Class 2A Boys Basketball Breakdown

Boys Basketball Class 2A Top 10 Breakdown


Boys Basketball Class 2A Top 10 Breakdown

Class 2A Boys looks to be wide open again this year.  Yuma really has stepped up as the #1 team and have held down that spot.  Class 2A seems to change weekly in terms on the Top 10 and should be interesting to continue to watch.

#1 Yuma (7-0)

Yuma continues their hot start to this season at a perfect 7-0.  Yuma has already started the 2019 part of their schedule and they beat Akron 60-34.  Yuma already has 3 quality wins against teams in Colorado.  Yuma has two games this week against rival Wray and Burlington.  Yuma is the favorite to win District 2 but staying focused will be key for Yuma.

#2 Holly (9-0)

Holly is playing in their first year in 2A and are off to a very hot start at 9-0.  Holly has not played a ton of 2A opponents, but they already have quality 2A wins over Swallows Charter, Rocky Ford, and Fowler.  Holly started their 2019 schedule with two big wins over Rye and Fowler and both games give Holly a huge leg up in the District seeding.  Holly this week plays 1A Wiley and another league matchup against Las Animas.  Holly probably has 1 more big test standing in their way for a #1 seed in the District tournament and that will be Rocky Ford in February.  Holly though must continue to improve and be ready for anything.

#3 Highland (8-1)

Highland moved back one spot in the rankings due to Holly big win over Top 5 Fowler.  Highland has been on a terror scoring over 73 point in every game this season.  Highland lone loss comes to 3A Frontier Academy.  Highland started 2019 off with a 81-23 win over Union Colony Prep and then have one more game this weekend against Clear Creek which will be a quality opponent for Highland.  Highland has 4 quality wins on the season and look to be a real threat for a elite 8 berth.  Highland is the favorite to win their district but they will be challenged by Heritage Christian and Dawson School.

#4 Byers (6-2)

Byers has moved around a lot in the rankings and I believe this may be the highest they have been in the rankings.  Byers solidified their spot with a 53-51 victory over #6 Simla and that win has huge RPI implications.  Byers also gets a shot at redemption when they play Strasburg on Saturday.  Byers also faces a tough 1A Genoa-Hugo team and must be ready for a challenge.  I think if Byers can avenge their loss to Strasburg this week should really solidify their spot in the rankings and I know will move up in my playoff projections.  Byers is not the hands down favorite to win District 4.  Byers, Limon, and Denver Christian are going to battle it out for the District crown.

#5 Fowler (5-3)

Fowler suffered their third loss of the season falling to Holly 54-40.  Fowler now needs some help to snag the #1 seed in the District tournament, but Fowler does control their own destiny for a #2 spot in the tournament.  Fowler has already picked up league wins over Rye and John Mall but Rocky Ford, a rematch with John mall, and Swallows Charter still await Fowler.  Fowler has two massive games this weekend against Swallows Charter and Rocky Ford and could really lock up their spot in the Top 2 with a sweep this weekend.

#6 Simla (4-3)

Simla suffered their second straight quality loss falling to Byers 53-51.  Simla now has to quickly bounce back and break the two-game slide and they will have a really good chance this weekend.  Simla plays Calhan and Dolores Huerta both tough games.  Simla could really use some momentum so their first game against Calhan is a huge game.  Simla has shown that they could be a top team but finishing against tough opponents seems to be slowing them down.  Simla though will benefit from the experience and two wins this weekend could get them going back in the right direction.

#7 Denver Christian

Denver Christian is welcomed into the Top 10 rankings after upsetting Limon 47-34.  Denver Christian dominated the third quarter and that is what built them the lead and they held it together in the 4th quarter.  Denver Christian is led by 3 seniors Eu Asfaw (11.6 ppg), Jeff Amidon (9.4 ppg), and Luke Vander Horst (7.3 ppg).  Denver Christian struggled to start the season losing 3 straight games to 3A and 4A opponents but since switching to 2A opponent Denver Christian has won 5 straight games.  In 2019 Denver Christian has win over Twin Peaks Charter, Limon, and Front Range Christian.  Denver Christian has one last game this week against a tough 1A Longmont Christian and could be another quality win for this team.

#8 Limon (6-2)

Limon picked up their second loss of the season being upset by Denver Christian 47-34.  Limon now has to bounce back, and two tough games are upcoming for the Badgers.  Limon has Flagler/Hi Plains and Holyoke this weekend and two wins for Limon and get them back on the track.  Limon has a tough slate of games in 2019 so getting started on the right foot must be key for this Limon team.

#9 Sanford (4-4)

Sanford is an extremely tough team to judge and with their youth this team should continue to improve.  Sanford has not lost a game to a 2A opponent and actually if you don’t count Escalante NM Sanford has not faced a 2A opponent.  Sanford will finally face a 2A opponent this weekend.  Sanford jumps head first into District play and have a massive game against South Park right out the gate.  Sanford also play Crested Butte this weekend and this is Sanford only games against these two opponents.  Sanford is the favorite to win their league, but they will have to watch out for a very solid Sargent team.  We will learn a bit more about Sanford after this weekend’s games.

#10 Rocky Ford (5-4)

Rocky Ford moves into the rankings for the first time this year after upsetting 1A #1 Sangre De Cristo.  Rocky Ford followed that win up holding off Center 52-46.  Rocky Ford has played a very difficult schedule and are actually on a 4 game winning streak.  Rocky Ford’s losses are to 4A Canon City, Holly, 3A C.S Christian, and Limon.  All 4 are quality losses but Rocky Ford must continue to improve and cannot over look any opponent.  This week Rocky Ford has two games they play Las Animas and then a massive game against Fowler.