Football Key Players Returning

Top Returning RB’s Class 2A (2019)


Nick Wellen
Photos by Marc Dunker & OTSportsChek

Top Returning RB’s Class 2A

I am picking my Top Returning RB’s based on last year’s stats and team finishes.  If your team has a new starting RB it will be hard to judge but halfway through the year I may update this list.  The bottom 5 RB’s are from teams that could use improved RB play or RB’s who could have break out year.  Looking at last year’s list only 2 running backs return that were on the Top 15 List (Nick Wellen and Darius Richards).

Player High School Year Stats
Nick Wellen (Only returning Top 10 RB) Brush HS Senior 1250 Rushing Yards 16 TDs, 7.1 yards per carry
Darius Richards Machebeuf HS Senior 1012 Rushing Yards, 11 TDs, 9.1 yards per carry
Cody Sauve Delta HS Senior 935 Rushing Yards, 6 TDs, 7.0 yards per carry
Levi Warfel Rifle HS Senior 952 Rushing Yards, 9 TDs, 7.4 yards per carry
Walker Kee Lamar HS Junior 918 Rushing Yards, 9 TDs, 11.6 yards per carry
Trey Fabrocini Aspen HS Senior 696 Rushing Yards, 8 TDs, 7.4 yards per carry
Erick Granados Faith Christian HS Senior 594 Rushing Yards, 3 TDs, 5.4 yards per carry
Antonio Chavez La Junta HS Senior 658 Rushing Yards, 10 TDs, 10.3 yards per carry
Dylan Hilliker Bayfield HS Senior 480 Rushing Yards, 6 TDs, 8.6 yards per carry
Mac Copeland Bennett HS Junior 828 Rushing Yards, 8 TDs, 8.2 yards per carry
Potential Next 5
Hunter Christopherson Classical Academy Junior 622 Rushing Yards, 4 TDs, 7.6 yards per carry
Paden Bailey Pagosa Springs Senior 571 Rushing Yards, 5 TDs, 4.8 yards per carry
Brendon Madril (Could play QB) Alamosa Senior 442 Rushing Yards, 2 TDs, 5.9 yards per carry
Josh Yancey Platte Valley Senior 446 Rushing Yards, 9 TDs, 7.8 yards per carry
Gage Butler Eaton Junior 451 Rushing Yards, 6 TDs, 5.6 yards per carry

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