot West League.  Eaton returns the core of their offensive line plus RB Ethan Florez.  The rest of the offense will have to quickly come up to speed.  Defensively Eaton will be tough returning 7 of their top 13 tacklers and are always well coached.  Resurrection Christian is my pick for second place.  Resurrection Christian returns at least 2 starters on the offensive line but the lack of experience skill position players does have me concerned.  Defensively Resurrection Christian is always a top 5 defense and I expect the same under the leadership of CB/S Eddie Lemos.  Severance is my dark horse pick to win the Patriot West League.  Severance has a new head coach who always has a top rated defense.  Severance also returns their entire roster from a year ago.  QB Nolan Hertzke and RB Jake Shorb should have break out seasons offensively for Severance.  This is a team to watch out for this year.  The Academy, and University are also going to be top contenders this season and in the playoff hunt. 

My predictions for the Patriot West League

League Champion: Peyton

Playoff Contenders: Peyton, Banning Lewis, Rocky Ford

Dark Horse: Banning Lewis

Player of the League: QB Nolan Hertzke (Severance)

Others to watch for: Ethan Florez (Eaton), Eddie Lemos (Resurrection Christian), Jake Shorb (Severance), Tanner Coble (Berthoud), Greg Garza (University), Isaiah Eliot (The Academy)

Southwest League

#1 Alamosa

#2 Bayfield

#3 Pagosa Springs

#4 Salida

#5 Montezuma-Cortez

The Southwest League is also back and features 5 teams this season.  Alamosa is my pick to win the Southwest League.  QB Kasey Jones and RB Dante Gonzales should lead an improved offense.  Defensively Alamosa should have a top 10 defense this year returning 10 of their top 13 tacklers from a year ago.  Bayfield will once again be a main challenger for the league title.  Bayfield should improve this season and with QB Isaac Ross and RB Cael Schaefer back the offense should improve.  Defensively Bayfield returns 7 of their top 8 tacklers.  I think we see a big turn around for Bayfield this year.  Pagosa Springs lost a talented senior class last year taking most of their skill position players.  Pagosa Springs offensive line is nearly intact from a year ago but developing skill position players is key.  Defensively Pagosa Springs must fill a few holes but should still be a tough unit.  Salida and Montezuma-Cortez round out the southwest league and with both playing in the spring season we will have to watch and see how these units develop.    

My predictions for the Southwest League

League Champion: Alamosa

Playoff Contenders: Alamosa, Bayfield, Pagosa Springs

Dark Horse: Bayfield

Player of the League: QB Kasey Jones (Alamosa)

Others to watch for: Dante Gonzalez (Alamosa), Isaac Ross (Bayfield), Cael Schaffer (Bayfield), Aaron Aucoin (Pagosa Springs), Braden Collins (Salida),

Tri-Peaks League

#1 Classical Academy

#2 La Junta

#3 Manitou Springs

#4 Lamar

#5 Woodland Park

The Tri-Peaks league will be a battle this season.  All 5 teams in the Tri-Peaks should be very good and coming up with this prediction was not easy.  I am picking Classical Academy to win the Tri-Peaks League.  I made a mistake I thought I was QB Sam Guilez transferred but I see he has not and will be considered one of the top QBs in Class 2A.  RB Cade Palmer also returns to lead a very good offense for TCA.  TCA also returns 8 of their top 13 tacklers and will be extremely tough this year.  La Junta is my second-place pick.  La Junta was young last year on the offensive line and will be much improved this year.  I am also interested to see what skill position players step up for La Junta, I could see Luke Garner and Anthony Torrez as those players.  Defensively La Junta returns at least half their defense from a year ago and will be tough this year.  Manitou Springs is the interesting team this year.  They won the Class 2A State Title in the Spring season and return plenty of skill position players.  Manitou Springs did graduate most of their offensive line and defensively return 6 of their top 13 tacklers.  Manitou Springs will rely heavily upon QB Caleb Allen and RB Isaiah Thomas.  Lamar is my darkhorse pick for the Tri-Peaks.  Lamar lost a very good senior class and will rely on a sophomore heavy team this year.  This is a big year if Lamar will be competitive watch out for Lamar next year.  Woodland Park rounds out the Tri-Peaks and I do think they will be competitive this year especially with QB Mason Pyles back.  The Tri-Peaks has a lot of talented teams.

My predictions for the Tri-Peaks League

League Champion: Classical Academy

Playoff Contenders: Classical Academy, La Junta, Manitou Springs, Lamar

Dark Horse: Lamar

Player of the League: RB Cade Palmer (TCA)

Others to watch for: Sam Guilez (TCA), Luke Garner (La Junta), Anthony Torrez (La Junta), Caleb Allen (Manitou Springs), Isaiah Thomas (Manitou Springs), Mason Pyles (Woodland Park),

West League

#1 Rifle

#2 Delta

#3 Moffat County

#4 Basalt

#5 Coal Ridge

#6 Aspen

The West league will be another very competitive league with possibly 3 or 4 teams making it to the playoffs.  Rifle is my pick to win the league.  Rifle returns a very talented team from the spring season.  Rifle returns both QBs from last year but the main weapon will be RB Toto Fletchall.  The offensive line returns nearly intact for Rifle as well.  Defensively Rifle returns 9 of their top 13 tacklers and may be a top 3 defensive unit.  Delta is my pick for second place.  Delta has a lot of talent coming back at the skill position group with QB Nathan Scharnhorst coming back and RB Timothy Horn.  The offensive line for Delta should also be tough with the core coming back.  Defensively Delta will have some question marks but return solid leadership for the younger kids who must step up.  Moffat County is my pick for third place and my dark horse pick.  Moffat County return 8 of their top 13 tacklers and the core of their offensive line.  QB Ryan Peck and RB Evan Atkin are also back to help lead a tough Moffat County team.  Basalt is another team who could challenge for a league title.  Basalt lose a talented senior class.  Basalt will need to find 3 starters on the offensive line but return RB Gavin Webb.  The defense for Basalt will also be tough with 8 of their top 13 tacklers returning.  Coal Ridge and Aspen round out the bottom of the Western Slope League.

My predictions for the Western Slope League

League Champion: Rifle

Playoff Contenders: Rifle, Delta, Moffat County, Basalt

Dark Horse: Moffat County

Player of the League: RB Toto Fletchall (Rifle)

Others to watch for: Nathan Scharnhorst (Delta), Timothy Horn (Delta), Ryan Peck (Moffat County, Evan Atkin (Moffat County), RB Gavin Webb (Basalt), Brandon Short (Coal Ridge),

Playoff Predictions

I give the 16 teams I think make the playoffs.  This is all in fun because so much can happen between August and November.  In the 8-Man ranks all league champions are guaranteed a berth.  The rest will be selected by RPI.  The League Champions I selected are:

Englewood (Colorado)

Faith Christian (Flatirons)

Sterling (Patriot East)

Eaton (Patriot West)

Alamosa (Southwest)

Classical Academy (Tri-Peaks)

Rifle (West)

The 16 teams are picked Via RPI.  League strength and non-league schedule will matter a ton in this part.  10 At-Large berths will be given out.  Seeding is determined by CHSAA Seeding Index.  I am picking my 16 teams based on Scheduling and how I think teams will do. 


#1 Englewood (Colorado)

#2 Elizabeth (Colorado)

#3 Faith Christian (Flatirons)

#4 Sterling (Patriot East)

#5 Brush (Patriot East)

#6 Platte Valley (Patriot East)

#7 Eaton (Patriot West)

#8 Resurrection Christian (Patriot West)

#9 Severance (Patriot West)

#10 Alamosa (Southwest)

#11 Bayfield (Southwest)

#12 Classical Academy (Tri-Peaks)

#13 La Junta (Tri-Peaks)

#14 Rifle (West)

#15 Delta (West)

#16 Moffat County (West)

Kent Denver, Northfield, Weld Central, University, Lamar, Manitou Springs, Basalt also in the mix for the #16 spot.