Volleyball Top Ten Breakdown (All Classes)

Congratulation Lutheran on Winning the Class 3A Volleyball State Championship and a quick breakdown of the 3A Volleyball tournament.



Congratulation Lutheran on Winning the Class 3A Volleyball State Championship and a quick breakdown of the 3A Volleyball tournament.

First thing first Congratulations to Lutheran on winning the Class 3A state Championship.  Lutheran lost their first match of the tournament and had to win 6 straight matches to win the state championship.  I will have my End of the Year Volleyball awards out this week!

Class 3A State Volleyball Tournament Recap

12 teams entered all hoping to win a state tournament.  4 1st round games started the day.  Eaton opened the tournament and looking to defend their state championship.  Eaton had won 5 or 6 of the past state championships.  They started the tournament off right beating Machebeuf 3-0.  Another Patriot team played in game #2 it was Valley and they also did a good job winning their first game 3-0 over Prospect Ridge.  Game #3 was a good one as #11 seed Sterling took set #1 but #6 C.S Christian won the next three to take the match.  The only upset of the 1st round happened at the end of the 1st round. #7 Faith Christian faced #10 Resurrection Christian.  It was Resurrection Christian who set the tone winning set #1.  They dropped set #2 but won a thrilling set #3 29-27. With the momentum gained in the first round they won the 4th set and the match.  In the second round #8 Eaton came out and showed why they were the defending state champions beating Lutheran 3-1.  Platte Valley started slow in their match dropping set #1 but won the final three sets.  The best two games of Thursday were the final two games as well.  #3 University faced #6 C.S Christian.  C.S Christian and University traded set wins as C.S Christian on set 1 & 3 and University won set 2 & 4.  The match came down to a thrilling set #5.  C.S Christian was able to pull a 19-17 win in set #5 and move into the next round.  The final match of the day was #2 Alamosa vs #10 Resurrection Christian.  This game was also a thriller.  Resurrection Christian won the first two sets and looked to sweep Alamosa.  Alamosa then battled back winning the next two sets to force a fifth set.  Alamosa with the momentum was able to finish the match and won the fifth set to advance.  Friday started with 4 matches in the Contender’s Bracket.  #5 Valley faced #11 Sterling and it was a showdown of Patriot League Teams.  Like a lot of games in Class 3A Valley dropped set #1 but won the final three sets to win the match.  Sterling fought hard in both matches and have some very key pieces returning next year.  Lutheran faced Metro rival Faith Christian in the second match of the day.  Lutheran won the first set but dropped set #2 to Faith Christian.  Lutheran regained momentum and won the final two sets to win the match 3-1.  In game #3 #10 Resurrection faced #9 Machebeuf and was able to bounce back from the hard-fought loss and sweep Machebeuf 3-0.  The final game of the first round of the contender’s bracket was #3 University vs #12 Prospect Ridge.  Prospect Ridge was hoping to pull a huge upset but University came out firing winning all three sets big and sweeping Prospect Ridge.  We now jumped back into the Championship side of the bracket to see which two teams would clinch spots in the Semifinals.  #8 Eaton faced #4 Platte Valley.  Platte Valley was Eaton only 3A regular season loss and Eaton was out for revenge.  Eaton made quick work sweeping Platte Valley 3-0.  In the final Championship side match #2 Alamosa faced #6 C.S Christian.  Both teams were coming off 3-2 wins.  Alamosa came out firing this time winning set #1.  C.S Christian then retook momentum winning the next two sets.  C.S Christian then held on for a 25-23 win in set #4 to win the match but Alamosa battled tough.  We still had to more matches to close out Friday.  #1 Lutheran faced #5 Valley and it appears Lutheran really found their stride and sweep a very good Valley team.  The final match was #3 University vs #10 Resurrection Christian.  This was another very good match.  University won set #1 and #3 with Res Chr. winning sets #2 and #4.  It came down to a fifth set and University was able to snag the win and move to play on Saturday.  The final day of the state tournament and 5 final matches to play.  We started with the final two matches of the Contenders bracket.  #1 Lutheran faced #2 Alamosa.  Lutheran took the momentum gained on Friday and sweep Alamosa.  Alamosa battled in each game but just came up short.  In the other game #4 Platte Valley faced #3 University.  Platte Valley found themselves down early dropping the first two sets.  Platte Valley rallied though winning the final three set to clinch their spot in the semifinals.  Once the bracket moves into the semifinals it changes to single elimination and winner take all.  #1 Lutheran would face #8 Eaton for the second time this tournament.  Eaton and Lutheran exchanged set wins and the fifth and final set would determine the winner.  Lutheran was able to make a big run and eliminate the defending State Champions and move into the State Championship 15-11.  The other semifinal match was #6 C.S Christian vs #4 Platte Valley.  C.S Christian grabbed early momentum winning the first two sets.  Platte Valley battled tough winning set #3 and then fought hard in set #4 but C.S Christian was playing their best volleyball of the season and grabbed the 25-19 win and the 3-1 to move into the state championship.  The State Championship featured #1 Lutheran vs #6 C.S Christian.  Both teams were playing hot and both coming off four straight wins.  Lutheran would jump out to a quick 2-0 lead winning set #1 25-16 and set #2 25-20.  C.S Christian then won set #3 25-14 and looked like they retook some momentum.  In set #4 Lutheran made a huge run and was able to win a state championship winning 25-11.  C.S Christian played great volleyball and got hot at the right time! Lutheran clicked at the right time and after losing their first game found the spark to win 5 straight matches and a state championship.