1A Boys Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

Boys Basketball League Predictions Class 1A

Picture by OTSportsChek (Arickaree/Woodlin vs Otis)

Boys Basketball League Predictions Class 1A

In Class 1A things are much different than 3A & 2A.  In Class 1A you must finish in the Top 3 or 2 of District to advance to regionals (District 1 & 7 only qualify two to regionals).  I will pick essentially which teams are making it to regionals.  Regionals works as follows Region 1 is District 1 & 7, Region 2 is District 4, 5, & 8, Region 3 is District 2, 3, 6.  Changes are based so far on how teams have performed, SOS, and quality wins.  We are much deeper in the league season now and there is some clarification in some leagues but there is still a lot to sort out.

District 1 (Only qualifies 2 teams)

#1 De Beque

#2 Ouray

District 1 is a mix of two different leagues and I believe for the District Tournament the league winners each get a top seed.  Right now De Beque and Ouray look to be the favorites in each league and also look to be the favorites in the District.  De Beque has really taken off this year and are beating some quality 2A opponents.  Ouray has two losses this year but have taken care of business against its 1A opponents.  I am going with De Beque and Ouray as my two teams who qualify for Regionals.

District 2

#1 Cheraw

#2 Kit Carson

#3 McClave

District 2 has gotten much more interesting heading into the final two weeks of the season.  Cheraw picked up a massive win over Kit Carson plus own the head to head over McClave.  Essentially if Cheraw wins out they will be the #1 seed heading into the District tournament.  Kit Carson cannot lock up the #2 seed until they play McClave on 2/15 and that will be for the #2 seed in the district tournament.  My picks for the 3 teams to qualify for regionals are #1 Cheraw, #2 Kit Carson, and #3 McClave.  Granada and Cheyenne Wells will give all 3 teams fits this year and must be careful when playing these two teams in the District Tournament.

District 3

#1 Walsh

#2 Springfield

#3 Kim/Branson

A lot still needs to be sorted out in District 3.  Walsh is the leader currently for the #1 seed in the district tournament.  Walsh has one last league game against Kim/Branson on 2/9 and a win locks up the #1 seed for Walsh.  Kim/Branson also has just one league game remaining and a win over Walsh also locks up the #1 seed for Kim/Branson so a lot on the line for that game.  Springfield is looking possibly at the #3 seed.  Springfield has games against Wiley and South Baca and needs to win both if they plan on grabbing the #3 seed.  South Baca beat Wiley head to head and a win over Springfield gives them the #3 seed.  My picks for Regionals are #1 Walsh, #2 Springfield, #3 Kim/Branson.  South Baca I think is still a threat to steal a spot.

District 4

#1 Peetz

#2 Prairie

#3 Merino

I think we are down to 5 teams in District 4 competing for 3 spots at Regionals.  Prairie, Peetz, Briggsdale, Longmont Christian, and Merino are the 5 teams I am keeping an eye on.  Longmont Christian is the toughest of the 4 teams to gauge.  Trying to figure out seeding for the District tournament is not easy especially with Peetz and Prairie tied atop the league standings.  Prairie has two games remaining against Fleming and Briggsdale both are tough outs and Peetz plays Fleming and Weldon Valley.  I don’t know the tie breaker if both teams win out.  If anyone has any clarification on how they are going to seed District 4 if it’s going to be RPI or head to head or league standing let me know.  My picks for Regionals are #1 Peetz, #2 Prairie, #3 Merino.  Longmont Christian and Briggsdale will not go down without a fight and should make for a fun District Tournament.

District 5

#1 Haxtun

#2 Arickaree/Woodlin

#3 Otis

5 teams are in contention for 3 spots in District 5.  I am very interested to see how they seed this District Tournament as well.  Haxtun is the lone team not in this league and the seeding for the tournament could have a big effect on who gets into regionals.  My 3 teams I am picking for Regionals are #1 Haxtun, #2 Arickaree/Woodlin, #3 Otis.  Haxtun is playing solid basketball and playing 2A opponents should have them ready for a solid run.  Arickaree/Woodlin took a big step beating Otis last week.  Otis does seem to be heathy finally and should push for a final 3 spot.  Stratton/Liberty and Idalia will still push for a Top 3 spot but need to consistent basketball.

District 6

#1 Sangre De Cristo

#2 Creede

#3 Sierra Grande

Sangre De Cristo leads the way currently in District 6 and a huge matchup with Sierra Grande will determine seeding for the District Tournament.  Sangre De Cristo plays Manzanola and Sierra Grande this week and two wins lock up the #1 seed in the District Tournament.  Sierra Grande could also lock up the #1 seed with an upset of Sangre De Cristo.  The rest of the seeding for the District tournament will depend on a few teams.  Creede is playing better basketball as of late and their win over Primero (74-27) moved them into the #3 spot.  Creede with two wins this weekend and a Sierra Grande loss will move into the #2 spot.  If Sierra Grande wins then Creede will finish third but Creede must take care of business first.  Cotopaxi, Primero, and Manzanola are all tied with 3 losses.  Cotopaxi plays Manzanola 2/14 and could be for the #4 seed.  Manzanola has a brutal final three games and three wins and they could quickly jump up the standings.  My picks for Regionals are #1 Sangre De Cristo, #2 Creede, and #3 Sierra Grande.  Cotopaxi, Manzanola, and Primero all could push for a Top 3 spot.

District 7 (Only 2 teams make it to Regionals)

#1 Evangelical Christian

#2 Genoa-Hugo

District 7 has turned into a very exciting race for the two spots at regionals.  Evangelical Christian can lock up the #1 seed for the District tournament by beating Kiowa this weekend.  ECA with a win will lock up the important #1 seed.  If ECA losses to Kiowa then Kiowa is in control of their own Destiny but have a big remaining game against Elbert on 2/15.  Elbert and Genoa-Hugo need a bit of help to move back up in the league standings and make the District Tournament a great race.  I do think 4 teams are in the running for just two spots and seeding is key for this District.  If we go with Kiowa as the #2 and ECA as the #1 then matchups will be key.  My two picks for Regional remain the same with ECA as the #1 and Genoa-Hugo as the #2.  Kiowa did beat Genoa-Hugo head to head but beating a team twice in one season is tough.

District 8

#1 Cornerstone Christian

#2 Front Range Baptist

#3 Mile High Academy

District 8 this year gets 3 teams into regionals this year and it’s a good thing with how competitive this district is this year.  Cornerstone Christian and Front Range Baptist are tied atop the standing with the head to head going to Front Range Baptist.  Mile High Academy and Denver Jewish Day are tied for 3rd and 4th with Denver Waldorf, Rocky Mountain Lutheran, and Belleview Christian sitting in 5, 6, and 7th.  Cornerstone Christian has two remaining league games.  They main challenge is Denver Jewish Day they play 2/7 and a win keeps Cornerstone Christian tied for first.  A loss would really shake things up.  Front Range Baptist has three remaining games with Belleview Christian and Denver Waldorf as two very tough challenges.  One loss by Front Range Christian and they would fall out of first place.  Picking spots for Regionals was tough for this District.  I am going with #1 Cornerstone Christian, #2 Front Range Baptist, and #3 Mile High Academy.  Denver Waldorf did beat Mile High Academy but lost to Denver Jewish Day.  I do think Denver Waldorf, Denver Jewish Day, and Rocky Mountain Lutheran will give the top 3 fits and the District Tournament should be a fun one to watch.

4 thoughts on “Boys Basketball League Predictions Class 1A”

  1. District 4 is seeded based on RPI. Currently Peetz sits at .564, Briggsdale at .531, Longmont Christian at .517 and Prairie is at .513. These last two weeks of the regular season are likely to shake things up between Briggsdale, LCS and Prarie. Merino is at .491, so has some work to do to be a top 4 seed at the District 4 tourney.

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      1. Unfortunately I was incorrect regarding District 4 seeding. While RPI is a factor, it’s now my understanding that the seeding committee actually looks at the standings of the five teams in the North Central League first and then the other three teams that participate in two other leagues (LCS-2A/1A Mile High League and Merino and Caliche in the 2A/1A Lower Platte). Peetz is the 1 seed because they won the North Central (they’re ahead in RPI too). Prairie is the 2 seed, despite being #4 in RPI amongst the district teams, because they tied Peetz for the North Central title.. Also, since Prairie finished ahead of Briggsdale in the North Central, that bumped Briggsdale to 3. Longmont Christian is 4, Merino is 5, Caliche is 6, Weldon Valley is 7 and Fleming is 8. My apologies if I mislead you. This district is tough to figure because you have eight teams playing in three different leagues, with three of them in 2A/1A leagues and Longmont Christian the only 1A team in the 12-team 2A/1A Mile High League.


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