Class 2A Girls Basketball Breakdowns

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 2A

Monte Vista vs Swink

Girls Basketball League Predictions Class 2A

In Class 2A things are much different than 3A.  In Class 2A you must finish in the Top 4 of your district to make it to Regionals (5 for District 5 or 3 for District 3).  Class 2A also gives the league champion the right to host a regional.  Changes are based so far on how teams have performed, SOS, head to head match ups and quality wins.

District 1

  1. Del Norte
  2. Sanford
  3. Sargent
  4. Center

District 1 seems to be playing out as expected.  Del Norte is the clear front runner, but Sanford has proven they can challenge Del Norte for the top spot.  Del Norte did beat Sanford, but it was a great battle and more than likely Del Norte will have to beat Sanford 4 times to win this District which is not an easy feat.  Sanford has proven they are the clear #2 team in the District.  Sanford beat Sargent by 21 points and played Del Norte close.  Sanford continues to improve weekly.  Sargent holds on to the #3 spot.  Sargent has taken care of business against Center snagging the league win.  Sargent also beat Custer County to pick up two important league wins.  Sargent faces a huge challenge this weekend against South Park.  Sargent can essentially lock up a Top 3 finish if they beat South Park on 2/2.  Center keeps ahold of the #4 spot.  Center picked up their biggest win of the season beating South Park 36-32.  The win over South Park gives Center the edge for the #4 seed.  Center still must face Crested Butte and Custer County to hold onto the #4 spot.

District 2

  1. Yuma
  2. Wray
  3. Holyoke
  4. Wiggins

Yuma controls their own destiny to snag the #1 seed for the District tournament and they are still my pick to win this District.  Yuma still has big games against Holyoke remaining and losses to Holyoke could drop them out of first place.  Yuma also has important game against Merino and Sterling.  Wray needs some help to jump Yuma for the #1 seed, but I think Wray and Yuma are #1 and #2 in this District.  Wray beat Holyoke on 1/19 46-40 and locked Wray into the #2 spot.  Wray picked up a solid win over Haxtun this past week to give them more momentum heading forward.  Wray also has Wiggins and Merino on the schedule that could challenge them.  My pick for third place is Holyoke.  Holyoke is struggling a bit, but they have played a very tough schedule picking up losses in 2019 to Haxtun, Limon, and Wray, and Yuma.  Holyoke is a young team as well and they will continue to improve in February.  My pick for fourth is Wiggins.  Wiggins beat Sedgwick County already in 2019 and a game on 2/1 against Akron will determine if they finish 4th or 5th.  Wiggins is hoping to stay as the 4 seed to keep home court.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Ignacio
  2. Dolores
  3. Mancos

District 3 is all but wrapped up for Ignacio.  Ignacio is 8-0 in league and 9-4 overall.  Ignacio is also the only team with a winning record in District 3 and they have cruised past district opponents beating all of them by 20+ points.  Ignacio still has to face some of their league opponents one more time and big non-league game against Del Norte on 2/5 and Pagosa Springs on 2/15 will test Ignacio.  Second place is starting to get figured out.  Dolores has taken a big step forward into second place.  Dolores is 5-8 overall but did lose to Mancos in OT.  Dolores must face Mancos one more time and a win could lock up a #2 district seed.  Mancos slides into the #3 spot but a loss to Telluride makes things a bit more interesting in this league.

District 4

  1. Limon
  2. Byers
  3. Denver Christian
  4. Clear Creek

District 4 has a front runner with Limon being the favorite to win District 4.  Limon is 12-1 on the year and is playing great basketball.  Limon picked up a big win over Holyoke last week 48-42 and have 3 big games remaining on their schedule.  Limon has games against Simla, Byers, and Swink which will all test the Badgers.  Limon game against Byers will be for the #1 seed in the District Tournament.  Byers is my pick for second place.  Byers has some huge games on their schedule that could determine their District seeds.  Byers must play Limon and Denver Christian both which will determine seeding for the tournament.  Byers played well last week beating Burlington which helps give them momentum heading forward.  My pick for third place is Denver Christian.  Denver Christian moves into the #3 spot after beating Front Range Christian 30-12.  Denver Christian also picked up big wins over Lyons and Clear Creek.  Denver Christian does not play again until February but all games remaining will be very important for Denver Christian going forward.  Denver Christian will have the Byers game on 2/2 circled which could determine seeding for the District Tournament.  The final regional spot was much tougher to figure out especially with the results from this weekend and week.  This week I am moving with Clear Creek into the #4 spot.  Clear Creek picked up a huge win over Front Range Christian 55-28 and that win should give Clear Creek some much needed momentum.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Meeker
  2. Soroco
  3. Hotchkiss
  4. Rangely
  5. Hayden

District 5 has been a very interesting race to watch.  My pick to win District 5 changes this week as I am going with Meeker to win the District.  Meeker is undefeated in league play and picked up a huge win over Plateau Valley last weekend.  Meeker still has some huge games remaining on their schedule against Rangely, Soroco, and Hotchkiss.  Soroco holds on to the #2 spot.  Soroco last week picked up a solid win over Rangely but the meat of their schedule does remain.  Soroco still has to face Hotchkiss, Meeker, and Vail Christian.  My pick for third is Hotchkiss.  Hotchkiss is 5-0 in 2019 picking up wins over Hayden, Vail Christian, Rangely, and West Grand.  Hotchkiss will be challenged this week when they travel to Soroco and North Park on back to back days.  Hotchkiss can still move up or down on the standings and seeing how they perform against quality competition is key.  My pick for fourth place is Rangely.  Rangely lost to Vail Christian but beat Plateau Valley who Vail Christian lost to.  Rangely continues their tough stretch of games.  Rangely plays Meeker this weekend but their fate for District seeding will be determined later in February.  My pick for 5th was a tough pick.  Hayden, Plateau Valley, and Vail Christian are all in the hunt for the 4th and 5th spots to go to regionals.  I went with Rangely at #4 and this week I am going with Hayden at #5.  Hayden can nearly lock up the #5 seed if they Vail Christian on 2/1.  Hayden has control of their own destiny and beating Vail Christian is key for this team.  Hayden did loss to Rangely, but their wins over Plateau Valley, Paonia, and West Grand have them in key position.

District 6

  1. Swink
  2. Rye
  3. Holly
  4. Rocky Ford

District 6 is a big 10 team district and 7 of the 10 teams are battling for 4 spots.  The current front runner is Swink.  Swink is 9-0 in league play and 12-1 overall.  Swink has wins over Holly and Rye their two biggest challengers.  Swink must play Holly, Fowler, and Crowley County in league.  Swink has some tough non-league games remaining against Sargent and Limon.  My pick for second place is Rye.  Rye has been the biggest surprise team this year going 14-1 overall and 9-1 in league.  Rye beat Holly head to head to give them the leg up for District seeding.  Rye still has tough games against Fowler, Hoehne, and Rocky Ford.  Rye controls their own destiny and a top 2 seed is possible by winning out.  My pick for third is Holly.  Holly picked up important league wins over Crowley County (twice) and Hoehne.  Holly also must face Swink and Rocky Ford which could move them around if they don’t win both games.  Holly winning 3 of their final 4 games should finish with the #3 seed in the District tournament.  My pick for 4th is a tough one and is between Crowley County, Fowler, Rocky Ford, and Hoehne.  Rocky Ford holds down the #4 spot again this week after wins over Fowler, Hoehne, and John Mall.  Rocky Ford has two massive games this week against Crowley County and Hoehne which will determine seeding for the District Tournament.

District 7

  1. Heritage Christian
  2. Highland
  3. Dawson School
  4. Lyons

District 7 has a clear front runner with Heritage Christian taking over the top spot.  Heritage Christian beat Highland 52-41 to move them into the #1 spot.  Heritage Christian was also able to beat Dawson School by 3 this week to help nearly lock up the #1 seed for the District tournament.  Heritage Christian should be able to run the table the rest of the way with their toughest game remaining being Clear Creek and Front Range Christian.  Highland holds onto the #2 spot.  Highland bounced back from their loss beating Twin Peak Charter 67-21 and Clear Creek 78-43.  Highland has a big game against Dawson School this week and if then win control the #2 seed.  My pick for third is Dawson School.  Dawson School played well against Heritage Christian falling by just 3 points.  The close loss was enough for me to have them jump Lyons this week.  Dawson School beat Lyons 39-18 and now Dawson School controls their own destiny and if they can upset Highland can move into the #2 seed for the District tournament.  Lyons drops into my #4 spot.  Lyons has played a tough schedule in 2019 playing three tough opponents back to back to back.  Lyons can still finish in the top 4 in the district but winning 3 of their final 4 games could be key.

District 8

  1. Simla
  2. Peyton
  3. Calhan
  4. Colorado Springs School

Simla is the clear front runner for District 8.  Simla has wins over Calhan and Dolores Huerta in league play.  Simla still must face Peyton before they can lock up the #1 seed for the District tournament.  They face Peyton on 2/1 and should be a great game.  Simla has a tough remaining schedule as well as they face Limon, Peyton, Rye, and Kit Carson.  My pick for second place is Peyton.  Peyton picked up important wins last week beating Colorado Springs School 40-37 and Calhan 36-31.  Those two wins put them in control of their destiny for the #2 seed in the district tournament.  Peyton has games against Simla, Dolores Huerta, and Calhan against before they can lock anything up, but they are in control of their own destiny.  My pick for third is Calhan.  Calhan played tough against Peyton falling by 5.  Calhan picked up a big win over Colorado Springs School 47-36.  Calhan still must face Dolores Huerta before they can completely lock up the #3 seed but their win over CSS helps a ton.  My pick for fourth this week is Colorado Springs School.  CSS beat Dolores Huerta 50-31 and the win nearly lock up a Top 4 finish.  CSS still must face Simla but they look like a solid lock for a Top 4 finish.