Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 3 Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

Picture by OTSportsChek (Holyoke vs Sedgwick County)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 3 Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

We move into the 3rd week of the regular season, and I update my Boys Basketball Rankings for the first time.  I am trying not to make to quick or crazy reactions to games due to it still being early season.  We have a new #1 team in Yuma in Class 2A.  Also a few new teams added in each Class.

Class 3A                                                                    

 Last Week Ranking
1. St. Mary’s (5-0)1 (3 Weeks)
2. Sterling (3-1)2
3. Colorado Academy (4-1)3
4. Aspen (3-0)5
5. Manual (1-2)4
6. Kent Denver (3-0)6
7. Centauri (3-0)7
8. Lutheran (3-2)8
9. Eagle Ridge Academy (3-0)9
10. University (5-0)NR
·Others: DSST-Montview, Banning Lewis, Eaton, Platte Valley, Faith Christian, Highland Dropped out: DSST-Montview (10)
Notes: Minimal Changes in Class 3A.  A lot of top 10 teams lost to #1 St. Mary’s or to 4A Schools.  If changes occur it will be once they start playing against other 3A schools or a team take a bad loss.

Class 2A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Yuma (3-0)2
2. Wray (2-2)1
3. Denver Christian (1-1)4
4. Limon (3-0)5
5. Mancos (4-2)3
6. Holly (3-0)8
7. Peyton (3-3)6
8. Sanford (3-0)9
9. Vail Mountain (2-1)NR
10. Holyoke (4-0)NR
·Others: Rye, Thomas MacLaren, Lotus School, Heritage Christian, Center, Fowler Dropped out: Crested Butte (7), Vail Christian (10)
Notes: A very interesting opening two weeks.  Yuma moves into the #1 spot with a big win over Wray.  Wray drops to #2.  Peyton was beat by Limon and Denver Christian and drops out of the top 6.  Crested Butte picked up a loss to Cotopaxi and Vail Christian lost to both Vail Mountain and Heritage Christian both drop out of the top 10.  Vail Mountain and Holyoke move into the top 10 for the first time this season.

Class 1A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Granada (3-0)1 (3 weeks)
2. Briggsdale (4-0)2
3. Haxtun (4-0)3
4. Evangelical Christian (4-0)5
5. Belleview Christian (3-2)4
6. Cheyenne Wells (3-0)7
7. Sierra Grande (5-0)8
8. Genoa-Hugo (3-0)10
9. Simla (2-2)NR
10. Merino (2-2)6
·Others: Denver Waldorf, Caprock Academy, Dove Creek, Idalia, Cotopaxi, Hanover, Pikes Peak Christian, Denver Jewish Day Dropped Out: Kim/Branson (10)
Notes: A few changes in Class 1A.  ECA moves up one spot after beating Belleview Christian head to head. Merino drops from #6 to #10 after falling to Haxtun and Simla. Simla joins the rankings for the first time this year.  Waiting for some big games for teams who are currently undefeated before moving them into the rankings.