6man League Breakdown

6 Man Crossover Game Predictions

6 Man Crossover Game Predictions

I get an early start at some crossover (playoff) game predictions. I will pick the winner and a quick breakdown of the matchup.

  1. Eads vs 16. Genoa Hugo (sat)

Eads should win this game but could possibly be tougher than people think. They did have two head to head opponent they were Kit Carson and Miami Yoder. Both teams won big against Miami Yoder but Genoa Hugo has not played the same since.  Genoa Hugo is battle tested and could make this game very interesting. Eads has not been tested all year and has beat good teams in the process such as Kit Carson.  They have not had a hard time scoring points and should win big against a tough Genoa Hugo team.

  1. Kit Carson vs 9. Pawnee (sat)

Talk about a tough game to pick. The only head to head match was Genoa Hugo. Both teams did win and won big. 64-20 for Kit Carson and 52-31 for Pawnee. I went with Kit Carson because they are the are the only team to score over 30 points against Eads and lost a tough game to Walsh. Each team either played the 1 seed or 2 seed and played them tough but lost.  I expect this game to be a shootout.

  1. Walsh vs 12. Flagler (Fri)

At first I went easy win for Walsh but once I looked at each team head to head I changed my perception. Flagler played a very tough schedule, they played four playoff teams but only won one of those games. They beat Otis but lost by one to Liberty/Stratton then losses to Kit Carson and Arickaree/Woodlin. Walsh played three playoff teams and won 2 of them. Their only head to head game was Kit Carson. Walsh won by 24 and Flagler lost by 24. I do think that Walsh will take care of business but is going to be tougher than most people think.

  1. Fleming vs 11. Otis (Fri)

Otis played a very tough schedule, they played against 5 playoff teams. They lost 3 but won 2. Fleming played 5 as well and was much more successful beating 4 of 5. I just don’t think Otis will be able to score enough points to keep up with Fleming. Fleming has scored over 55 points in every game but there loss to Peetz. Otis has only scored over 50 points twice.

  1. Peetz vs 14. Stratton/Liberty (Fri)

The defending state champions snuck into the crossover games with a 14 seed. Stratton/Liberty played a tough schedule, and was injury riddled, playing against the 1 and 2 seeds and 3 other playoff teams. They only beat one of the other playoff teams. Both teams played Arickaree/Woodlin and both lost and Peetz lost by less. I do expect Peetz to win easily, since there opening loss to Arickaree/Woodlin Peetz has dominated every game.

  1. Hanover vs 13.Cheyenne Wells (sat)

Here is my upset alert for the weekend. Hanover has only played 2 playoff teams and really has not been tested. They have scored over 52 points in every game and has not had a close game. There closest game was a 24 point win over Hi Plains (non-crossover team). Cheyenne Wells on the other hand has played 5 playoffs teams, they went 1-4. They are much more battle tested and can score points, a 90 point outing against Manzanola shows that. I believe that this game is going to be a shootout and expect both teams to score over 50 points.

  1. Mountain Valley vs 10.North Park (sat)

Mountain Valley hopefully has a short memory they get a rematch one week after losing and missing an opportunity to get a higher seed. North Park beat Mountain Valley last week 61-42. I do think that North Park will beat Mountain Valley again. North Park is more battle tested and will have the momentum over Mountain Valley. I do expect this week to be much closer than last week though.

  1. Arickaree/Woodlin vs 15. Miami Yoder (Fri)

The one team that has been completely dominate every week is Arickaree/Woodlin. They had a very tough schedule. They played 5 playoff teams and won every game by more than 20 points. They have been completely dominate. Miami Yoder will be a tough match but I expect Arickaree/Woodlin to win by more than 30 points.

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