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Class 3A Girls Basketball End of the Year Awards 2022/2023

Class 3A Girls Basketball End of the Year Awards 2022/2023

I would like to add a big Congratulations to C.S Christian on winning the Class 3A Girls State Championship. This was a phenomenal state tournament and enjoyed the entire ride. Again, Congratulations to the Colorado Springs Christian Lions on the State Title.

I am sticking to a similar format as last year. Picking my All-MileHigh Teams is not easy.  I made sure if your team made it to state they at least get 1 player on a team and if you made it to regional at least a HM.  When comparing two similar players I go with teams that made it to regional over teams that did not.  If I do not have stats for your team, then I cannot pick a player.  I can get stat via Email, Maxpreps, messenger, or Hudl.  If you think I missed anyone shoot me a message or email.  Remember these awards are from MileHigh Prep Report.  CHSAA official All-state awards will be released later.   (Stats provided by

(I do not have a lot of pictures for Class 3A Girls and will be searching for some. I am missing for all awards but Freshman of Year.)

Player of the Year

Maeve Salveson Jr. St. Mary’s

We went with Salveson as are POY because when the lights were the brightest, the state tournament she had her biggest performances.  Averaged 18.0 ppg in the tournament leading her team in scoring in all games but 1.

(need picture)

Freshmen of the Year

Braeden Johnson Fr. Salida High School

Picture by Forest Photography, Check out their Facebook page for more great pictures

Sophomore of the Year

Kaya Robins So. Prospect Ridge Academy

(need picture)

Junior of the Year

AJ Mannering Jr. Peyton High School

(need picture)

Senior of the Year

Andi Schissler Sr. Platte Valley High School

(need picture)

Newcomer of the Year (A player receiving first big minutes of career.)

Kinley Asp Fr. Colorado Springs Christian

(need picture)

Coach of the Year

Mark Engesser, Colorado Springs Christian

(need picture)

Surprise Team of the Year

Buena Vista High School, 11-13 last season and improved to 16-9 this season and a trip to the Elite 8.

Picture by Forest Photography, Check out their Facebook page for more great pictures

Class 3A Girls All MileHigh Teams

1st Team All-MileHigh

Maeve Salveson Jr. St. Mary’s

AJ Mannering Jr. Peyton High School

AbbeyRose Parker Sr. Grand Valley High School

Hailey Blanchard Sr. Vanguard High School

Emerson Kutz Jr. St. Mary’s

Alyssa Lagasse Sr. Ellicott High School

Abbey Smith Sr. Centauri High School

Kinley Asp Fr. C.S Christian

Grace Minihane Jr. C.S Christian

Autumn Wingo Sr. Buena Vista High School

Braeden Johnson Fr. Salida High School

Jaycee Pittman Jr. Grand Valley High School

Bree Bunting Sr. Platte Valley High School

Isabella Slocum Sr. Woodland Park

Elysia Bottcher Sr. The Vangaurd

2nd Team All-MileHigh

Jenna Batka Sr. Highland High School

Juliana Garcia Sr. The Vanguard

Amaya Garcia Sr. Centauri High School

Gracie Stansbury Sr. Fountain Valley

Tyra Gray Jr. Olathe High School

Lea Richardson Sr. Yuma High School

Graecy Graf Jr. Strasburg High School

Payton Carver Sr. North Fork High School

Abbie Nickell Jr. Peyton High School

Lily Venneberg Jr. Bennett High School

Harmony Reynolds Sr. Ignacio High School

Ekko Hopkins Sr. SkyView Academy

Brooklyn Enny Sr. Lyons High School

Kashlynn Tadolini Sr. Brush High School

Kylee McDougal So. Gunnison High School

Bree Wilkerson Sr. Estes Park High School

Mile High Prep Report Honorable Mention

Abigail Perry So. C.S Christian, Wilna Colopy Jr. C.S Christian, Jaela Pedro Fr. St. Mary’s, Bailey Darneal Sr. St. Mary’s, Aileen Gutierrez Sr. Ellicott, Audrey Johnson Jr. Buena Vista, Kailyn Polzin Jr. Centauri, Ava Warner Sr. Fountain Valley, Quin Lewis So. Fountain Valley, Sydney Roshek Sr. Woodland Park, Briza Flores So. Highland, Kiandra Liles Jr. Olathe, Caddis Robinson Jr. Yuma, Natalie Damron So. Strasburg, Autumn Stone Sr. Strasburg, Leia Ellenberger Sr. North Fork, Shaylee Gee Sr. Peyton, Ava Stockard Jr. Prospect Ridge, Dakota Garrick Sr. SkyView Academy, Morgan Kimmi Jr. Windsor Charter, Ruby Richardson Sr. Liberty Common, Samantha Michaelsen Sr. Liberty Common, Kristen Hegarty Sr. Faith Christian, Kaydence Torres Sr. Faith Christian, Sarah Chick Sr. Salida, Kylee Roberts Sr. Lyons, Jessica Venneberg So. Bennett, Stefanie Jordan Sr. Bennett, Carley Malinowski So. Cedaredge, Karly Tadolini Sr. Brush, Bailey Link Sr. Brush, Ava Stewart So. Gunnison, Lexi Pickering Jr. Crested Butte, Faith Wirth Jr. Rocky Ford, Laci Brunson Sr. Ignacio, Soly Cosio Jr. Ignacio, Gretchen Deines Fr. Timnath, Maria Stefanoudakis Sr. St. Mary’s Academy, Carley Crownhart So. Roaring Fork, Ainsley Selle Jr. Meeker, Helen Tesfay Sr. Lotus School, Bri Hardiman Sr. Banning Lewis, Te’aira Nutter So. Jefferson, Taylor Berkheimer Jr. Highland, Rianna Ware Sr. Manual, Hailey Gesick Sr. Frontier Academy, Sydney Curtis So. Platte Canyon, Tiana Guzman Fr. Timanth, Melissa Lugo-Hermosillo Sr. Ellicott, Blakeley Reynolds Sr. Crested Butte, Kayah Robbins So. Prospect Ridge Academy


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