2A Boys Basketball Top Ten Breakdown

Boys Basketball District Tournament Predictions Class 2A

Tate B 3
Picture by Nina’s Art (Highland vs Dawson School)

Boys Basketball District Tournament Predictions Class 2A

District tournament are underway and most have their top 4 teams and their automatic qualifiers for Regionals.  I will make sure to mention that for each district plus give my predictions for the rest of the tournaments.

District 1

  1. Sanford
  2. Sargent
  3. Del Norte
  4. Center

Regional Qualifiers: Sanford, Sargent, Del Norte, Center

District 1 is going as planned with the top 4 seeds all getting to the semifinals. Sanford plays Center and Del Norte plays Sargent.  Center picked up an impressive win over South Park winning by 18.  On a hot night Center could challenge Sanford but I am going with Sanford to win.  Del Norte vs Sargent should be the best game of the night.  Del Norte has two wins over Sargent on the year but picking up a third won’t be easy.  I am picking Sargent in this game beating a team three times in one season is not easy.  In the championship I am going with Sanford over Sargent and Del Norte over Center in the third-place game.

District 2

  1. Yuma
  2. Sedgwick County
  3. Wray
  4. Akron

Regional Qualifiers: Yuma, Sedgwick County, Wray, Akron

Top 4 seeds all advanced to the semifinals.  Akron struggled a bit in their game but pulled out the double OT victory over Holyoke.  Wray made quick work of Wiggins to advance to the semifinals.  The semifinal games are Yuma vs Akron and Sedgwick County vs Wray.  Yuma, I think blows past Akron unless Akron has a hot night form the field.  Yuma looks poised for a deep run.  The best game of the night must be Sedgwick County vs Wray.  Sedgwick County won the first meeting, but it was a close game.  I expect another close game but going with Sedgwick County to move into the regional finals.  Yuma is my pick in the championship over Sedgwick County and I am going with Wray over Akron in the third-place game.

District 3 (Only 3 teams make it to Regionals)

  1. Mancos
  2. Ignacio
  3. Dolores

No one has qualified for regionals yet in District 3.  The winners of the semifinals on Friday will clinch a spot but the losers will battle for the 3rd place and the last spot in the tournament.  Mancos faces Telluride and Ignacio faces Dolores.  Mancos split the season series with Telluride, but Telluride seems to be hitting a rough patch.  I am going with Mancos in this game.  Ignacio and Dolores also split the season series but Ignacio seems to be playing better basketball especially after beating Mancos last week.  I am going with Ignacio over Dolores.  In the championship I am going with Mancos over Ignacio in a very close game.  The 3rd place game should be a good one and with Dolores gaining momentum I am going with Dolores over Telluride in the 3rd place game.

District 4

  1. Byers
  2. Denver Christian
  3. Limon
  4. Clear Creek

Regional Qualifiers: Denver Christian, Byers, Limon, Clear Creek

Limon and Clear Creek locked up regional berths last night.  Limon beat Lotus School by 20 and Clear Creek held off Burlington.  Denver Christian now faces Clear Creek and Limon faces Byers.  Denver Christian nearly pulled off the upset of Highland two weeks ago and look like the best team in the District.  Clear Creek is playing solid basketball, but I think Denver Christian is to much.  Byers vs Limon part 2 should be a good game.  Byers beat Limon last time and will hope to snag another win.  Limon has the talent to be a top team but getting it all together is key.  I think Byers is to much again for Limon and I have Byers winning.  I am going with Byers over Denver Christian in a good regional final game and Limon over Clear Creek for 3rd.

District 5 (5 teams into regionals)

  1. Vail Christian
  2. Plateau Valley
  3. Meeker
  4. West Grand
  5. Paonia

Regional Qualifiers: Vail Christian, Plateau Valley, Meeker, West Grand

Two upsets in the quarterfinals shook things up a bit.  Meeker beat Soroco 60-38 and West Grand pulled off a big upset beating Paonia 31-29.  Those wins qualify them for regionals automatically.  Vail Christian and Plateau Valley took care of business in their opening round games and qualify.  To determine the 5th team the losers of the quarterfinals now fight for the consolation championship.  Soroco faces Rangely and Paonia faces Hotchkiss.  I am going with Paonia to win the consolation and snag the Consolation championship.  I am going with Vail Christian vs Plateau Valley in the District championship with Vail Christian winning the league.  Meeker over West Grand in the 3rd place game.

District 6

  1. Holly
  2. Fowler
  3. Rocky Ford
  4. John Mall

Regional Qualifiers: Holly, Fowler, John Mall, Rocky Ford

The top 4 seeds all advance to semifinals and the 4 teams that advanced were the teams I have been guessing for a few weeks now.  Holly plays John Mall and Fowler plays rival Rocky Ford.  Holly is my pick over John Mall.  I am going with Fowler over Rocky Ford in a close game.  Holly vs Fowler in the championship could be one of the best game in the Regional Finals.  Holly beat Fowler during the regular season but it’s never easy to beat a team twice.  I think Holly and Fowler both could make noise in the post season, but I am going with Holly in the rematch.  Rocky Ford vs John Mall is another great matchup but I am going with Rocky Ford getting revenge from their loss a few weeks ago.

District 7

  1. Highland
  2. Heritage Christian
  3. Dayspring Christian
  4. Lyons

Regional Qualifiers: Highland, Heritage Christian, Dayspring Christian, Lyons

Lyons pulled the lone upset in the quarterfinals beating Gilpin County 63-57.  Lyons now has some momentum but play Highland in the next round.  Highland is one of the teams I think can win it all and I believe they keep things going beating Lyons.  Heritage Christian vs Dayspring Christian should be a good game.  Heritage Christian won the first game by 10 and I am guessing a similar result this time around.  Dayspring Christian is not an easy game and could push Heritage Christian.  In the championship I am going with Highland big over Heritage Christian and Dayspring Christian over Lyons to capture third.

District 8

  1. Simla
  2. Dolores Huerta
  3. Peyton
  4. Thomas MacLaren

Regional Qualifiers: Simla, Dolores Huerta, Peyton, Thomas MacLaren

The top 4 seeds all advanced to the semifinals.  Simla plays Thomas MacLaren and Dolores Huerta squares off with Peyton.  Simla will have to contend with a hot Thomas MacLaren team.  Simla though is my pick to advance to the regional finals.  The other game between Dolores Huerta and Peyton will be a fun game to watch.  Dolores Huerta won the first meeting and I expect another close game.  I am going with Dolores Huerta in the rematch.  In the championship I am going with Simla in a close one over Dolores Huerta and Peyton over Thomas MacLaren for third.

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