6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football State Championship Breakdown and Predictions

kenna lichty dible
Picture by Kenna Lichty Dible (Stratton/Liberty vs Peetz)
lori mccaffrey
Picture by Lori McCaffrey (Kit Carson vs Arickaree/Woodlin)

6-Man Football State Championship Breakdown and Predictions

#1 Stratton/Liberty vs #2 Kit Carson

Here we go the State Championship week for the smaller schools.  The environments for the state championships are outstanding and most small communities rally around these events.  Stratton/Liberty will host the event.  I am guessing that this game will be packed, and that Kit Carson will travel well to this game.  The environment for this game will be outstanding and should provide an excellent place to play the game.

Stratton/Liberty returns to the state championship after falling last year to Peetz.  Stratton/Liberty last state championship came in 2013.  Stratton/Liberty is hoping to rise the trophy once again.  Stratton/Liberty reached the State championship beating Peetz 59-20.  This game was much closer than the score indicated.  Stratton/Liberty led 22 to 14 at halftime.  The Knighted Eagles then scored 22 unanswered points in the third quarter to create some distance and push to the victory.  Stratton/Liberty offense was powered by their rushing attack which churned out 367 yards of rushing.  Jaret Lichty had a massive day rushing for 211 yards and 6 TD’s.  Ethan Richmond also had a solid day of rushing with 113 yards and 1 TD.  Stratton/Liberty passing attack has not been a big focal point this year and in this game,  it was not needed with Tyson Lichty completing 1 pass for 30 yards.  Defensively Stratton/Liberty had to play great run defense and I am guessing they had some success in the second half slowing down Bryson Long.  Eltan Yarger led all tacklers with 17 and Ethan Richmond also had a big day with 15 tackles.  Stratton/Liberty also forced 3 sacks, 1 Interception, and a fumble.  Stratton/Liberty playoff run has been fueled by their rushing attack and solid blocking upfront.  The Knighted Eagles have played very physical football and have racked up 1,045 yards rushing in just 3 games.  Ethan Richmond leads all rushers with 333 yards rushing and 4 TD’s.  Stratton/Liberty though is 3 deep at RB with Jaret Lichty rushing for 275 yards and 8 TD’s and Eltan Yarger rushing for 272 yards and 4 TD’s.  Tyson Lichty has been solid at QB taking care of the football and helping direct the rushing attack.  Defensively Stratton/Liberty has a Top 3 defense and have given up 42 points this postseason.  Stratton/Liberty plays physical football and they also do a good job of forcing turnovers.  Jaret Lichty and Eltan Yarger lead all tackles with 28 and Ethan Richmond (27), Trevor Frank (25), and Levi Shean (25) help balance the defensive attack.  Stratton/Liberty lost to Kit Carson last time and will be looking for vengeance and to snag the state title.

Kit Carson makes a move into the state championship after falling in the semifinals to eventual state champion Peetz.  Kit Carson moved into the state championship beating Arickaree/Woodlin 44-14.  This game was close until about halftime and that is when Kit Carson pulled away.  Kit Carson offense was balanced in the win passing for 166 yards and 174 yards rushing.  T.J Conaway had a big day passing for 111 yards and 1 TD.  Joe Bryan led all rushers with 98 yards and Cordell Farmer was #2 with 80 yards rushing.  Kit Carson defensively played great holding a solid offensive team to just 14 points.  Joe Bryan Led all tacklers with 17 and Cordell Farmer was #2 with 15 tackles.  Kit Carson also forced 2 interceptions and 1 fumbles in the game.  Kit Carson is hoping to raise the trophy this year and their defense will have to step up again this week.  Kit Carson playoff run has been fueled by a good offensive line and balanced offensive attack.  The rushing attack has led the way but the passing attack has come to life as of late.  Kit Carson has churned out 761 yards of rushing.  Kit Carson rushing attack is led by Joe Bryan who leads all rusher in the post season with 421 yards and 9 TD’s.  Cordell Farmer as also played well this post season rushing for 147 yards.  Kit Carson passing attack has quietly been very successful passing for 192 yards and 2 TD’s.  Kit Carson offensively will have to be productive against a very solid defense.  Kit Carson defense is the best in 6-Man giving up just 131 points.  In the postseason Kit Carson has given up 45 points but have played outstanding in all 3 games.  Leading the defense for Kit Carson is Cordell Farmer and T.J Conaway.  T.J Conaway had a huge game last week forcing 2 INT’s and was #3 in tackles.  Kit Carson defense must be ready for a physical rushing attack but will hope they can rise and snag the title.

This is going to be a great game.  The last time these two teams meet it was a 28-22 victory for Kit Carson.  That game took place on 10/26 and it’s fresh still on both team’s minds.  Kit Carson offense has started to balance out a bit more and really puts a ton of pressure on the opposing defense.  Joe Bryan and Cordell Farmer must have big days on the ground and T.J Conaway must take care of the football.  Stratton/Liberty offense must get the ground game going and they hit you with three different weapons in Jaret Lichty, Ethan Richmond, and Eltan Yarger.  They must have success and it Stratton/Liberty throws the ball Tyson Lichty must take care of the football.  Defensively both of these teams have proven they can play defense.  Both teams pride themselves on their defense and both are at the same level.  This was not an easy pick with both teams really dominating all year and I am sure everyone saw this Collison happening.  I am going with Stratton/Liberty in this game.  I think their seniors will have everyone remember last year’s state championship and that experience will also help this team this year.

Picture by Kenna Lichty Dible (Stratton/Liberty vs Peetz)