2A League Breakdown

Class 2A Football Playoff Predictions Quarterfinals and Full Bracket

Picture by Danielle Bynum (I would like to thank all of are officials this season!)

Class 2A Football Playoff Predictions Quarterfinals and Full Bracket

First, this is just my opinion.  I would love to hear or see your thoughts on how the 6-man bracket turns out.  Second, Good Luck to all teams!  I do not cheer against any teams.  Full breakdown of each matchup posted earlier.

Class 2A Playoff Predictions Quarterfinals Only

#1 Delta over #8 Alamosa

The big question if your Alamosa is can Alamosa stop the run.  Of course, Delta is more dual threat but if Alamosa cannot find success stopping the run they will struggle against Delta.  Alamosa also must have another big game from QB Kasey Jones.  Delta defense will have their secondary tested by Alamosa.  I think Delta rushing attack has a big day and why I am going with Delta.

#4 Classical Academy over #12 University (2nd Best Game)

I have concerns about TCA offensively and University is playing their best football Currently.  I think this is going to be a great game and could see it only be a one scoring difference.  I think defense will be the major key in this game.  I think if TCA can control the line of scrimmage, they will have a big game but University has prove as the #12 seed to be a real threat. 

#2 Eaton over #7 Basalt

I think we are in for a great game. Both teams come in with plenty of momentum and both teams’ offense broke the 44-point mark last week.  Basalt does worry me a bit after giving up 24 points to Woodland Park, but if Basalt can find success again running the ball they will be in this game.  Eaton offensively must take care of the ball and their defense must fix mistakes of last week.  I think this will be a great game.

#14 Rifle over #11 Montezuma-Cortez (Best Game)

Put your hand up if you had the #11 seed vs the #14 seed.  I was very surprised by both teams to get upsets and I think we are in for a treat again this week.  Rifle has already defeated Montezuma-Cortez 33-26 and I expect another very close game.  I am going with Rifle as the #14 seed to advance into the semifinals.

Class 2A Entire Bracket Filled Out

Here is my entire bracket picked.