Volleyball Top Ten Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Week 10 Volleyball Power Rankings

Sport shots by kim 2
Picture by: Sport Shots by Kim (Hoehne vs Fowler)

MileHigh Prep Report Week 10 Volleyball Power Rankings

Class 1A District Begin this week and that is the main way of qualifying for the Regional tournament.  All other Classes have 1 more week of Volleyball.  With the RPI out those are the rankings that really matter the most.  My rankings look more at what teams are the best when not just looking at the RPI numbers.  The RPI rankings as you know look at 30% winning percentage, 40% opponents winning percentage, and 30% opponents opponents winning percentage.  3A has a lot of teams with solid records but loses to teams that they shouldn’t have lost to.  I am hoping all 3 classes will start to clarify as the season moves on.

Class 3A                                                                    Last Week

1.     Platte Valley (18-3) 2
2.     Eaton (12-6) 1
3.     Alamosa (23-0) 3
4.     Lutheran (15-1) 4
5.     University (15-3) 5
6.     Faith Christian (12-4) 6
7.     Valley (11-7) 7
8.    Colorado Springs Christian (18-3) 8
9.     Englewood (15-2) 9
10.   Manitou Springs (15-2) 10
·         Others: Coal Ridge, Sterling, Middle Park, Bennett, Cedaredge, Lamar, Aspen, Montezuma-Cortez

Dropped out: None

Notes: I honestly was not sure what to do at the Top of the Volleyball rankings this week.  Platte Valley upset Eaton for Eaton first 3A loss in a long time.  Platte Valley then lost to Sterling this past weekend.  I went ahead and gave Platte Valley the #1 spot due to beating Eaton and I moved Eaton to #2.  Alamosa was another candidate to move to #1 but due to Platte Valley win I gave them the nod.

Class 2A                                                                    Last Week

1.     Yuma (22-1) 1 (10 weeks)
2.     Denver Christian (18-1) 2
3.     Meeker (19-0) 3
4.     Wiggins (17-2) 4
5.     Swink (19-3) 7
6.     Del Norte (19-2) 5
7.     Lyons (14-5) 8
8.     Simla (16-4) 9
9.     Rye (16-3) 6
10.   Hoehne (14-8) NR
·         Others: Vail Mountain, Dawson School, Highland, Dolores, Peyton, Union Colony Prep, Colorado Springs School, Byers,

Dropped out: Union Colony Prep (10)

Notes: Lots of upsets made this week’s rankings tough.  The Top 4 all stayed the same but after that is where the changes happened.  Swink lost to Hoehne but then beat Del Norte so I moved them to #5.  Del Norte dropped to #6.  Rye lost to Simla and dropped to #9.  Lyons and Simla both moved up 1 spot.  Union Colony Prep lost 3 games and fell out of the rankings.  I went with Hoehne over Vail Mountain due to their upset of Swink plus solid wins over Fowler and Florence.  Vail Mountain is a very close 11.

Class 1A                                                                     Last Week

1.     Kit Carson (18-1) 1 (10 weeks)
2.     La Veta (18-1) 2
3.     Weldon Valley (18-1) 3
4.     Otis (18-1) 4
5.    Merino (14-5) 6
6.     Fleming (9-9) 5
7.     De Beque (16-3) 7
8.     Briggsdale (14-5) 8
9.    Haxtun (9-9) 9
10.   Cheyenne Wells (13-6) NR
·         Others: Walsh, Flagler/Hi Plains, Stratton/Liberty, Elbert, Dove Creek, Springfield, Pikes Peak Christian, Denver Waldorf, Sangre De Cristo

Dropped Out: Stratton/Liberty (10)

Notes: Some upsets in 1A have shaken the rankings up a bit.  The main thing is Stratton/Liberty lost to Cheyenne Wells and Flagler/Hi plains and drops out of the rankings.  Cheyenne Wells is new to the rankings this week getting the nod over Walsh.