8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Week 6 League Breakdown

vv del norte vs rangely
Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography (Del Norte vs Rangely)

8-Man Football Week 6 League Breakdown

Inside the 8-man ranks we are in full swing when it comes to league play.  Most teams have at least played 1 possibly 2 league games and we should start seeing some teams rise to the top and other fall.  We will look a bit towards playoffs as well and we will keep updating who we think are playoff contenders.

Arkansas Valley League

3 teams sit atop the Ark Valley standing with Hoehne, Fowler, and McClave all at 2-0 or 1-0.  Springfield and Holly sit at 1-1 and still have league title hopes alive.  Wiley and Las Animas sit at 0-4 overall and 0-2 in league and I think their hopes of the playoffs are nearly gone.  Wiley and Las Animas play each other tonight and the loser will be eliminated from the playoffs.  The other two games in the Ark Valley league are good ones; Springfield travels to McClave and Fowler travels to Hoehne.  Springfield vs McClave is a big matchup.  Springfield picked up their first win of the season last week beating Wiley 54-7.  Springfield will need a big run in the Ark Valley to make a playoff push.  The run could start against McClave, but they must get their defense sorted out.  McClave also picked up their first win of the season two weeks ago when they beat Wiley 64-24.  McClave vs Springfield are two very evenly matched teams. I do think the winner keeps their playoff hopes alive with the loser needing a upset of one of the top teams to make it in.  The main event inside the Ark Valley league is Fowler at Hoehne.  Hoehne moved to .500 on the year blasting Las Animas 64-6.  Hoehne has a tough stretch of games upcoming with Fowler and Holly this week and next week.  Hoehne has a chance to make a big move this week against a Top 5 team.  Their defense must be ready to play this week as they will be tested both on the ground and thru the air.  Hoehne will also need a big day offensively from Weston Hill.  Fowler is undefeated on the season at 4-0 and picked up a huge win over Holly 68-22 and in my opinion with a win over Hoehne can lock up the Ark Valley league.  Fowler has been tested early in games but have worn opponents out with their punishing ground game and the passing attack had a big week last week.  Fowler will have to be able to stop the run this week for success and this is their second big road test in a row.

Playoff Contenders: Fowler, Holly, Hoehne

RPI: Fowler (4), Hoehne (22), Holly (27), McClave (30), Springfield (36), Las Animas (38), Wiley (39)

Central League

The Central league is off to a competitive start with 3 of the 5 teams over .500 and I think 3 contenders for the league title.  Front Range Christian, Denver Christian, and Elbert are the three teams over .500.  Last week we had two league games and the big one to talk about was Elbert over Denver Christian 38-0.  Elbert now controls their own destiny in terms of a league title and will have that fate decided when they play Front Range Christian in a few weeks.  There is just one league game this week inside the Central League and it’s a big one.  Denver Christian travels to face Front Range Christian.  Denver Christian picked up their first loss of the season falling to Elbert last week.  Defensively Denver Christian struggled stopping the run giving up 311 yards.  Elbert is mainly a passing team and Denver Christian limited their passing attack to 85 yards.  Denver Christian offensively struggled to get anything going and must fix the mistakes heading into this game.  Front Range Christian picked up their first league win with a 48-24 victory over South Park two weeks ago.  Front Range Christian will have back to back tough games with Denver Christian this week and Elbert the following which will be for a league title.  Front Range Christian can control their own fate with a win over Denver Christian and should be an interesting game.

Playoff Contenders: Front Range Christian, Elbert, and Denver Christian

RPI: Front Range Christian (15), Elbert (16), Denver Christian (25), South Park (34), Justice (37)

Mountain League

The Mountain League is off to a great start.  Last week we had 3 games inside the mountain league; Sanford beat Norwood 48-6, Dove Creek beat Sangre De Cristo 53-8, and Mancos beat Del Norte 58-0.  The 3 winners are all contenders for the league crown including Sargent who had a non-league win over Dolores Huerta 60-12.  3 league games were supposed to be on the schedule this week but Norwood forfeit to Sargent giving Sargent their first league win and moving to 3-2.  The two remaining league games are Mancos at Sangre De Cristo and Dove Creek at Del Norte.  Mancos at Sangre De Cristo is a good opportunity for Sangre De Cristo to gain experience against a top team.  Mancos should be able to make quick work and get younger players into the game.  The main game to talk about is Dove Creek vs Del Norte.  Del Norte will be playing their second home game of the season and the first with their new Football field completely constructed.  There should be plenty of motivation for Del Norte in this game.  Del Norte lost last week to Mancos 58-0 and will be looking to rebound against Dove Creek.  This could be the quality win Del Norte needs but their defense must come to play and must slow down QB Chorbin Cressler.  QB Preston Terrell and RB Marcus Romero must have huge games if Del Norte plan to win.  Dove Creek is on a 3-game winning streak and could move to 3-0 in league if they can pick up the win.  Dove Creek defensively must stop the run and force Del Norte to throw.  Dove Creek offensively will look to QB Chorbin Cressler to have a big game and they must be ready to play.  Dove Creek is hoping to keep momentum into their next game against Sargent.  This could be a interesting game if Dove Creek comes out flat.  The one non-league game in the Mountain League is Sanford hosting Custer County which should be a solid test for Sanford.

Playoff Contenders: Mancos, Sanford, Sargent, Dove Creek, Del Norte

RPI: Mancos (2), Sanford (7), Dove Creek (12), Sargent (13), Del Norte (17), Norwood (21), Sangre De Cristo (29)

Northwest League

The Northwest League has two teams atop the League Standing and one with a huge leg up on most of the teams.  Vail Christian picked up a hard fought 12-6 victory over West Grand and now have wins over West Grand and Rangely which puts only Soroco in their way of a league title.  Vail Christian this week hosts Hayden which won’t be an easy game, but Vail Christian should cruise to 3-0 in league and await the other two outcomes.  One of the other games inside league is Soroco vs Plateau Valley.  Plateau Valley picked up their first win of the season upsetting Hayden last week.  Plateau Valley will hope the momentum will help them pull a huge upset of Soroco this week.  Soroco continued their perfect start last week blasting Gilpin County 58-0.  Soroco is making a strong case but cannot be upset by Plateau Valley this week.  Soroco hits the tough part of their schedule next week against Vail Christian with Rangely and West Grand to follow.  The main game to talk about inside the Northwest League is Rangely traveling to West Grand.  Rangely is 3-1 on the season and had a bye last week.  Rangely will be looking to bounce back from their tough 34-22 loss to Vail Christian.  Rangely will look to RB Tytus Coombs to have a huge day offensively.  Defensively Rangely will hope to stop the run and limit the big plays.  This will be another tough game for Rangely.  West Grand is coming off a tough 12-6 loss to Vail Christian las week.  West Grand struggled to get anything going offensively with just 5 yards rushing and Vail Christian held top rusher Rene Dominguez to 25 yards.  West Grand defensively played tough holding Vail Christian to the lowest amount they have scored and now West Grand must be ready for another huge test against Rangely.  The winner of the game keeps their league hopes alive with some help and the loser keeps Playoff hopes alive but must win the game they are supposed to.

Playoff Contenders: Vail Christian, West Grand, Rangely, Soroco

RPI: Vail Christian (1), Rangely (5), West Grand (10), Soroco (14), Plateau Valley (28), Gilpin County (32), Hayden (33),

Plains League

What a good week of football last week inside the plains league.  Merino, Sedgwick County, and Dayspring Christian all picked up wins and keep a tie atop the league.  The big result to talk about last week was Dayspring Christian beating Caliche 24-18 to grab a huge win.  DCA was able to outscore Caliche 16-12 in the fourth to win the game.  This week 3 league games are on schedule with Haxtun traveling to Sedgwick County, Akron traveling to Merino, and Byers traveling to Dayspring Christian.  The lone non-league game is Caliche at South park.  None of the games are between the top 4 teams this week and I think is somewhat the calm before the storm.  I do think Akron vs Merino will be an interesting game due to the rivalry.  Akron has struggled since winning their opener.  Akron has last 3 straight games and will hope they can stun us all and upset Merino.  Merino had a solid game against Haxtun last week winning 39-0.  Merino will hope to dominate the rivalry game and keep pace with the top teams.  Next week things really get interesting inside the Plains league and we will do into much more depth next week.

Updated League Predictions:

League Champion: Sedgwick County

Player of the League: RB/LB Beau Parker Sr. Sedgwick County

Playoff Contenders: Sedgwick County, Merino, Caliche, Dayspring Christian

RPI: Dayspring Christian (3), Merino (6), Sedgwick County (8), Caliche (9), Haxtun (23), Akron (24), Byers (31)

Southern League

The Southern League got off to a bit of a surprise last week.  Pikes Peak Christian was the lone team with a bye last week and the other two teams battled it out.  Swink pulled a huge win off beating Custer County big 48-14 and establishing they are here to battle for the league crown.  The other game was Simla vs Calhan and Calhan used 16 unanswered 3rd quarter points and a two-point conversion stop to win 22-20.  This is a huge win for Calhan with them just returning their football program.  Pikes Peak Christian and Swink sit atop the league standing with Calhan and Simla at 1-1.  We have just 1 game this week inside the Southern League and that is Pikes Peak Christian at Simla.  Simla will be looking to bounce back from a tough upset loss to Calhan.  Simla must upset Pikes Peak Christian to have any shot at a league title.  If Simla does loss this game, then they will have to win their final two games to have any shot at the playoffs.  Simla will face their second toughest opponent this week but should have the motivation against a top 10 team.  Pikes Peak Christian had a bye last week but are coming off a 58-0 win over Calhan.  Pikes Peak Christian will look to avoid the upset and stay tied atop the league standing with Swink.  They don’t play Swink till 10/25 and more than likely will be for a league title.  Pikes Peak Christian should be healthy but have only played 3 games so we will see if they are a bit rusty.  The non-league games this week are Elbert at Swink and Custer County at Sanford.

Updated League Predictions:

Playoff Contenders: Pikes Peak Christian, Swink, Calhan, Simla

RPI: Pikes Peak Christian (11), Swink (18), Simla (19), Calhan (20), Custer County (26)