Boys and Girls Basketball Players of the Week

Boys Basketball Players of the Week for Week 3 (Class 3A thru 1A)

Picture by Debbie Parra (Del Norte vs Lamar)

Boys Basketball Players of the Week for Week 3 (Class 3A thru 1A)

What I have decided to do is pick 4 to 6 players of the week.  I am picking the players of the week by looking at wins over quality opponents.  I know a lot of teams don’t post stats, but I am open to receiving stats by email to get players some recognition or if you have a nominee just email me or message me.  The order of the players does not matter they are just listed. 

Class 1A

Trey Smith So. Genoa-Hugo, 30 points and 3 rebounds against Cheyenne Wells

Tanner Fiscus So. Briggsdale, 15 points, 7 Rebounds, and 7 assists against Flatirons Academy

Isiah Chairez Sr. Sierra Grande, 21 points and 15 rebounds against Center (2A)

Joe Autry Jr. La Veta, 23 points, 7 assists, and 6 steals against Creede

Charlie Kendrick Fr. Otis, 23 points and 13 rebounds against Idalia

Michael Mann Sr. Evangelical Christian, 12 points and 9 rebounds against Custer County (2A)

Class 2A

Javier Gamboa Sr. Yuma, 14 points against Brush (3A)

Bryant Schoenthal Sr. Wray, 14 points and 16 rebounds against Holyoke

Ben Parra Jr. Del Norte, 30 points and 9 assists against Lake County

Connor Showalter Sr. Mancos, 29 points and 14 rebounds against Ouray (1A)

Terrance Mcneil Sr. Crowley County, 18 points and 9 rebounds against Kim/Branson

Wyatt Sprague So. Holyoke, 17 points and 5 rebounds against Haxtun (1A)

Class 3A

Zac Grable Jr. Eaton, 23 points and 9 rebounds against #1 Yuma (2A)

Hyatt Tolle Jr. Highland, 29 points and 10 rebounds against University

Cyrus Hernandez Sr. St. Mary’s, 28 points and 2 assists against Salida

Nic Hawes Sr. Bennett, 16 points and 5 steals against Strasburg

Nathaniel Davies Jr. C.S Christian, 19 points and 14 rebounds against Sanford (2A)

Jordan Reed Sr. Manual, 31 points and 8 rebounds against DSST-Montview