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Wrestling Update 12/6


Wrestling got off to a great start this past weekend. There were alot of good tournament and duals thoughout the state, as i mentioned in last weeks post. This week alot of teams will have there guys back from football as the season ended. Some teams will start to fill there line ups this week. Many teams will be bouncing kids around in order to fill weight classes. It’s still to early to see what weights the wrestlers will go this season as kids usually dont make thier weight class until after Christmas because of the certification rules.

     So this week some tournaments and dual tournaments that stand out to me are the Randy and Naomi duals in Centauri as well as the Rob Mickel invitational in Salida. Another is the Dawg Fight Invite in Dove Creek.

       I will update results as soon as i get them and if anyone is interested about the schools results go to www.trackwrestling.com and find the tournament there kid or school is at. GOOD LUCKwrestlers and coaches this week and weekend.