Wrestling News and Updates

Wrestling Update 1/26


Regionals are coming up quickly. We are hitting the final stretch of the season. Coaches should be finalizing their rosters and kids who were injured, hopefully, are getting better and coming back to the practice room.

This week we have the Diny Pickert hosted by Berthoud. A mixture of 3A, 4A and 5A schools should be in attendance. This should be a tough and exciting tournament. Another tournament that is usually tough is the Paonia Screaming Eagle Invitational. This tournament has a variety of teams that should attend. This tournament has some good wrestling and should make for an exciting tournament. Another tournament happening is the Bobcat Invitational held by Custer County. This is a good tournament for the schools who have small numbers. I think this tournament is good for kids to get more matches through round robins if there are low amounts of wrestlers per weight.
So, we have 3 weeks until regionals.  Ranking will change as kids move up or go down to there certified weights. Alot of changes will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. Thanks again for reading. Hope this is helpful for all of you wrestling enthusiasts.