1A League Breakdown

1A League Breakdown Week 8

Class 1A League Breakdown


Resurrection Christian had a bye week last week. With a win this week Resurrection Christian will clinch one of the two playoff berths for this League. They play Cornerstone Christian who really needs a big win to give them an outside chance at a playoff bid. With a loss it will all but eliminate any chance for Cornerstone Christian to make the Playoffs. Platte Canyon is on a bye this week and remains in Second place with a head to head over Front Range Christian. Front Range Christian is in third and looking at trying to get into the playoffs. With a Record of 3-3 they need some help to get in. They need a win next week and then have a big match-up against Resurrection in the last game of the season, a good showing there and they will have an outside chance at a playoff berth. This weekend will get us one step closer to who will clinch the playoff berths. With a win this weekend Resurrection Christian will clinch and Platte Canyon will as well because of head to head over Front Range Christian.

Cornerstone Christian vs Resurrection Christian                 Front Range Christian vs Clear Creek

Estes Park vs Lyons

North Central

Wray has not clinched a playoff berth but with a win this weekend it will. They play rival Yuma and should be heavily favored in that contest. Burlington who is currently tied with Holyoke for second plays Highland and should win that contest setting up what could be for the second playoff berth. The big game this week is between Holyoke and Wiggins. Wiggins is one game back of Holyoke and desperately needs a win. A loss for Wiggins here eliminates any chance at a wild card berth because it puts them in fourth. Holyoke also needs this win before setting up the season ending final against Burlington. A loss for either team will be damaging towards their chance at making the playoffs. The big knock on Holyoke is there record at 2-5 they really need some help to get in as a wild card and winning out could help their record would then be 4-5 but would still need help. But with a win this week and loss next week puts there record at 3-6 which would be tough to put in the playoffs. If Wiggins does win then Burlington Clinch’s a playoff spot with a win and Wiggins win.

Holyoke vs Wiggins                                                                         Highland vs Burlington

Wray vs Yuma

South Central

The tie for first place still exists between Limon and Crowley County. The good thing is that they play each other. The winner clinch’s the League Title and the guaranteed home game that comes with it. If Limon losses they will not clinch the second playoff seed unless Rocky Ford Losses this weekend to Colorado Springs Christian. If Rocky Ford wins this weekend it sets up a huge conference class between the two. If Crowley County Losses they clinch the regardless because of head to head wins over the third place teams.   Realistically the own two teams that have a chance at the playoffs are Byers and Colorado Springs Christian. Byers has a 4-3 Record and if they can win out would have a 6-3 Record which I think would be good enough to get them in. Colorado Springs Christian on the other hand needs to win out and get some help from other teams around the state. One team that they would need to hope lose would be Center and hope for no other upsets to happen. This weekend will clear the picture up more.

Byer’s vs Calhan                                                                                               Colorado Springs Christian vs Rocky Ford

Limon vs Crowley County

Southern Peaks

Are tie for first place still exists after Monte Vista and Centaur both winning easily last weekend. They should win again this weekend which will set up the League Championship game in Monte Vista. The winner of that game will get the number one seed and the loser will get the number two but also still have an outside chance for a home game in the first round as both teams have had tough non-conference schedules. The game to watch this week will be between Center and Ignacio. For the Southern Peaks league to get a third team into the playoffs it will have to be Center unless Dolores upsets Monte Vista and Center Losses. But Center with a record of 3-4 if they win out will have a 5-4 Record. The only problem is that Center does not have a Big Quality win. They did beat 2A Basalt who is 2-5 but not sure if that qualifies for a quality win. If Center losses this weekend they are eliminated from getting a playoff berth. Dolores still has a FAR outside chance and would need to upset Monte Vista this weekend. Since Monte Vista First to losses they have not allowed more than 8 points in a game. So for Dolores to upset they will need a heck of a game and one positive is they are playing at home.   But if Monte Vista and Centaur both win they clinch playoff berths.

Centauri vs John Mall                                                                     Center vs Ignacio

Monte Vista vs Dolores

Tri Peaks

The tie for first survived last weekend. Buena Vista won handily over Ellicott 35-14 but Rye was more than pushed by Salida, Rye won 20-16. Buena Vista plays Rye this weekend. The winner of this game will clinch the League title and the home game in the playoffs. If Buena Vista losses they are not out of the woods yet. They have to play rival Salida next week.   If Rye losses they will be looking more favorably then Buena Vista, they essentially will clinch regardless of the outcome. They have head to head over Salida and Ellicott. Buena Vista has outscored opponents in league 129-42 and Rye has outscored opponents 87-36, so both Defenses are tough and should be a great contest. In third place we have a three way tie between Peyton, Salida, and Ellicott. Salida plays Peyton this weekend which will be a knockout game in sorts. Whichever team’s losses will be eliminated. If Salida wins they stay in the race for third but are going to need some help. Salida does not have the head to head over Ellicott and plays Buena Vista in the final game of the season. Ellicott is going to be the Favorite in there game this weekend vs Dolores Huerta and also the favorite to take third in League. Peyton on the other hand will need to win out to have a chance at the playoffs. They will have a tough sledding at it though. They have Salida this weekend and Ellicott next weekend but they are set up at a chance to get third place. A loss vs Salida and they are eliminated but can play the spoiler role in the final week of the season vs Ellicott. The playoff picture will more than likely be figured out in this league after this weekend.

Peyton vs Salida                                                                               Ellicott vs Dolores Huerta

Rye vs Buena Vista

Western Slope

In week 8 we still have a tie for first place between Hotchkiss and Paonia. They play this weekend in what should be a huge conference Clash. Paonia will be the favorite in the game, if Paonia wins the will clinch the League title because of head to head over Meeker and one step closer to the number one overall seed in the playoffs. For Hotchkiss it’s not that easy with a win it would put them in favorable spot but they still have to play Meeker the following week. Paonia has outscored opponents in league 127-28 and Hotchkiss has outscored opponents 126-26. On paper this looks to be a heck of a game but looking at past opponents Paonia beat Monte Vista by 8 and Hotchkiss lost to Monte Vista by 26. The playoff picture is still not figured out in this league. Cedaredge is in the worst shape and needs some help. They need Hotchkiss to upset Paonia and then they have to beat Paonia in the final week of the season to have a chance at third place. They do not have the head to head against Hotchkiss or Meeker. Meeker is sitting pretty right now, with a win this weekend, which they will be heavily favored in, they will lock up at least third place. This also sets up a huge League Clash between them and Hotchkiss which could be for a couple different things depending on how the game between Hotchkiss and Paonia turns out. Three teams can still win the League title: Paonia, Hotchkiss, and Meeker. I see these three teams also as the favorites to make the playoffs as well. Cedaredge needs a lot of help but will more than likely not make the playoffs.

Hotchkiss vs Paonia                                                                         Cedaredge vs Lake County

Grand Valley vs Meeker

Playoff Picture

The 1A playoff system is pretty easy to figure out 2 teams from each league get an Automatic berth for a total of 12 teams. That leave 4 wild card berths. I have figured out at least 22 teams still have a chance at the playoffs.
Metro: Resurrection Christian, Platte Canyon, and Front Range Christian

Front Range Christian will need some help to get into the playoffs they play Resurrection Christian in the final week of the season and with a good showing or an upset they will have an outside chance. With a 4-4 record though it would be tough to put them into the playoffs, they don’t have a non-league game win.

North Central: Wray, Burlington, Holyoke, and Wiggins

Wray with a win this weekend clinch’s the League title and one of two playoff berths. Burlington can also clinch a berth with a win and a Wiggins win over Holyoke. Holyoke needs to win out more than likely to get a playoff berth, there berth would have to be an Automatic berth. If they win this weekend they eliminate Wiggins from the playoffs and give themselves a chance at the playoffs. Wiggins needs to win out and could possibly get a Wild card berth at 6-3 they could.

South Central: Limon, Crowley County, and Byers

The winner between Limon and Crowley County will clinch the league title. Also regardless of the outcome Crowley County has locked up a berth due to head to head over Byers and Colorado Springs Christian. For Byers it’s simple win out and end up with a 6-3 record. The only problem with Byers is there Non-League victories are not impressive they are a combined 4-21. So it also depends on what other teams are fighting for a wild card berth.

Southern Peaks: Monte Vista, Centauri, and Center

If Monte Vista and Center both win this weekend they clinch playoff berths and set up the League championship game, in which the winner will get the automatic home berth and the loser will put their resume down and hope they can get one of the two games that could be home games, which will be tough. The team fighting for a wild card berth is Center. For them to even have an outside chance they need some help. First they need to win out get their record to 5-4. Second hope all the teams that are supposed to get 1 and 2 seeds hold par. Then they may have a chance to grab one of the last playoff berths. Their non-league victories are also not impressive with their combined record of 3-11. They do have good showing against Salida and Monte Vista which could also play in their favor.

Tri Peaks: Buena Vista, Rye, Salida, Ellicott

This conference is still up for grabs depending on who wins between Buena Vista and Rye. If Buena Vista wins they clinch the league title and also Rye clinch’s second place due to head to head over Salida and Ellicott. If Rye wins it changes everything. Rye will clinch the league title and second place will still be up for grabs. Salida actually needs this scenario to happen, with that said they would also have to beat Buena Vista because Ellicott has the head to head over Salida. Ellicott they just need to win out and will not finish any worse than Third with an outside chance at second if Buena Vista losses out.

Western Slope: Paonia, Hotchkiss, Meeker, Cedaredge

The team behind the 8 ball is Cedaredge they have 2 conference losses and do not have a head to head over Meeker or Hotchkiss. What Cedaredge needs is Hotchkiss to beat Paonia and the also must beat Paonia in the last week of the season. That is Cedaredge only chance at third place and a wild card, even if Hotchkiss losses out that puts them square in third and possibly a chance for a wild card. If Paonia wins this weekend they clinch the league title. If Hotchkiss wins anything can still happen because Hotchkiss place Meeker in the final week. Meeker right now is a lock in, unless they loss this weekend. With a win Meeker can do no worse than third.

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