Football Top Ten and Key Game Predictions

Football Playoff Predictions!!!


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Football Playoff Predictions!!!

Note: I will post the complete predictions for each class at the very end.  It will be highlighted for the incorrect picks.

Overall Record: (457-86 84% Correct), Playoff Record (27-5 84% Correct)

Class 2A- Overall Record 129-23 (Playoff Record 9-3)

#4 La Junta over #9 Faith Christian (by 10)

#2 Resurrection Christian over #6 Platte Valley (by 7)

Class 1A- Overall Record 130-20 (Playoff Record 11-1)

#1 Limon over #4 C.S Christian (by 10)

#7 Centauri over #3 Strasburg (by 3)

Class 8-Man- Overall Record 120-26 (Playoff Record 8-4)

#5 Hoehne over #8 Pikes Peak Christian (by 14)

#3 Sedgwick County over #15 Merino (by 14)

Class 6-Man- Overall Record 89-22 (Playoff Record 10-2)

#1 Stratton/Liberty over #5 Peetz (by 17)

#2 Kit Carson over #3 Arickaree/Woodlin (by 17)

Full Predictions Class 2A, 1A, 8-Man, and 6-Man

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