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Mile High Prep Report 2021 Class 2A League Awards

Mile High Prep Report 2021 Class 2A League Awards.

My Third Annual All-League Awards.  1 Player Per Offensive and Defensive Team If you make offense or defense you will not be on both.  I will pick a Player of the League, Coach of the League, Special Teams Player of the League, and Surprise Team of the League.  If you would like a certificate, let me know and will mail you one or email them to you. Remember these are not CHSAA Official but awards that Mile High Prep Report does.  Also, I do miss people if I missed someone let me know and I will look.

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  I will give a least 1 or 2 whole units an award.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line!

I am going to try a different format for Class 2A.  If you like the format in Class 1A, 8-Man, and 6-Man more than this let me know.  If a league does not have enough stats, I will stick to just 1 team per league.

Colorado League Awards

Player of the League:

Finn Cooper Sr. Kent Denver, 1016 yards rushing, 7.6 yards per carry, 13 rushing TDs, 1 receiving TD, 5 Tackles, and 7 Kickoff returns averaging 27 yards per return

Coach of the League:

Michael Zoesch, Elizabeth High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Kent Denver

All Colorado League Awards

Colorado League 1st Team Offense

QB Gunner Johnson Sr. Englewood

QB Jason Weber Jr. Elizabeth

RB Finn Cooper Sr. Kent Denver

RB Cooper Connelley So. Elizabeth

RB Jace Perez Sr. Elizabeth

WR Hunter Johnson Sr. Englewood

Elizabeth Offensive Line

Kent Denver Offensive Line

Colorado League 2nd Team Offense

QB Tyzell Ausler So. Denver West

QB Michael Redmond Sr. Kent Denver

RB Alphonso Flores Sr. Denver West

RB Peter Mcdermoltt Sr. Kent Denver

WR Na’marcus Williams Sr. Denver West

Englewood Offensive Line

Denver West Offensive Line

Colorado League Defensive Team

Ryan Connelley Sr. Elizabeth

Alex Ranslem Sr. Elizabeth

Colton Foegen Sr. Elizabeth

Briggswinkle Sr. Elizabeth

Luke Harrington Fr. Kent Denver

Nickolas Drexler-Bruce Sr. Kent Denver

Rowdy Yates So. Kent Denver

Shawn Fox Sr. Englewood

Jayce Prante So. Englewood

Anthony Valdez Sr. Denver West

Kenny Perez Sr. Denver West

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Ethan Stone So. Elizabeth, Jobe Taylor Sr. Elizabeth, Jayden Lawrence Sr. Elizabeth, Porter Johnston So. Elizabeth, Tommy Mckissick Sr. Kent Denver, Owen Pratt Sr. Kent Denver, Jackson Nutter Sr. Kent Denver, Marx Deferse So. Kent Denver, Alex Padalino So. Kent Denver, Isaiah Sergoviano Jr. Englewood, Beau Johnson So. Englewood, Chase Apodaca Jr. Englewood, Logen Owens Jr. Englewood, Ahmed Hussein So. Denver West, Xavier Toole Sr. Denver West, Donevin Garcia So. Denver West, Ben Chacon Jr. Denver West

Special Teams Player of the League

Cody Wade Jr. Elizabeth, 34 of 43 on PATS, 2 of 3 on FGs, 54 Kickoffs this season

No Stats: Alameda

Flatirons League Awards

Player of the League:

Davis Emery Sr. Middle Park High School, 1015 yards passing, 5 passing TDs, 696 yards rushing, 10 rushing TDs, 70 Tackles, 7 TFL, and 2 Interceptions

Coach of the League:

Ben Startzer Northfield High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Northfield High School

All Flatirons League Awards

Flatirons League 1st Team Offense

QB Austin Buchlack Jr. D’Evelyn

QB Noah Sederwall Sr. Faith Christian

QB Davis Emery Sr. Middle Park

RB Jonah Shelton Sr. Faith Christian

RB Cody Connor Sr. Faith Christian

WR Jackson Cimino So. Middle Park

Northfield Offensive Line

Faith Christian Offensive Line

Flatirons League 2nd Team Offense

QB Julian Stover Sr. Northfield

QB Cody Fresh Sr. Arvada

RB Uriah Hurd Sr. Northfield

RB Tanner Shannon Sr. Middle Park

RB Troy Motley Sr. Northfield

WR Ethan Kuyper Jr. Faith Christian

D’Evelyn Offensive Line

Middle Park Offensive Line

Flatirons League Defensive Team

Jack Easterly So. Northfield

Enock Apendjiinou Sr. Northfield

Connor Reece So. Northfield

Brennan Berryhill Jr. Faith Christian

Dante Vigil Fr. Faith Christian

Jacob Nix Sr. Faith Christian

Kyle Vanek Jr. D’Evelyn

Kafui Fiadonu Fr. D’Evelyn

Ethan Bushlack Jr. D’Evelyn

Micah Byrum Jr. Middle Park

Kaleb Brumley Sr. Middle Park

Colton Knox Sr. Middle Park

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Mohale Mitchell Sr. D’Evelyn, Arvada Offensive Line, Walter Polanco Sr. Northfield, Peyton Butler Jr. Northfield, Kardell Collins Jr. Northfield, Dylan Anderson Fr. Northfield, Carson Craig Fr. Faith Christian, Sullivan Strange Fr. Faith Christian, Jeremiah Laird Sr. Faith Christian, Master Diggins Jr. Faith Christian, Will Reed So. Faith Christian, Gunnar Weingardt Sr. D’Evelyn, Brad Buller So. D’Evelyn, Sambo Heng So. D’Evelyn, Russell Balcer So. D’Evelyn, Sandro Armas Sr. D’Evelyn, Tristian Bucar Sr. Middle Park, Xavier Martinez Jr. Middle Park, Mason Fewell Jr. Middle Park, Asbai Padilla Jr. Middle Park

Special Teams Player of the League

Chris Furst Sr. Faith Christian, 14 of 16 on PATs, 3 for 3 on FGs, 23 Punts averaging 32.2 yards per punt, 25 Kickoffs averaging 23.9 yards per kick

No Stats or Limited Stats: Arvada, Pinnacle

Patriot East League Awards

Player of the League:

Cesar Hinojos Sr. Brush High School, 676 yards rushing, 8 yards per carry, 8 rushing TDs, 2 receiving TDs, 47 Tackles, 9 TFL, 6 Sacks, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 Interception, and 2 for 2 on PATs

Coach of the League:

Lance Schwindt, Bursh High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Valley High School

All Patriot East League Awards

Patriot East League 1st Team Offense

QB Radek McCracken Sr. Sterling

QB Alejandro Maltos-Garcia Sr. Brush

RB Cesar Hinojos Sr. Brush

RB Logan Curtis Sr. Platte Valley

RB Zayne Stam Sr. Weld Central

WR Giovanni Mendoza Sr. Valley

Brush Offensive Line

Platte Valley Offensive Line

Patriot East League 2nd Team Offense

QB Howdy Johnson So. Platte Valley

QB Carson Adolf Fr. Valley

QB William Alvarado Jr. Fort Lupton

RB Colin Brown Sr. Valley

RB Ty Griffith Jr. Brush

WR Michael Mertz-Valentine Sr. Sterling

Sterling Offensive Line

Weld Central Offensive Line

Patriot East League 1st Team Defense

Ty Griffith Jr. Brush

Kaden Moriarty Sr. Brush

Aaron Rios Sr. Platte Valley

Devyn Lauer Sr. Platte Valley

Evan Whitman Sr. Sterling

Chase Albrandt Sr. Sterling

Blake Herman Jr. Valley

Colin Brown Sr. Valley

Gunner Hesse Sr. Weld Central

Antonito Gonzales Jr. Fort Lupton

Patriot East League 2nd Team Defense

Jayce Kreeger Sr. Brush

Kyle Wellen Sr. Brush

Brody White So. Platte Valley

Josh Eagleton So. Platte Valley

Trevor Berg Jr. Sterling

Aidan Trujillo Jr. Valley

Evan Gelatt Sr. Valley

Cyler Troutner So. Weld Central

Sergio Hernandez Sr. Fort Lupton

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Tinaiden Thompson Sr. Weld Central, Brody Dick So. Brush, Dominick Ontiveros Jr. Brush, Kale Stegner Jr. Brush, Cole Curtis So. Brush, Adrian Marquez Sr. Platte Valley, Nikolas Bergers Jr. Platte Valley, Mark Weimer Sr. Platte Valley, Hunter Pagel Sr. Platte Valley, Jarrett Vieyra Sr. Platte Valley, Wyatt Buckley Jr. Sterling, Ayden Gandee Fr. Sterling, Kole Knaub Sr. Sterling, Manuel Cervantes Sr. Valley, Giovanni Mendoza Sr. Valley, Aydan Moya Jr. Valley, Abdul Alarape Jr. Weld Central, Kane Fobare Sr. Weld Central, Mario Casas Sr. Weld Central, Chad Deckinga Jr. Weld Central, Josh Helvig Jr. Fort Lupton, Danny Rodriguez Jr. Fort Lupton, Dimitri Alarcon So. Fort Lupton, Dylan Jaramillo Sr. Fort Lupton, Isaac Rodriguez Sr. Fort Lupton

Special Teams Player of the League

Eric Duran Sr. Brush, 34 of 38 on PATs 90% accuracy, 41 Kickoffs averaging 45.2 yards per kick

Patriot West League Awards

Co-Player of the League:

Ethan Florez Sr. Eaton High School, 804 yards rushing, 7.2 yards per carry, 7 rushing TDs, 55 Tackles, 4 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 Interception, 1 Forced Fumble, 1 forced Safety, and 1 Defensive TD

Eddie Lemos Sr. Resurrection Christian, 296 yards passing, 4 passing TDs, 1149 yards rushing, 9.6 yards per carry, 19 rushing TDs, 28 Tackles, and 2 Interceptions

Coach of the League:

Zac Lemon, Eaton High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Severance High School

Patriot West League Awards

Patriot West 1st Team Offense

QB Greg Garza Sr. University

QB Isaiah Eliot Jr. The Academy

QB Eddie Lemos Sr. Resurrection Christian

RB Ethan Florez Sr. Eaton

RB Cade Dunlap Sr. Resurrection Christian

WR Jaydin Hedelius Sr. Berthoud

Eaton Offensive Line

Resurrection Christian Offensive Line

Patriot West 2nd Team Offense

QB Nolan Hertzke Jr. Severance

QB Walker Martin Jr. Eaton

RB Gunnar Ponzer Sr. University

RB Jake Shorb Sr. Severance

RB J Donahue Jr. The Academy

WR Tayt Chason Sr. University

Severance Offensive Line

University Offensive Line

Patriot West 1st Team Defense

Ryan Dirksen Sr. Eaton

Ryder True Jr. Eaton

Morgan Tribbett Jr. Eaton

Justin Hawthorne Sr. Resurrection Christian

Will Reeves So. Resurrection Christian

Colby Runner Jr. Severance

Reece Gazdik Sr. Severance

Kian Baxley Jr. University

Kanon Padilla Sr. University

Corbin Miller Jr. The Academy

Ryley Sylvis Sr. The Academy

Tanner Coble Sr. Berthoud

Patriot West 2nd Team Defense

Zac Grable Jr. Eaton

Trent Salberg Jr. Eaton

Grant Applebee So. Resurrection Christian

Zach Bayens Sr. Resurrection Christian

Caden Donovan Sr. Severance

Dominic Butts Jr. Severance

Masen Campbell Fr. Severance

Jack Virgil Sr. University

Adem Evans Sr. University

Ryan Petrick Sr. The Academy

Wyatt Spears Sr. Berthoud

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Darin Davidson So. Berthoud, Jaden Hoffman So. Severance, Gage Bachman So Severance, Jayden Nohr Fr. Berthoud, The Academy Offensive Line, Berthoud Offensive Line, Cort Sanger Jr. Eaton, Phil Lawrence Sr. Eaton, Jacob Webster Jr. Eaton, Dirk Duncan Sr. Eaton, Hunter Hansen Fr. Resurrection Christian, Ryder Easton Fr. Resurrection Christian, Ethan Goldfain So. Resurrection Christian, Kitt Murrow Sr. Resurrection Christian, Trevin Hull Sr. Severance, Parker Gazdik Jr. Severance, Caden Panas Sr. Severance, Brady Varney So. Severance, Grant Moll Jr. Severance, Owen Marcus Sr. University, Chase Heck Jr. University, Carson Looschen Sr. University, Derrek Rael Jr. The Academy, Jakob Hillman Sr. The Academy, Aden Petrick Jr. The Academy, Noah Dotterer Jr. The Academy, Ben Hughes Jr. Berthoud, Kaden Sandvik Sr. Berthoud, Garrett Glasser Sr. Berthoud, Matt Pelphrey Sr. Berthoud

Special Teams Player of the League

Jose Lopez Sr. Eaton, 38 of 40 on PATs, 5 of 8 on FGs, 50 Kickoffs averaging 54.1 yards per kick and 20 Touchbacks

Southwest League Awards

Player of the League:

Isaac Ross Sr. Bayfield High School, 1845 yards passing, 63.2 completion %, 19 passing TDs, 2 rushing TDs, 38 tackles, and 4 Interceptions

Coach of the League:

Gary Heide, Bayfield High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Bayfield High School

Southwest League Awards

Southwest 1st Team Offense

QB Isaac Ross Sr. Bayfield

QB Kasey Jones Jr. Alamosa

RB Cael Schaefer Sr. Bayfield

RB Gavin Lindahl So. Pagosa Springs

RB Dante Gonzales Sr. Alamosa

WR Kade Jones Jr. Alamosa

Bayfield Offensive Line

Alamosa Offensive Line

Southwest 2nd Team Offense

QB Caiven Lake So. Salida

QB Aaron Aucoin Jr. Pagosa Springs

RB Braden Collins Sr. Salida

RB Tommy Barker Sr. Pagosa Springs

WR Evan Sowards Sr. Alamosa

WR Nic Twedt Jr. Bayfield

Montezuma-Cortez Offensive Line

Pagosa Springs Offensive Line

Southwest League Defensive Team

Kobe Prior Sr. Bayfield

Deegan Barnes Sr. Bayfield

Donovan Candelaria So. Bayfield

Andrew Peacock Sr. Bayfield

Donovan Ramirez Sr. Alamosa

Hayden Shawcroft Sr. Alamosa

Brant Jackson So. Alamosa

Chase Smith Sr. Alamosa

Harley Armijo So. Pagosa Springs

Heath Fullbright Jr. Pagosa Springs

Seth Aucoin So. Pagosa Springs

Drew Johnson Jr. Salida

Ben Clayton So. Salida

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Dawson Honeycutt Sr. Alamosa, William Sullivan Sr. Bayfield, Salida Offensive Line, James Mars Sr. Bayfield, C.J Lowe So. Bayfield, Raygan Gosney Sr. Bayfield, Ethan Candelaria Sr. Bayfield, Cody Lopez Jr. Alamosa, Evan Sowards Sr. Alamosa, DJ Jaramillo Sr. Alamosa, Damian Orozco Sr. Alamosa, Quinten Blankenship Jr. Pagosa Springs, Colt Lewis Fr. Pagosa Springs, Wil Aucoin Sr. Pagosa Springs, Connor Gentile So. Salida, Braden Martellaro Sr. Salida, Daniel Edgington So. Salida, Chase Diesslin Jr. Salida

Special Teams Player of the League

Halle Phares Sr. Alamosa, 20 of 23 on PATS 90% accuracy

No Stats: Montezuma-Cortez

Tri-Peaks League Awards

Player of the League:

Cade Palmer Sr. The Classical Academy, 1266 yards rushing, 13.1 yards per carry, 22 rushing TDs, 45 Tackles, 3 TFL, and 1 Forced Fumble

Coach of the League:

Justin Rich, Classical Academy

Surprise Team of the League:

Woodland Park High School

Tri-Peaks League Awards

Tri-Peaks League 1st Team Offense

QB Sam Guilez Sr. Classical Academy

QB Luke Garner So. La Junta

RB Cade Palmer Sr. Classical Academy

RB Jeremiah Martinez Jr. La Junta

RB Aiden Hernandez Jr. Woodland Park

WR Ethan Boren Sr. Manitou Springs

Classical Academy Offensive Line

La Junta Offensive Line

Tri-Peaks League 2nd Team Offense

QB Nate Gentzel So. Manitou Springs

QB Deyago Vasquez So. Lamar

RB Tyler Maloney Jr. Manitou Springs

RB Andrew Harper Sr. Woodland Park

RB Ethan Aragundi Jr. Classical Academy

WR Matthew Segovia Sr. Classical Academy

Woodland Park Offensive Line

Manitou Springs Offensive Line

Tri-Peaks League Defensive Team

Josh Snyder Jr. Classical Academy

Tanner Eide Jr. Classical Academy

Kaden Rusin Jr. Classical Academy

Dylan Dlorioso Sr. Classical Academy

Andrew Raso Jr. La Junta

AJ Martinez So. La Junta

Ian Backes Sr. La Junta

Trevor Johnston So. La Junta

Elisiah Garner Sr. Woodland Park

Caleb Graves Jr. Woodland Park

Aidan Hood Fr. Woodland Park

Eligh Hettle Sr. Manitou Springs

Parker Salladay Sr. Manitou Springs

Brenden Sneller Jr. Lamar

Greyden Martinez Sr. Lamar

Elijah Neilsen Sr. Lamar

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Tate Christian, Sr. Manitou Springs, Bryce Broeker So. Woodland Park, Cael Buxton Fr. Lamar, Lamar Offensive Line, Chase Keller Sr. Classical Academy, Blake Van Tongeren Jr. Classical Academy, Dylan Gould Jr. Classical Academy, Michael Wu So. Classical Academy, Rylan Schmidt Fr. La Junta, Jeremiah Martinez Jr. La Junta, Trent Johnston Sr. La Junta, Anthony Torrez Sr. La Junta, Griffin King Jr. Woodland Park, DJ Summeril Jr. Woodland Park, Adam Garner Jr. Woodland Park, Bradyn Dowling So. Manitou Springs, Tate Christian Sr. Manitou Spring, Kyan Bunker Fr. Manitou Springs, Garett Williams Jr. Lamar, Tyler Widener Jr. Lamar, Elijah Baber Sr. Lamar, Zack Forbes Jr. Lamar, Domonic Groomer So. Lamar

Special Teams Player of the League

Evan Lapoure Jr. Classical Academy, 42 of 46 on PATs, 90% Accuracy, 3 of 3 on FGs, 10 Kickoffs averaging 53.2 yards per kick with 2 Touchbacks

West League Awards

Player of the League:

Timothy Horn Sr. Delta High School, 1034 yards rushing, 6.2 yards per carry, 8 rushing TDs, 1 TFL, and 48 Tackles

Coach of the League:

Ben Johnson, Delta High School

Surprise Team of the League:

Aspen High School

West League Awards

West League 1st Team Offense

QB Kade Schneider Jr. Basalt

QB Ryan Peck Sr. Moffat County

RB Timothy Horn Sr. Delta

RB Evan Atkin Jr. Moffat County

RB Toto Fletchall Sr. Rifle

WR Sam Sherry Sr. Basalt

Delta Offensive Line

Moffat County Offensive Line

West League 2nd Team Offense

QB Ty Reed Fr. Delta

QB Trey Caldwell Sr. Rifle

QB Ryder Powell Jr. Coal Ridge

RB Cooper Crawford Jr. Basalt

RB Gavin Webb Sr. Basalt

RB Esai Carrillo So. Delta

Basalt Offensive Line

Aspen Offensive Line

West League 1st Team Defense

Hunter Goff Sr. Delta

Tucker Johnson So. Delta

Clay Sandridge Jr. Delta

Ethan Hafey Sr. Moffat County

Ian Hafey So. Moffat County

Trevin Beckman Jr. Basalt

Jamie Dolan Jr. Basalt

Jesus Martinez Jr. Rifle

Emajai Holder Sr. Coal Ridge

West League 2nd Team Defense

Gus Butler Sr. Delta

Treyton Sandoval Sr. Delta

Cort Murphy Jr. Moffat County

Caleb Squires So. Moffat County

Ryan Zheng Sr. Basalt

Juan Martinez Sr. Basalt

Efren Bastillos So. Rifle

Kade Street Jr. Rifle

Jon Bolitho Sr. Coal Ridge

Honorable Mention Offense & Defense

Nathan Scharnhorst Sr. Delta, Lochlan Wade So. Coal Ridge, Rifle Offensive Line, Easton Baier Jr. Delta, Rylan Bynum So. Delta, Landan Clay So. Delta, Konner Workman So. Delta, Alex Ward Jr. Delta, Trace Frederickson Sr. Moffat County, Taran Teeter Sr. Moffat County, Logan Hafey Sr. Moffat County, Austin Behrman Jr. Moffat County, Myles Simpson Sr. Moffat County, Wilson Maytham Sr. Basalt, Mav Dombrowski So. Basalt, Cooper Crawford Jr. Basalt, Jack Hamm Sr. Basalt, Brock Cadwell Sr. Rifle, Levi Miller Sr. Rifle, Gio Gonzalez Jr. Rifle, Brandon Short Jr. Coal Ridge, Angelo Perea Jr. Coal Ridge, Bryce Jackson So. Coal Ridge, Ryder Powell Jr. Coal Ridge

Special Teams Player of the League

Jose Olivas Jr. Delta, 49 of 50 on PATs, 98 % Accurate, 2 of 3 on Field Goals

No Stats: Aspen