6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football Week 6 League Breakdown

K.C Holtman Photography SL vs Otis
Picture by Creations by K.C (Stratton/Liberty vs Otis)

6-Man Football Week 6 League Breakdown

We move to League Breakdowns for 8-man and 6-man with both classes starting league play.  We will update who we think will win their respective leagues plus look at some of the big matchups inside the league and of course show the RPI of the teams in the league.

Central League

3 teams have played two games inside the Central league and Deer Trail is control of their own destiny.  Deer Trail had a convincing 53-14 win over Edison making them 2-0.  Deer Trail also got some help with Genoa-Hugo beating Hanover 50-38.  Deer Trail has a bye this week and will face Hanover for the league title next week.  Just one game inside the Central standings.  Edison travels to Hanover.  Edison lost their first league game to Deer Trail.  Edison now needs an upset over Hanover to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Hanover lost 50-38 to Genoa-Hugo and must now beat Edison to have any shot at a league title.  If Hanover can win this week and beat Deer Trail next week, they force a three-way tie for first.  If Hanover losses, then Deer Trail is the league champion.  The Central league could be decided by next week.

Playoff Contenders: Deer Trail, Genoa-Hugo, Hanover

RPI: Deer Trail (15), Genoa-Hugo (23), Hanover (24), Edison (26), Colorado D&B (27)

East Central League

The East Central league has two teams atop the league standing and 1 team that start league play this week.  Stratton/Liberty and Flagler/Hi Plains are perfect so far in league.  Stratton/Liberty beat Otis 54-14 and Flagler/Hi-Plains beat Idalia 66-26.  This week Otis plays a non-league game against Prairie but we have two games still inside the East Central.  Idalia travels to face Stratton/Liberty and Flagler/Hi Plains travels to Arickaree/Woodlin.  I really don’t see either of the favorites Stratton/Liberty or Flagler/Hi Plains losing this week.  The league title won’t be decided until Stratton/Liberty and Flagler/Hi Plains play each other the final game of the season.  The one game of the two that does have some concern is Flagler/Hi Plains vs Arickaree/Woodlin.  It’s a rivalry game and Arickaree/Woodlin is improving weekly.  I do think which ever team can finish third inside the East Central will have a shot at the playoffs maybe even the 4th place team.

Playoff Contenders: Stratton/Liberty, Flagler/Hi Plains, Idalia, Arickaree/Woodlin, Otis

RPI: Stratton/Liberty (4), Flagler/Hi Plains (5), Otis (17), Arickaree/Woodlin (19), Idalia (20)

North League

The ultra-competitive North League continues to move forward.  Last week 3 league games took place with Briggsdale beating Weldon Valley, North Park beating Peetz, and Fleming beating Prairie.  With those results Fleming is now sitting alone atop the North Standing at 3-0 but cannot lock up the league title this week.  Fleming has remaining league games against North Park and Briggsdale both are in the running.  Prairie is sitting in second place at 2-1 and Briggsdale and North Park at tied at 1-1 in the league standing.  This week there are just two league games taking place with Prairie and Fleming playing non-league games.  The two league games are: Peetz at Briggsdale and Weldon Valley at North park.  The Weldon Valley at North Park game should be a win for North Park and they should move to 2-1 on the season and tie Prairie for second place but the head to head goes to Prairie.  The other game Peetz at Briggsdale is a big one.  Peetz is on a 3-game losing streak and lost to North Park last week 63-26.  Peetz is hoping to keep pace league but another loss would drop them to 1-3 and out of the league title race.  Peetz is also hoping to make the playoffs so a upset win this week would do wonders.  Briggsdale is 3-2 on the season and have won back to back games.  Briggsdale could move to 2-1 in league with the win and keep pace for second place.  Briggsdale is hoping to get into the playoffs and I think back to back wins this week and next week would be huge before they end the season with two very tough games.  Briggsdale still has a shot at the league title but must beat Peetz this week.

Playoff Contenders: Fleming, Prairie, North Park, Briggsdale, Peetz

RPI: Prairie (6), North Park (7), Fleming (8), Briggsdale (14), Peetz (16), Weldon Valley (28)

South Central League

Your South-Central League Champion is Branson/Kim.  Branson/Kim beat La Veta 70-6 to lock up the league title.  Branson/Kim has just 1 league game remaining against Primero but that will not affect who wins the league.  Branson/Kim has 3 total games remaining and 2 of the three will be tough.  Branson/Kim plays a huge non-league top 10 battle against Cotopaxi this week and will have huge implications for seeding in the 6-man playoffs.  Manzanola is the only other team in the South-Central League with a shot at the playoffs.  They play Miami-Yoder this week then Mountain Valley the following.  The Mountain Valley game could determine their playoff fate.

Playoff Contenders: Branson/Kim and Manzanola

RPI: Branson/Kim (2), Manzanola (18), La Veta (25), Primero (29)

South East League

Inside the South East league all teams have played two games.  Kit Carson and Cheyenne Wells sit atop the standing at 2-0, Walsh and Granada are in second at 1-1, and Cheraw and Eads are 0-2 and in last.  This week will determine a ton inside the South East League.  We have 3 games inside the South East League.  Walsh vs Eads, Cheraw vs Granada, and Kit Carson vs Cheyenne Wells.  We will kick off with Walsh vs Eads.  Walsh is 1-1 in league and would love to keep pace for second place.  Walsh picked up a huge win over Cheraw a couple weeks back that really kicked them into gear.  Walsh is sitting decent in the RPI but a win over Eads give them a slight shot at a league title.  Walsh is coming off a win last week.  Eads is on a two-game losing streak with losses to Granada and Kit Carson.  Eads has played tough in 3 of their 4 games and now are looking to get back on track.  Eads is still sitting decent in the RPI but a win over Walsh helps in terms of League standing and RPI.  The second game to mention is Cheraw vs Granada.  Cheraw started the year with back to back wins but have since dropped 2 of their last 3.  Cheraw played Kit Carson tough but lost 61-20.  Cheraw is sitting 12th in the RPI but a win over Granada would nearly lock them into the playoffs. Cheraw still has to play Cheyenne Wells and Eads to close out the year.  Granada picked up their first loss of the year losing to Cheyenne Wells 76-36.  Granada will now be forced to bounce back for the first time this year and have a difficult opponent in Cheraw in front of them.  Granada with a win would nearly lock up a playoff spot and keep pace with the league leader.  The main event inside the South East League is Kit Carson vs Cheyenne Wells.  Cheyenne Wells picked up a huge win over Granada last week 76-36 and was really their first quality win of the season.  Cheyenne Wells offensively did whatever they needed passing for 186 and rushing for 267.  Quade Pelton had 47 yards passing and 102 yards rushing, Cade Mitchek had 125 yards rushing and QB Kyle Nelson had 139 yards passing.  Cheyenne Wells had a big day offensively, but this week will be a much more difficult task.  Kit Carson continued rolling last week beating Cheraw 61-20.  Kit Carson offensively ran the ball at will rushing for 329 yards and 8 TDs.  Jayden McCombs-Farmer had a big day rushing for 185 yards and Paul Mitchek also had a solid day rushing for 123 yards.  Kit Carson defensively limited Cheraw and had 3 INTs in the game.  This will be a much tougher test for Kit Carson defense, and this will be a good game.  I do think both teams get into the playoffs but seeding and a league title could be on the line tonight.

Playoff Contenders: Kit Carson, Cheyenne Wells, Granada, Walsh, Cheraw, Eads

RPI: Kit Carson (1), Cheyenne Wells (3), Granada (9), Walsh (10), Eads (11), Cheraw (12),

South West league

The South West league had one big game last week.  Mountain Valley was able to pull out a hard-fought win over Sierra Grand 33-32.  This was a great battle and both teams fought hard.  Mountain Valley keeps a slight title hope alive as well.  Sierra Grande can also still win the league title but will now need to upset Cotopaxi.  Sierra Grande and Cotopaxi face off on 10/11 and that is for the league title.  This week only one league game and Sierra Grande plays Cripple Creek and should be a win for Sierra Grande.  A big non-league game takes place when Cotopaxi travels to face Branson/Kim.

Playoff Contenders: Cotopaxi, Sierra Grande, Mountain Valley

RPI: Cotopaxi (13), Mountain Valley (21), Sierra Grande (22), Cripple Creek (30)