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MileHigh Prep Report Week 5 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Picture by Tayler Rocha (Cheyenne Wells vs Granada)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 5 Rankings (Class 2A thru 6-Man)

Week 4 is in the books.  Another great week of football with a few surprises.  Plenty to talk about this week in each individual class.  Eaton, Limon, and Sedgwick County all stay at #1 this week.  Cheyenne Wells is the new #1 in 6-Man.  Basalt (2A) and Calhan (8-Man) join the rankings this week.

Class 2A                                                                    

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Eaton (3-0)Won beat Platte Valley (1, 5 Weeks)
2. Resurrection Christian (2-0)Bye (2)
3. Classical Academy (3-0)Won beat Elizabeth (3)
4. Severance (4-0)Won beat Brush (5)
5. Delta (3-1)Won beat Montezuma-Cortez (4)
6. Rifle (2-2)Won beat Faith Christian (7)
7. University (3-1)Lost to Eagle Valley (8)
8. Moffat County (3-0)Bye (9)
9. Alamosa (2-1)Bye (NR)
10. Basalt (4-0)Won beat Glenwood Springs (NR)
Others: Brush, The Academy, Bayfield, Elizabeth, La Junta, Platte Valley Dropped out: Brush (6)
Notes: Plenty of movement this week in Class 2A.  Severance picked up another quality win and moves into the top 4.  Team 6 thru 9 all move up a spot because of Brush falling out of the top 10.  Basalt joins the rankings for the first time this year replacing Brush. 

Class 1A

 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Limon (3-0)Won beat Bennett (1, 5 weeks)
2. Centauri (4-0(Won beat Strasburg (2)
3. Florence (4-0)Won beat Holyoke (6)
4. North Fork (3-0)Won beat Olathe (3)
5. Holyoke (2-1)Lost to Florence (4)
6. Buena VistaWon beat Peyton (5)
7. Wiggins (3-0)Bye (8)
8. Wray 3-1Won beat Burlington (9)
9. Strasburg (1-3)Lost to Centauri (6)
10. Yuma (2-1)Won beat Highland (10)
Others: Highland, Monte Vista, Flatirons Academy, Gunnison, Meeker, Banning Lewis, Ignacio Dropped out: None
Notes: No new teams in Class 1A this week.  A few top 10 games occurred this week and a shake up was needed in the 1A.  Florence picked up a big win over Holyoke and jump into the #3 spot.  Strasburg has played a brutal schedule and have 3 loses but stay in the top 10.  Yuma also picked up a solid win over Highland.


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Sedgwick County (2-1)Won beat Merino (1, 5 weeks)
2. Sanford (4-0)Won beat Sargent (2)
3. Mancos (3-0)Bye/Forfeit Win (3)
4. Haxtun (4-0)Won beat Caliche (5)
5. Dayspring Christian (3-1)Won beat Akron (7)
6. Dove Creek (2-1)Lost to 1A Gunnison (6)
7. Merino (1-2)Lost to Sedgwick County (4)
8. Akron (3-1)Lost to Dayspring Christian (8)
9. Holly (2-1)Won beat Springfield (9)
10. Calhan (3-0)Won beat Rangely (NR)
Others: Vail Christian, Fowler, McClave, Swink, Hoehne, Wiley, Plateau Valley Dropped Out: Crowley County (10)
Notes: Again, movement from #4 down to #10.  Dayspring Christian picked up a big win over Akron and move to #5.  Merino lost to Sedgwick County and fall to #7.  Calhan joins the rankings for the first time this season.  I nearly moved both Sanford and Mancos over Sedgwick County, but league/rival games are not easy games.


 Last Week Results (Last week ranked)
1. Cheyenne Wells (4-0)Won beat Granada (2)
2. Granada (2-1)Lost to Cheyenne Wells (1)
3. Fleming (3-1)Won beat Pawnee (3)
4. Stratton (2-1)Bye (4)
5. Branson/Kim (4-0)Won beat Cotopaxi (5)
6. Idalia (2-1)Bye (5)
7. Prairie (3-1)Won beat Peetz (7)
8. Cheraw (3-1)Won beat Kit Carson (9)
9. Sierra Grande (4-0)Won beat Mountain Valley (10)
10. Briggsdale (4-0)Won beat Otis (8)
Others: Genoa-Hugo, Arickaree/Woodlin, Mountain Valley, Eads, Peetz, Deer Trail Dropped Out: None
Notes: Some shaking up inside the 6-Man Ranks.  We have a new #1 team with Cheyenne Wells playing a great game over Granada.  Granada falls to #2.  Cheraw and Sierra Grande both move up a spot this week.  No new teams in 6-Man.