Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball Class 1A Regional Projections and State Predictions

Girls Basketball Class 1A Regional Projections and State Predictions

For my projections I am using the CHSAA Seeding and Selection Index.  I am going to be predicting the District Champions and may just give a quick reason as to why I picked each District Champion.  If you are a District Champion ranked in the top 16 of the Seeding Index you will automatically host a regional.  Remember to qualify for Regionals you must be ranked inside the top 32 or win your District. 

Class 1A

  • District Seeding will be done by the CHSAA Seeding & Selection Index (50% Maxpreps & 50% RPI).  Maxpreps and RPI will run through Districts.
  • District Winners (8) advancing to the 32-team state bracket.  District Champions are guaranteed a top 8 (host slot) as long as they are in the top 16 of the CHSAA Seeding & Selection Index after Districts.
  • Remaining 24 teams are filled in by the CHSAA Seeding & Selection Index published after Districts.
  • Seeding criteria for the 32-team state bracket-CHSAA Seeding & Selection Index published after Districts.  Seed 9-24 are true seeded except to try and avoid league matchups in the FIRST ROUND ONLY.  Teams may be moved one spot up or down.  Teams 25-32 may be moved based upon geography and league matchups.
  • First two rounds of the state tournament (Regionals) will be hosted by the top seed in the quadrant of the bracket, over two days. (4-teams total)
  • Teams will not be reseeded prior to the final week-state championship (Final 8)
  • Top 8 teams will advance.  Class 2A Great 8 will play a Consolation Bracket. 

District Tournament Winners

District 1: Dove Creek

Dove Creek continues to dominate this District.  I feel the rest of the teams in this district have all improved, but can they knock off the top team is the main question.

District 2: McClave

District 2 is going to be a slugfest.  4 teams ranked inside the top 10 in the Seeding Index.  McClave has the upper had early with wins over other top teams in this District.  Should be a great district tournament this year!

District 3: Springfield

Springfield has the early advantage over Kim/Branson.  These two teams seem to be head and shoulders above the rest of the district early on.  We will see if anyone else rises to challenge these teams.

District 4: Briggsdale

Looks to be a two-horse race for the district crown between Flemings and Briggsdale.  These two teams will meet 3 times by the end of the season if not a fourth.  These will be great battles between to top 4 teams in the state.

District 5: Idalia

A few surprises early on in this District.  Idalia has risen up so far as the team to beat but Hi-Plains, Stratton, and Flagler all look to be contenders in this district.

District 6: Sangre De Cristo

Sangre De Cristo is my team to beat, and I think the only true challenger is Sierra Grande.  The rest of this district is in danger of not making regionals.

District 7: Kiowa

Kiowa has come out the gates hot and have quickly established themselves as the team to beat.  Deer Trail and Genoa-Hugo will be the main challengers but look for Kiowa to run away with this district.

District 8: Flatirons Academy

The #1 team in 1A and their only loss to a 4A team.  I don’t see anyone else in this district pulling the upset.  Flatirons Academy is the heavy favorite to win the 1A title.

District Champions and Regional Hosts: ()=Seeding Index

District 1: Dove Creek (10)

District 2: McClave (4)

District 3: Springfield (12)

District 4: Briggsdale (3)

District 5: Idalia (9)

District 6: Sangre De Cristo (11)

District 7: Kiowa (2)

District 8: Flatirons Academy (1)

Bracket- District matchups will be avoided in the first round.  8 Regional winners qualifying for state.  State will not be re-seeded! And play a consolation bracket!

Region 1
*#1 Flatirons Academy vs #32 La Veta
#16 Flagler vs #17 Deer Trail
Region 2
*#8 Springfield vs #25 Caprock Academy
#9 Fleming vs #24 Arickaree
Region 3
*#5 Idalia vs #28 Prairie
#12 Cheraw vs #21 Sierra Grande
Region 4
*#4 McClave vs #29 Front Range Baptist
#13 Kim/Branson vs #20 Genoa-Hugo
Region 5
*#2 Kiowa vs #31 Wiley
#15 Stratton vs #18 Eads
Region 6
*#7 Sangre De Cristo vs #26 De Beque
#10 Granada vs #23 Belleview Christian
Region 7
*#6 Dove Creek vs #27 Lone Star
#11 Kit Carson vs #22 Nucla
Region 8
*#3 Briggsdale vs #30 Cheyenne Wells
#14 Hi-Plains vs #19 Rocky Mountain Lutheran

*= Regional Host

My State Qualifier Picks

Here are the 8 teams I think make it to the Elite 8 and the matchups.  This will change as the bracket changes.  This is still early.

#1 Flatirons Academy vs #9 Fleming

#5 Idalia vs#4 McClave

#2 Kiowa vs #7 Sangre De Cristo

#6 Dove Creek vs #3 Briggsdale