Baseball Playoff Breakdowns

Class 3A Baseball State Bracket

Butch Butler

Class 3A Baseball State Bracket

Class 3A State Bracket was released and the remaining 8 teams will play a double elimination bracket.

Round 1-May 24th

G1 @ 9:30am Butch Butler Field
#1 University vs
#3 Colorado Academy


G2 @12:00pm Butch Butler Field
#4 Alamosa vs
#2 Delta


G3 @12:00pm University HS
#1 Eaton vs
#3 Resurrection Christian


G4 @9:30am University HS
#4 Lutheran vs
#2 St. Mary’s


Losers Brackets

G7 @9:30am University HS on May 25th
L1 vs


G8 @9:30am Butch Butler on May 25th
L3 vs


Round 2

G5 @2:30pm Butch Butler on May 24th
W1 vs
G6 @2:30pm University HS on May 24th
W3 vs


Losers Bracket

G9 @12:00pm University HS on May 25th
L6 vs


G10 @12:00pm Butch Butler on May 25th
L5 vs



G11 @2:30pm Butch Butler
W5 vs


Semifinals/State Championship

G12* @Butch Butler
W11 vs


G13* @Butch Butler
L11 vs


G14^ @10:00am Butch Butler on June 1st
W12 vs


G15^ @12:30pm Butch Butler on June 1st
W14 vs


Bracket Notes:

  • Seeding Note: Teams are not reseeded prior to the State Tournament.  The seed listed is the team’s seed prior to the regional round.
  • The Site Director will flip a coin for home team in all games
  • The loser of Game 11 (L11) and winner of Game 11 (W11) may change places so that previous opponents are not matched. This spot is marked by an asterisk (*) on the bracket.
  • If three teams remain after Game 13, the winner of Game 11 (W11) draws a bye to Game 15. If W11 loses Game 12, there will be three teams left and W11 earns the bye.  W12 then plays W13 to reach finals.  This spot is marked by a caret (^) on the bracket.