Baseball Predictions

Class 2A Baseball Regional Predictions

Class 2A Baseball Regional Predictions

I have slacked on my predictions for baseball this year, but I wanted to get my Class 2A & possibly 3A predictions out today before things get rolling.  Remember, I am not cheering against any teams and want to wish all 32 teams’ good luck. 

Region 1

#1 Limon over #32 Sedgwick County

#17 Wray over #16 Ignacio

#1 Limon over #17 Wray

I think Wray vs Ignacio will be a very good game, I just worry both will have to pitch their top pitchers to advance and not leave much to try and upset Limon.  With that said I think Limon can hold their #1 pitcher till the second round and will give them a huge advantage.  I think Limon advance to the State Tournament.

Region 2

#8 Monte Vista over #25 Machebeuf

#9 Burlington over #24 Front Range Christian

#8 Monte Vista over #9 Burlington

This was not an easy pick.  Monte Vista is a very young team and Burlington is more of a senior lead team.  I think home field will help Monte Vista and I also believe Monte Vista has won more clutch games with walk off wins over Del Norte and Trinidad.  Burlington, I believe can win this game if their pitching can keep Monte Vista from getting their sticks going it could be a long day.  Of course, both Monte Vista and Burlington cannot overlook their first-round games and that could be a big factor as both Machebeuf and Front Range Christian will pitch their Ace’s to try and pull the upsets.

Region 3

#4 Buena Vista over #29 Clear Creek

#13 C.S Christian over #20 Dayspring Christian

#4 Buena Vista over #13 C.S Christian

C.S Christian vs Dayspring Christian should be a fantastic matchup with both teams possibly having to pitch their aces to advance.  We can see C.S Christian gave Buena Vista all they could handle in a Double header last Friday so even with both team’s Ace gone it could be a fun second round game for whoever advances between C.S Christian and Dayspring Christian.  Buena Vista will have their Ace to turn to in the second round to try and advance to Pueblo.

Region 4

#5 Holyoke over #28 Las Animas

#12 Crowley County over #21 Wiggins

#5 Holyoke over #21 Wiggins

Wiggins vs Crowley County should be a fantastic game and I am unsure who will win, and I think is a tossup.  Both teams have some puzzling wins and losses on their schedule, but I think Crowley County has a few better wins and why I gave them the slight node over Wiggins.  Holyoke should have their ace for the regional finals and that should help give them the edge to reach Pueblo.  I wouldn’t doubt it if we see an upset or two in this region.

Region 5

#2 Peyton over #31 Custer County

#15 Dawson School over #18 Swink

#1 Peyton over #15 Dawson School

Another great matchup is schedule in the first round between Dawson School and Swink.  Both teams matchup really well and the winner will be tasked with trying to upset the #2 team in the state.  Peyton, I think will have a huge upper hand and probably will have their Ace ready to go for their regional final game. 

Region 6

#7 Rye over #26 Estes Park

#10 St. Mary’s over #23 Trinidad

#7 Rye over #10 St. Mary’s

I don’t really see either of the lower seeds pulling a huge upset but look for both lower seeded teams to put their best foot forward with both teams pitching their ace.  This will give both teams a fighting chance to pull an upset.  Rye and St. Mary’s will both probably have their Ace for the regional final game and that should make for a great game.  They played each other just once during the regular season with Rye winning 8 to 3.  Should be another great game and I expect a close matchup.

Region 7

#3 Denver Christian over #30 Byers

#19 Meeker over #14 Lyons

#3 Denver Christian over #19 Meeker

Meeker vs Lyons should be a great game.  I think both teams come out with their ace and look to advance to the regional finals.  Denver Christian, I think could be challenged by Byers who is better than their record indicates but I think saves their Ace for their regional final game. 

Region 8

#6 Fowler over #27 Yuma

#11 Del Norte over #22 Rangely

#6 Fowler over #11 Del Norte

This I believe is another very interesting region.  If Del Norte can beat Rangely without pitching their ace then I believe that Del Norte can upset Fowler but would still need to play a great game as Fowler also has a great Ace of their own.  If Del Norte has to pitch their Ace against Rangely then I think Fowler will advance.  Yuma may also challenge Fowler because their Ace is top in 2A in strikeouts.  Region 8 just has a lot to figure out and will make for some great games come Saturday. 


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