Class 1A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 1A

Picture by Roz Long (Prairie vs Peetz)

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 1A

In Class 1A things are much different than 3A & 2A.  In Class 1A you must finish in the Top 3 or 2 of District to advance to regionals (District 1 & 7 only qualify two to regionals).  I will pick essentially which teams are making it to regionals.  Regionals works as follows Region 1 is District 1 & 7, Region 2 is District 4, 5, & 8, Region 3 is District 2, 3, 6.  I won’t post this again till after Winter Break and then it will become a weekly post.  I am making these selections based off preseason analysis and the current games played.

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

  1. North Park
  2. Dove Creek

District 1 gets only two teams into regionals.  Last year North Park and Dove Creek were the two teams that qualified for the regional tournament.  North Park loses their #3 scorer but return the rest of the roster for what should be a return trip to regionals and possibly state.  Dove Creek also loses their #3 scorer and return the rest of their roster and they will have their eyes set on another regional berth and hope to make a run for the state tournament.  Once again only two teams qualify for the regional tournament and they compete against District 7.  Also one new teams is added to the mix and that is Norwood who is down from 2A.  My #1 pick was an easy pick and I am going with North Park.  What makes the #2 pick much tougher is a lot of teams are returning a lot of talent.  I am going to go with Dove Creek due to finishing second last year.  Norwood is the team to watch for as they lose just 1 senior and could push Dove Creek.

District 2

  1. Kit Carson
  2. McClave
  3. Eads

District 2 gets 3 teams into regionals.  Last year Kit Carson was the District Champion with Eads and McClave finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Kit Carson does lose some talent from last year’s teams losing their top two scorers.  Kit Carson though will still be just as talented but seeing who steps up and becomes the leader will be what to watch for.  Eads loses their #1 and #5 scorers but are poised to make another return run to regionals.  Eads returns the rest of their roster and should push for a Top 3 finish.  McClave loses their #4 scorer and this should be a team to also push for a Top 3 finish and possibly a stat tournament berth.  McClave is a team to keep an eye on.  District 2 could be a 5 team deep District which will make the district tournament fun. My #1 pick is Kit Carson.  They have a lot of talent coming back and are hoping to win another state title.  McClave is my #2 team pick.  They return the main leaders from last year’s team and are hoping the experience gained last year should help propel them into the state tournament.  My #3 pick is Eads.  Eads will have to find a new leader on the court but return the core from last year’s starting 5 and should be able to push them into regionals.  The two teams to keep an eye on outside the Top 3 are Cheraw and Cheyenne Wells.

District 3

  1. South Baca
  2. Kim/Branson
  3. Springfield

District 3 qualifies 3 teams into the regional tournament and competes in Region 3.    Last year Kim/Branson was your District Champion with Holly and South Baca finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Kim/Branson loses their top two scorers from last years runner up team.  Kim/Branson though returns their #3 and #4 scorers and a lot of freshman who played big minutes last year.  Holly has moved to Class 2A which opens the door for two other teams.  South Baca returns their entire roster from last year’s team.  South Baca is a team I am keeping my eye on and could push for a regional berth once again.  My #1 pick for District 3 is South Baca.  South Baca returns their entire roster plus the experience gained at regionals last year should help this team.  My #2 pick is Kim/Branson.  Kim/Branson does lose Joni Brown and Ashley Yergert but return Tori Goode and Sydney Goode.  Those two will have to step up this year and Kim/Branson should return to the regional tournament.  My #3 pick was a bit tougher but i am leaning towards Springfield as my #3 team.  Springfield loses their top scorer but return the rest of their roster.  Leadership is my biggest concern but Springfield should be in the mix for a regional spot.

District 4

  1. Fleming
  2. Merino
  3. Prairie

District 4 qualifies 3 teams into the regional tournament and competes in Region 2. Last year Fleming won District 4 with Briggsdale and Heritage Christian finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Fleming loses their top scorer and #4 scorer from last year’s team.  We did see for Volleyball Whitney Chintala a freshman step up and she will have to step up for Fleming again this year.  Briggsdale loses a good senior class including their Top 5 scorers.  They do have some good athletes behind them but will need players to step up.  Heritage Christian has moved up to 2A which opens the door for another team to move into the top 3.  District 4 looks to be a very competitive district with 6 teams hoping to snag 3 spots.  My #1 pick is Fleming.  Fleming could hurt early on till a leader emerges.  Fleming though has plenty of talent and should return to regionals.  My #2 pick is Merino.  Merino drops from 2A down to 1A and bring with them a very solid roster.  Merino returns their top 3 scorers and had just 1 senior play big minutes last year.  Merino should be poised to make noise right away in 1A.  My #3 pick is Prairie.  Prairie returns their top 5 scorers and their leading scorer was a freshman last year which another year of experience will help her.  The Top 3 are not a guarantee and all three will have to hold off Longmont Christian, Briggsdale, and Weldon Valley.

District 5

  1. Haxtun
  2. Arickaree/Woodlin
  3. Idalia

District 5 qualifies 3 teams to regionals and compete in Region 2.  Last year Flagler/Hi Plains won the district tournament with Arickaree/Woodlin and Idalia finishing second and third.  Flagler/Hi Plains loses their #1, #3 and #5 scorers but return their #2 and #4 scorers.  Flagler/Hi Plains will have to have some sophomores step up to fill the holes left by last years senior class.  Arickaree/Woodlin loses their #2 scorer but return the rest of last years roster.  Koolstra will have to lead the team this year as they hope to return to regionals.  Idalia returns their #1 and #4 scorers but loses key players with their #2 and #3 scorers graduating.  Idalia will have to have a few players step up this year if they hope to return to regionals.  District 5 adds two teams into the mix this year Haxtun and Lone Star.  Haxtun is down from 2A and should make a immediate impact in Class 1A.  Haxtun is also my pick to finish first in District 5.  Haxtun loses their top scorer but the rest of the roster returns including Dawson Knode and Molly Brown.  Arickaree/Woodlin is my pick the finish second.  Arickaree/Woodlin will need someone else to step up to fill in the 11.8 ppg lost to graduation but have some key returns from last year who can step up.  My #3 pick is Idalia.  Idalia returns Breann Shaffer who should help lead this team early on till a few other players step up.  I do think District 5 is a deep league possibly 7 teams in the mix for 3 spots.

District 6

  1. Sangre De Cristo
  2. La Veta
  3. Sierra Grande

District 6 gets three teams into regionals and competes in Region 3.  Last year District 6 was won by Antonito with Sangre De Cristo and Sierra Grande finishing 2nd and 3rd.  Antonito loses a very talented senior class with 4 of their top 5 scorers graduating and also losing their head coach Jeremy Romero who is now the HC for Monte Vista boys.  Antonito does have some talent back but the loss of a very talented senior class hurts.  Sangre De Cristo had just 6 players suited up most of the year and return those 6 plus have 11 girls on varsity this year.  Sierra Grande loses their #2 and #4 scorers but return their #1 scorer and #3 scorer.  Sierra Grande will need a few players to step up this year but a possible return to regionals is likely.  My pick for first place in district 6 is Sangre De Cristo.  Sangre De Cristo has the depth on the bench now plus the experience of last year’s regional tournament.  Sangre De Cristo needs a few players to really step up their game from last year but Coach Crowther should have his team ready.  My pick for #2 is La Veta.  Coach Greg King always gets his girls to play at top levels and returns a huge piece from last year team in Kaylee Corsentino.  La Veta does have to find a new PG and some scoring help but they should push for a regional spot this year.  My pick for 3rd is Sierra Grande.  Sierra Grande needs to find someone to step up in the post but returning Corona should give this team leadership.  I really think the #3 spot is up fro grabs and will be a battle between Moffat, Cotopaxi, Antonito, Primero, and Creede.

District 7 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Genoa-Hugo
  2. Pikes Peak Christian

District 7 replaces District 8 and only gets two teams into regionals and face off with District 1 in Region 1.  Last year Kiowa was your District Champion with Genoa-Hugo and Elbert finishing 2nd and 3rd.  This year only the top two teams get into the state tournament and makes this a much more interesting District tournament.  Kiowa loses 3 of their top 5 scorers including their two players who scored over 10 ppg.  Kiowa will have to have a few players step up this this year.  Genoa-Hugo was a very young team last year with two seniors on the roster but a lot of sophomore and freshman.  Genoa-Hugo returns the #1, #3 and #4 scorers and Coach Book should have this team prepared for another regional berth.  Elbert loses just 1 of their top 5 scorers and returns Gracyee Lay who averaged 17 ppg.  If Elbert can get another player to step up they should return to regionals.  The tough thing is only two teams get to regional this year.  My first place pick is Genoa-Hugo.  Genoa-Hugo already picked up two massive wins over North Park and Arickaree/Woodlin.  They of course have to keep improving.  My #2 pick is Elbert.  Elbert returns a huge player in Gracyee Lay but having other players step up will be key.  Also keep an eye on Cripple Creek and ECA for two teams to possibly jump into the Top 2.

District 8

  1. Belleview Christian
  2. Cornerstone Christian
  3. Shining Mountain

District 8 replaces District 7 in Region #2 and qualifies 3 team to regionals.  District 8 should be very competitive once again and I am sure they are happy to qualify 3 teams to regionals.  Last year Belleview Christian was your league champion with Cornerstone Christian finishing second.  Belleview Christian returns a lot of talent from last years team.  They lose just 1 senior who played sparingly and this team should push for another regional berth and possibly state tournament berth.  Cornerstone Christian loses their #2 and #4 scorers but return sophomore Bryn Durrill who averaged 17 ppg.  She will have to step up this year to help guide this team.  With 3 teams qualifying for Regionals it makes picking the 3rd team a bit tougher.  My pick for 1st place is Belleview Christian.  Belleview Christian has the talent returns to make another run for the state tournament.  My pick for 2nd is Cornerstone Christian.  Cornerstone Christian returns their leading scorer but they do lose senior leadership which could hurt them early on.  I do think another regional trip is possible for Cornerstone Christian.  My pick for 3rd is Shining Mountain.  Shining Mountain returns their top 5 scorers but only 1 player scored over 5 ppg.  Shining Mountain will only reach regionals if they can develop more scoring.  Shining Mountain though will have to hold off Front Range Baptist and Denver Jewish Day for 3rd.

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