Boys Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 4 Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

Picture by Johns Sports Page (Granada vs Wiley)

MileHigh Prep Report Boys Basketball Week 4 Rankings (Class 3A thru Class 1A)

We move into the 4th week of the regular season.  Plenty of changes still to come as a few upsets still happened.  This will be my last change to the rankings until Monday, January 3rd.  A few new teams added to the rankings in Class 3A and 2A.  No new #1 teams this week.

Class 3A                                                                    

 Last Week Ranking
1. St. Mary’s (7-0)1 (4 Weeks)
2. Sterling (6-1)2
3. Colorado Academy (6-1)3
4. Aspen (7-0)4
5. Manual (2-2)5
6. Kent Denver (5-0)6
7. Centauri (5-0)7
8. Lutheran (3-4)8
9. Eagle Ridge Academy (3-0)9
10. Eaton (6-0)NR
·Others: Highland, University, Englewood, Platte Valley, Florence, C.S Christian, Denver West, Coal Ridge, Pinnacle, Alamosa, Salida Dropped out: University (10)
Notes: Very minimal changes in Class 3A.  Only change is Eaton moving into the top 10 this week.  Eaton is undefeated with OT wins over Highland, Limon, and Yuma.  A few games this week could make for some changes after the new year.

Class 2A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Yuma (5-1)1 (2 weeks)
2. Wray (4-2)2
3. Denver Christian (3-2)3
4. Limon (4-1)4
5. Mancos (5-2)5
6. Sanford (4-1)8
7. Peyton (4-4)7
8. Lotus School (3-1)NR
9. Vail Mountain (2-1)9
10. Holyoke (5-1)10
·Others: Holly, Rye, Thomas MacLaren, Fowler, Golden View Classical, Plateau Valley, Crowley County, Del Norte Dropped out: Holly (6)
Notes: Only a few changes this week.  Holly drops out of the rankings after losing 2 games at the Lamar Holiday Shootout.  Lotus School joins the rankings because of their win earlier over Mancos.  Sanford also moves up from #8 to #6 with a OT win over Peyton.

Class 1A

 Last Week Ranking
1. Granada (7-0)1 (4 weeks)
2. Briggsdale (5-0)2
3. Haxtun (5-1)3
4. Evangelical Christian (6-0)4
5. Genoa-Hugo (5-0)8
6. Sierra Grande (7-0)7
7. Cheyenne Wells (4-1)6
8. Belleview Christian (3-2)5
9. Simla (3-2)9
10. Merino (3-2)10
·Others: Denver Waldorf, Caprock Academy, Dove Creek, Wiley, Cheraw, Pikes Peak Christian, Hanover, Denver Jewish Day, La Veta Dropped Out: None
Notes: Some reshuffling inside the top 10 but no new teams this week.  Belleview Christian drops from #5 to #8 following 2 more loses to 2A teams.  Belleview Christian in my opinion has some question marks that I think get answered after the new year.  Good showing from teams outside the top 10 made it difficult to not rank, like Wiley.  Lots to still figure out in Class 1A this season.