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Class 1A Baseball Regional Projections

Picture by OTSportsChek & Tim Sprouse

Class 1A Baseball Region Projections

With the Class 1A District Tournament completed we can now give a proper look at the regional bracket.  Remember for Class 1A that the top two finishers in each district get the automatic berths unless you have less than 5 teams than only the district champion gets an automatic berth.  District 1 and District 3 fall into that category.  Also, remember that the 4 highest ranked district champions in the CHSAA Seeding Index will host a regional.

Automatic Berths:

District 1: Nucla

District 2: Simla, Evangelical Christian

District 3: Flatirons Academy

District 4: Holly, Cheyenne Wells

District 5: Akron, Haxtun

Class 1A Regional Projections

Region 1
*#1 Holly vs #16 Cotopaxi
#8 Cheyenne Wells vs #9 Otis
Region 2
*#4 Flatirons Academy vs #13 Evangelical Christian
#5 Nucla vs #12 McClave
Region 3
*#2 Akron vs #15 Elbert
#7 Merino vs #10 Stratton
Region 4
*#3 Simla vs #14 Dove Creek
#6 Haxtun vs #11 Wiley


Note: We moved a few teams around to avoid first round league matchups.  The main move was moving Otis from #12 to #9 and sliding a few teams back.  I am not sure if CHSAA will do this as it is moving a team three spots.

(Big shout-out to Ben Blecha & Kerry Sherman for most of the leg work on the projection)