Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

Semifinals/Quarterfinals of the Playoffs Predictions (Class 3A thru 6-Man)

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Semifinals/Quarterfinals of the Playoffs Predictions (Class 3A thru 6-Man)

This is probably one of my favorite things to do is predict games.  I am one of the few who take a chance and predict the results of game.  What I normally do is predict the winner and a guess by how much the team will win by.  I am doing a score prediction to make things a bit more fun.  Remember this is all for fun and as you see I am wrong.  Good Luck to all teams and I do not cheer against teams.

(Remember this is all for fun! Share your predictions as well)

Overall Record for 2022: 671-122 (84.6% Correct), Overall Playoff Record: 45-11 (80.4% Correct)

Class 3A-Record: 119-23 (83.8% Correct)

3A Playoff Record: 6-2

My PredictionsScore Prediction
#1 Roosevelt over #9 Evergreen35-18
#5 Green Mountain over #13 Palisade21-12
#2 Durango over #10 George Washington28-18
#3 Lutheran over #11 Frederick21-10

Class 2A-Record: 143-29 (83.1% Correct)

2A Playoff Record: 8-4

My PredictionsScore Prediction
#1 Delta over #4 Classical Academy14-12
#2 Eaton over #11 Montezuma-Cortez28-7

Class 1A-Record: 137-27 (83.5% Correct)

1A Playoff Record: 9-3

My PredictionsScore Prediction
#1 Limon over #13 C.S Christian41-12
#6 Wray over #2 Strasburg21-18

8-Man-Record: 148-20 (88.1% Correct)

8-Man Playoff Record: 11-1

My PredictionsScore Prediction
#1 Haxtun over #4 Simla35-18
#2 Dove Creek over #3 Mancos31-28

6-Man-Record: 124-23 (84.4% Correct)

6-Man Playoff Record: 11-1

My PredictionsScore Prediction
#1 Stratton over #5 Otis42-18
#3 Granada over #2 Fleming50-42