2A League Breakdown

2A League Breakdown Week 8

Class 2A League Breakdown Week 8

Colorado League

Last week all but cleared up the picture on who is winning the Colorado League. Kent Denver’s win over Faith Christian was a huge win and more than likely was for the League Championship and one of the two guaranteed berths into the playoffs. Second Place is not completely secure yet. Faith Christian has a game lead over Denver North and Ridgeview Academy (has head to head over them). This week’s key game will be between Faith Christian and Denver North. If Faith Christian wins it secures second place and the other guaranteed birth into the playoffs. Also in the race for 1 of the 5 wildcards will be Denver North ranked 15th wild card points, Ridgeview academy, Manual and Alameda. Alameda loss to Manual last week really hurt them and for them to get into the playoffs they will need a ton of help, Alameda currently ranked 20th in the wild card points. They can really help themselves out with a win over Ridge View Academy. A win for Ridge View, ranked 22nd in wild card points, keeps them a game ahead of Manual and tied with Denver north for third, which sets up a huge clash between the two next week. Manual, ranked 17th in wild card points, plays Denver West and needs a win to stay in the chase as well for a playoff berth. I believe after this weekend we can narrow down the list of teams fighting for a playoff berth to four.

Kent Denver vs Machebeuf                        Ridge View Academy vs Alameda

Faith Christian vs Denver North                 Manual vs Denver West

Frontier League

Going into week 8 are tie for first place still exists but this will more than likely be the last time. Strasburg and Bennett play each other in the key game of the week for the conference. Strasburg will be the slight favorite in the contest as they have not lost a game yet. Since League play has started each has dominated league opponents Strasburg has outscored opponents 274-19 and Bennett has outscored opponents 237-27. This game will decide who will be the League Champion. Third place is still in the air as well. Sheridan and Academy are tied for third but Academy has the head to head over them. Currently in the wild card points though Sheridan, ranked 21st in wild card points, is ranked higher than Academy, ranked 25th in wild card points. Sheridan still has to play Strasburg and could make a huge statement win there.

Strasburg vs Bennett                                      Pinnacle vs Sheridan

KIPP Denver vs Middle Park                        Jefferson vs The Academy

Patriot League

We currently have a tie for first place. With Sterling beating Eaton last week it keep the tie between Brush, ranked 1st in wild card points, and Sterling ranked 7th in wild card points. They play each other in a huge League Clash. A win for Brush will clinch the League Title since they will have head to head tie breakers over Platte Valley and Sterling. Sterling on the other hand has still has to play Platte Valley, ranked 9th in wild card points, in the final week of the season. Brush will be the favorite in the game between them and Sterling. Brush has outscored teams in League 144-54 and Sterling has outscored teams 76-55. In third place is Platte Valley with a win over University it will set up next week game vs Sterling. Eaton is also fighting for a playoff berth currently ranked 11th as well and they need to win vs Valley this weekend if they want to even have a chance to make the playoffs. This League has had huge games every week and this weekend is no exception, we could really see the playoff picture pan out after this weekend’s games.

Valley vs Eaton                                                  Sterling vs Brush

University vs Platte Valley

Tri Peaks

The three way tie for first was broke up to just a tie last week. The big game from last week was La Junta upset victory over Florence. That win for La Junta was massive. The key game for this weekend is between rivals Lamar and La Junta. A win for La Junta will clinch them a Playoff berth but a loss will still keep them on the bubble. A win for Lamar will also clinch them one of the two automatic playoff berths but not a League Championship. Lamar has outscored opponents in league 59-29 and La Junta has outscored opponents 56-26. La Junta currently is sitting in 16 place for wild card points so this game could be a deciding factor for if they have a chance at the playoffs. Another important game is between Florence and St Mary’s. Florence is currently alone in third place but only a game ahead of St Mary’s. Florence with a win would basically lock up third place and set up a huge League Clash between them and Lamar. Florence is currently in 8th in Wild Card points. St Mary’s on the other hand needs a win, currently they are sitting in 12th in wild card points. A loss could really be severe to their chances at making the Playoffs. This League is still very much in the Air and will be fun to watch this weekend to see who takes a step toward making the playoffs.

Trinidad vs Manitou Springs                        Lamar vs La Junta

Florence vs St Mary’s

Western Slope North

Currently this League is anyone for the taking. Battle Mountain is currently in first but cannot qualify for the 2A playoffs. So that leaves Moffat Currently in control of this leagues ONE automatic playoff berth. I also believe only one team will make the Playoffs so whoever wins this League will be that one team. The big match up this weekend will be between Moffat County and Aspen. This game will more than help in deciding who will get the Automatic berth but still with this league anything can happen. With a win Moffat County will secure the berth and have head to head over Aspen and Coal Ridge. With a loss it puts them in second and needing some help to get into the playoffs. Aspen on the other hand with a win will put them one step closer to closing out the league for a playoff spot. It will not guarantee them one because of Coal Ridge having the head to head over them. But Coal Ridge does play Battle Mountain in the final week of the season and could have huge impacts if Aspen can win this weekend. This League is still anyone for the taking. If the right pieces work out Roaring Fork could still win the League but needs to win this week and then win again at Moffat County. So this league will be very interesting to watch to see what happens. This weekend will put us one step closer at figuring who can win the automatic berth.

Moffat County vs Aspen                                               Roaring Fork vs Coal Ridge

Basalt vs Battle Mountain

Western Slope South

Gunnison is currently in first place and if the win this weekend vs Pagosa Springs will lock up a Playoff Berth and the League Championship. Pagosa Springs on the other hand needs to do a lot to try and make it into the playoffs. They would need to win this game and next week’s game vs Rival Bayfield, they currently are not ranked in the wild card points so because of this they may have to get one of the two automatic berths to get in. Last weeks big game between Montezuma-Cortez and Bayfield cleared some of the water with who is going to get the second playoff berth. If Montezuma-Cortez can win this week vs Olathe and Pagosa Springs losses they clinch a Playoff berth. Bayfield who is currently in 14th in wild card points needs to win out to give themselves a chance at a playoff berth. I believe if they can win out they could get in. They will have to get by Alamosa this week and Rival Pagosa Springs next week. All three league games will have implications on who has a chance to make the playoffs.

Bayfield vs Alamosa                                        Pagosa Springs vs Gunnison

Montezuma-Cortez vs Olathe

Playoff Picture

With the Release of the Wild Card points it really helps get a picture of who has a chance to make the Playoffs. After this weekend I will be able to elaborate more on who is in and who is still on the bubble. Currently I have Kent Denver, Strasburg, Gunnison, and Bennett as locks to being in the playoffs.


  1. Brush – 78.0
  2. Kent Denver – 75.571
  3. Strasburg – 69.857
  4. Gunnison – 68.286
  5. Lamar – 66.857
  6. Montezuma Cortez – 65.867
  7. Sterling – 65.571
  8. Florence – 62.857
  9. Platte Valley – 62.714
  10. Faith Christian – 60.143
  11. Eaton – 60.0
  12. St Mary’s – 59.714
  13. Bennett – 57.857
  14. Bayfield – 56.714
  15. Denver North – 54.714
  16. La Junta – 54.00
  17. Manual – 54.00 (Tied)
  18. Moffat County – 53.286
  19. Valley – 52.857
  20. Alameda – 51.571
  21. Sheridan – 50.714
  22. Ridgeview Academy – 48.143
  23. University – 47.714
  24. Trinidad – 46.286
  25. The Academy – 46.286 (tied)

Bold=Clinched one of two playoffs seeds for their League

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