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Quarterfinal Prediction Results


Quarterfinal Prediction Results

The Quarterfinal had a lot more upsets than the first round and many brackets were shaken up after this week.  I still have all my state champions alive in my full predictions.   Class 2A I had Bayfield over Faith Christian and Faith Christian pulled the upset.  In Class 1A i was spot on and called the upset of #7 Centauri over #2 Peyton.  In 8-Man Pikes Peak Christian pulled the upset on West Grand which I missed and Merino should hope I keep picking against them as they beat Holly which I picked Holly.  In 6-Man I was off on Aricaree/Woodlin and like Merino they should want me to pick against them and I picked Otis over Peetz but on my overall bracket I picked Peetz over Otis so I missed that one as well.

Class 2A

Quarterfinal Predictions

Overall Record 129-23, (Playoff Record 9-3)

Prediction Score Prediction Results
#1 Bayfield over #9 Faith Christian 13-21 Incorrect
#4 La Junta over #5 Salida 20-0 Correct
#6 Platte Valley over #3 Basalt 46-9 Correct
#2 Resurrection Christian over #7 Rifle 21-14 Correct


Entire Bracket Predictions

2A Predictions


Class 1A

Quarterfinal Predictions

Overall Record 130-20, (Playoff Record 11-1)

Predictions Score Prediction Results
#1 Limon over #8 Meeker 42-8 Correct
#4 C.S Christian over #5 Florence 13-10 Correct
#3 Strasburg over #6 Burlington 42-0 Correct
#7 Centauri over #2 Peyton 10-7 Correct


Entire Bracket Predictions

Class 1A Projections


Class 8-Man

Quarterfinal Predictions

Overall Record 120-26, (Playoff Record 8-4)

Projections Score Prediction Results
#1 West Grand over #8 Pikes Peak Christian 28-29 Incorrect
#5 Hoehne over #4 Rangely 36-22 Correct
#3 Sedgwick County over #6 Caliche 28-16 Correct
#10 Holly over #15 Merino 22-36 Incorrect


Entire Bracket Predictions

8-Man Pred


Class 6-Man

Quarterfinal Predictions

Overall Record 89-22, (Playoff Record 10-2)

Projections Score Prediction Results
#1 Stratton/Liberty over #8 Granada 66-22 Correct
#4 Otis over #5 Peetz 78-84 Incorrect (But Correct on bracket)
#6 Prairie over #3 Arickaree/Woodlin 16-36 Incorrect
#2 Kit Carson over #7 Fleming 54-22  


Entire Bracket Predictions

6 man pred

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