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Class 1A Baseball District Predictions and RPI Breakdown


Class 1A Baseball District Predictions and RPI Breakdown

District 1

The District 1 tournament starts on 5/4 and is a 4-team tournament.  Dove Creek plays Manzanola at 10am and Cotopaxi plays Nucla at 12:30. The two winners advance to play each other at 3:00pm for the District Championship.  My District 1 Predictions are:

Dove Creek over Manzanola & Nucla over Cotopaxi

Dove Creek over Nucla for the District Title

Cotopaxi is currently the only team in the Top 8.  If Cotopaxi wants to qualify for Regionals they must win their first-round game against Nucla and then hope they move up enough if they don’t win the District Championship.  The 3 other teams all need the district title to qualify for Regionals.

#8 Cotopaxi, #12 Manzanola, #16 Dove Creek, #20 Nucla,

District 2

The District 2 tournament starts on 5/4 and is a 4-team tournament.  Cornerstone Christian plays Elbert at 1:30 and Stratton/Liberty plays Longmont Christian at 1:30. The winners play each other for the District Championship and the Losers also play which as well could be an RPI booster.  My District 2 predictions are:

Cornerstone Christian over Elbert & Stratton/Liberty over Longmont Christian

Cornerstone Christian over Stratton/Liberty for the District title

Cornerstone Christian is a lock for Regionals even without the District title.  Denver Jewish Day is not participating in the postseason.  Stratton/Liberty is #5 and on the bubble. A win over Longmont Christian in the first game should be enough to get into Regionals.  Longmont Christian is #7 and could be the last team in.  Longmont Christian needs to beat Stratton/Liberty to feel comfortable but lose make the 3rd Place game a must win.  Elbert is going to need the District title to get into Regionals.

#1 Cornerstone Christian, #4 Denver Jewish Day, #5 Stratton/Liberty, #7 Longmont Christian, #10 Elbert

District 3

The bracket is set for District 3.  Cheyenne Wells beat Granada in the play in game to grab a spot in the final 4.  Holly plays Cheyenne Wells in the first round at 10 am and Springfield plays Eads at 12:30. The winners play at 3pm for the District Championship.  My predictions for District 3 tournament are:

Holly over Cheyenne Wells & Springfield over Eads

Holly over Springfield for the District Title

No teams in District 3 can feel safe about Regionals.  Holly is in the Top 8 currently but more than likely teams for an at-large berth are going to need a Top 7 RPI.  Holly is #6 and must win their first game against Cheyenne Wells.  Eads, Springfield, and Cheyenne Wells will need a District Championship to get to Regionals.

#6 Holly, #13 Eads, #14 Springfield, #15 Cheyenne Wells,

District 4

The play-in games are completed for District 4.  Prairie pulled the upset over Fleming in the first round to advance, Caliche blew past Briggsdale, and Otis flew past Weldon Valley as well.  The bracket is #1 Peetz vs #5 Prairie and #3 Caliche vs #2 Otis.  The winners play for a District Championship.  My District 4 Predictions are:

#1 Peetz over #5 Prairie & #3 Caliche over #2 Otis

#3 Caliche over #1 Peetz for the District title

Otis and Peetz both look solid for Regionals but with only the Top 8 getting into Regionals anything can happen.  Caliche is right on the edge of the Top 8 and a good showing in the District Tournament should move them into the Top 8.  Prairie needs a District title to get into Regionals.

#2 Otis, #3 Peetz, #9 Caliche, #17 Prairie