1A League Breakdown

Class 1A Football Week 7 League Breakdown

FJSHS Athletics FL vs Rye
Picture by FJSHS Athletics (Florence vs Rye)

Class 1A Football Week 7 League Breakdown

We move into the second week of the league season.  We should have a little clearer picture on what league will look like heading into the backend of the season.  Also, the RPI should start showing which teams are legit playoff contenders.

Foothills League

The Foothills league continues to throw surprises at us.  Platte Canyon was the first surprise as they beat Clear Creek 38-28.  Platte Canyon outscored Clear Creek 22-6 in the fourth quarter to win that game.  The other surprise was Sheridan beating Manual 22-20.  One other game took place, but it was Jefferson receiving the forfeit win over Lake County.  The three teams tied atop the standings are Jefferson, Sheridan, and Platte Canyon.  This week we have Clear Creek at Sheridan, Manual at Lake County, and Jefferson at Platte Canyon.  Two games of interest this week.  Clear Creek at Sheridan should be a good matchup.  Clear Creek is looking to snag a win and move to 1-1 in the league season.  They have shown that they can be explosive on offense, but their defense has not been the best.  Sheridan is doing a good job this year and picking up the big win over Manual has at least given them a shot at the league title.  Sheridan has been a run heavy offense and they must be able to have success this week.  This could turn into to a high scoring game.  A win by Sheridan keeps them tied for first place a win for Clear Creek moves them to 1-1.  A loss for Clear Creek could knock their league title hopes and playoff hopes out of the window.  The main event inside the Foothills league is Jefferson at Platte Canyon.  Jefferson at times has played extremely well and has a solid win over St. Mary’s.  Jefferson will hope to take a big step in winning the league title by beating Platte Canyon.  Jefferson will have to be able to stop the run to have success.  Platte Canyon picked up their first win of the season and it came at the perfect time.  Platte Canyon with a win again this week stays in first place and also keeps their league title hopes alive.  Platte Canyon offensively must have success running the football and their defense must come to play.  The Foothills league does look like the only team getting in is the League Champion.

Playoff Contenders: Jefferson, Platte Canyon, Sheridan

RPI: Jefferson (23), Platte Canyon (28), Sheridan (30), Clear Creek (35), lake County (37), Manual (38)

North Central League

The very competitive North Central league is off to the start I expected.  Holyoke, Wray, and Limon were all victorious last week and take over as the top teams in league.  This week once again we have the top 3 teams facing off against the bottom 3 teams and any upsets could the standing upside down.  This week Wray travels to Wiggins, Limon travels to Yuma, and Holyoke travels to Burlington.  Looking at last week results I think the big games in the North Central league are Limon vs Yuma and Holyoke vs Burlington.  Limon vs Yuma could be an interesting game.  Yuma got off to a surprising 3-2 start to the season but a 34-0 loss to Holyoke will need them to quickly bounce back.  Yuma needs their defense to really step up against top teams as they have given up over 28 points to tougher teams in 1A.  Offensively Yuma must also step up against tougher teams and this should really test how Yuma bounce back.  Limon had to bounce back for the first time this season since their close loss to Strasburg.  Limon did just that and blasted Wiggins 48-7.  Limon was able to run the ball with a lot of success rushing for 207 yards, but it was Limon defense who was the star.  Limon defensively gave up 133 yards of total offense and forced 4 turnovers.  Limon did a great job bouncing back after the loss and are now hoping to move to 2-0 in league and keep up with the leaders in the league.  This should be a tough road test for Limon.  Burlington vs Holyoke is another good matchup.  Burlington is 2-3 on the season and will be looking to bounce back after a tough 14-0 loss to Wray.  Burlington struggled offensively to get anything going.  Burlington had just 131 yards of total offense and 4 turnovers in the game.  Burlington will work to get their offensive problems fixed but play another top defense.  Burlington defense did play tough but struggled stopping the run giving up 232 yards.  Burlington defense must come up big if they plan to pull the upset.  Holyoke is 5-0 on the season and last week they beat Yuma 34-0.  Holyoke offensively has been a two headed monster with QB Miles Sprague and RB Blake Mosenteen leading the way.  Those two will be needed to have a big day against Burlington.  Holyoke offense continue to improve weekly, but this is another tough test.  Defensively Holyoke limited Yuma offensive attack.  Holyoke did give up 169 yards rushing but they limited Yuma to 3.8 yards per carry.  Holyoke will need their run defense to be tough this week.

Playoff Contenders: Holyoke, Limon, Wray, Burlington, Yuma, Wiggins

RPI: Holyoke (1), Limon (3), Wray (6), Yuma (17), Burlington (19), Wiggins (21)

Northern League

The Northern League got off to the expected start with the league favorites all grabbing week 1 wins.  Strasburg, Flatirons Academy, and Highland all started with big wins but a big matchup this week could shake the standings up.  This week inside the Northern League we have Flatirons Academy at Lyons, Estes Park at Pinnacle, and Highland at Strasburg.  Estes Park at Pinnacle should be a competitive contest with the winner keeping their league title and playoff hopes alive.  The loser will be eliminated or will need a huge upset to get back into the mix.  The big game in the Northern League is Highland at Strasburg.  Highland has played a very tough non-league schedule and have some quality wins over Wray and Valley.  Highland is 3-2 on the season.  Highland played #2 Holyoke tough a couple weeks ago falling 24-21 and should be able to push Strasburg.  Highland is looking to take a step to winning the league title, but their defense will need to play their toughest game yet.  Highland offensively must be able to run the football or could be in trouble.  Strasburg is 5-0 on the season with quality wins over University, Burlington, Bennett, and Limon.  Strasburg defensively has been a big reason they are winning.  Strasburg will look to stop the run this week and use their speed to dominate on defense.  Strasburg offensively will look for Trystan Graf and Collin Russel to have big games.  Strasburg offensively will be tested by a tough Highland defense.  This game will have big implications for the league but also the playoff race.

Playoff Contenders: Strasburg, Highland Flatirons Academy

RPI: Strasburg (2), Highland (5), Flatirons Academy (9), Pinnacle (22), Estes Park (25), Lyons (36)

Santa Fe league

Opening weekend in the Santa Fe league had a couple blowouts and one game that went down to the wire.  John Mall and Peyton were both victorious in big way picking up 30-point wins.  Rocky Ford vs Crowley County on the other hand went right down to the wire with Crowley County holding the 13-7 lead at half.  Rocky Ford then rallied to beat Crowley County 17-13 to snag a huge league victory.  This week inside the Santa Fe League we have Ellicott at Rocky Ford, Crowley County at Trinidad, and Peyton at John Mall.  I think Rocky Ford and Crowley County should have plenty of success this week and both pick up wins.  The main game to talk about is Peyton at John Mall.  John Mall is 2-3 on the season but got back into the win column last week beating Trinidad 44-10.  John Mall is looking to surge in the league season to have a shot at the playoffs.  John Mall offensively relies heavily on RB Wesley Van Matre and he must have success for John Mall to win.  Defensively John Mall is hoping their improvement will help them pull a huge upset of Peyton.  John Mall really need the upset victory and look for them to play tough at home.  Peyton keep improving weekly and are now on a 3-game winning streak.  Peyton beat Ellicott 43-0 last week and put them in a tie for first in league.  Peyton will face a tough task defensively stopping the leading rusher in 1A.  Peyton defensively will need to stop the run and that will prove if they have success or not in the game defensively.  Offensively Peyton must be able to run the ball and must have a big game from QB Colton Murray.  Peyton has improved every week and look for this offense to help carry them to the win. After this week we should only have two teams at 2-0 in the league standings.

Playoff Contenders: Peyton, Rocky Ford, John Mall, Crowley County

RPI: Peyton (16), Rocky Ford (18), Crowley County (26), Ellicott (31), John Mall (32), Trinidad (34)

Southern Peaks League

Two teams sit atop the league standings after the first week in the Southern Peaks league.  Monte Vista and Centauri were both victorious last weeks.  Ignacio has not opened league play but jump into the action this week.  The two games in the Southern Peaks league are Ignacio at Center and Monte Vista at Centauri.  Ignacio at Center is huge for both teams.  Ignacio desperately wants to pick up their first win of the season.  Ignacio with the upset of Center could also still have their league title hopes alive as well.  Center is coming off a tough 41-8 loss to Centauri.  Center is still fighting for a playoff spot and must beat Ignacio to have any shot.  Center also has a big game against Monte Vista next week and cannot overlook Ignacio.  This is a big game for both teams and should be a tough battle.  Monte Vista at Centauri could be the league title match up.  Monte Vista got their first win of the season blasting Dolores 45-6.  Monte Vista needed the confidence boost after a tough non-league season.  The true test though for Monte Vista is this week.  Can Monte Vista defensively slow down Centauri and can Monte Vista offensively keep pace with the speed of Centauri.  Monte Vista will need to win at least 3 of their final 4 games to get into the playoffs but an upset of Centauri would probably give them the boost they need.  Centauri come into the game after beating Center 41-8.  Centauri dominated the first half scoring 34 points and getting the mercy rule going right after half.  Centauri gave up their first points against a 1A team last week to Center.  Centauri defensively will focus on stopping Kaden Wenta and offensively look for the big plays.  If Centauri beats Monte Vista and Center beat Ignacio, then Centauri will have the Southern Peaks League title all locked up.

Playoff Contenders: Centauri, Monte Vista, Center

RPI: Centauri (7), Center (20), Monte Vista (29)

Tri-Peaks League

The Tri-Peaks league got off to an exciting start.  Florence picked up a big win over Rye 38-0 and Buena Vista also picked up a big win over St. Mary’s 34-7.  Those two teams now sit atop the league standing with C.S Christian opening league play this week.  The two league games are St. Mary’s at Florence and Buena Vista at C.S Christian.  Florence at St. Mary’s is an interesting game for both teams.  Florence with the win moves to 2-0 on the season with their final 3 games all very interesting matchup with Centauri (non-league game), C.S Christian, and Buena Vista.  St. Mary’s desperately needs an upset to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Look for St. Mary’s to play aggressive to pull the upset.  Buena Vista at C.S Christian is the big match inside the Tri-Peaks League.  Buena Vista bounced back nicely from their first loss of the season beating St. Mary’s 34-7.  Buena Vista offensively had big days from QB Kik Molitor and RB Jacob Phelps.  These two are going to be needed for Buena Vista to pull an upset of C.S Christian.  Defensively Buena Vista must stop the run or will be in for a long day.  This will be a very tough matchup for Buena Vista.  C.S Christian picked up their 4th straight win of the season beating Ignacio 42-0.  C.S Christian scored 42 points in the first half and pulled their starters.  C.S Christian offensively will look to RB Joe Dunn and RB Peyton Brones to carry the work load but also look for QB Caleb Stockton to have a big day.  C.S Christian will be facing their first real test in 3 weeks.  C.S Christian has played tough opponents in Peyton and Holyoke but that was at the opening of the season.  This will be a good test for C.S Christian defense and will tell us a ton about how good this team is.  This will be a good matchup for both teams.

Playoff Contenders: Florence, C.S Christian, Buena Vista, Rye

RPI: Florence (8), Rye (11), C.S Christian (12), Buena Vista (14), St. Mary’s (33)

Western Slope League

The competitive Western Slope League got off to an exciting start with 3 big victories.  Meeker beat Grand Valley, Hotchkiss upset Paonia, and Olathe beat Cedaredge.  Meeker and Hotchkiss have now jumped to the front at league title contenders.  The winners from last week face off against the losers of last week and two games really catch my eye.  Cedaredge travels to Meeker.  Cedaredge is 2-3 on the season and were beat by Olathe 32-13.  This was a bit of a surprise and now Cedaredge needs a upset to get themselves back into the league title hunt and playoff hunt.  Cedaredge must be able to slow down Meeker offense if they plan to pull the upset.  Dusty Emig must have a huge day offensively for Cedaredge as well.  Meeker was able to get back into the win column beating Grand Valley 42-0.  Defensively Meeker was outstanding holding Grand Valley under 80 yards of total offense and dominating the line of scrimmage.  That will be needed this week to stop a run first offense.  Offensively Meeker had over 400 yards of total offense and were led by QB Ryan Phelan and RB Jeremy Woodward.  Look for Meeker to have big days from both players and I think Meeker offense could have another big day.  Paonia vs Olathe is the other big matchup.  Paonia is coming off a tough 12-7 loss to rival Hotchkiss.  We will see how Paonia can bounce back from this loss as they ware fighting for their league title hope and playoff hopes.  Paonia will look to fix the mistakes on defense after giving up 218 yards on the ground.  Paonia offensively did have success rushing for 186 yards but will look to fix any mistakes their as well.  Paonia with a win keep in the hunt for a league title but a loss could be bad for both their league title hopes and Playoff hopes.  Olathe picked up the surprising 32-13 victory over Cedaredge.  Olathe continues to improve weekly and the win over Cedaredge shows that.  Olathe dominated the line of scrimmage holding Cedaredge to just 48 yards rushing.  Olathe will look for the same success this week against a run first offense.  Olathe offensively also will hope their single wing attack has success and this should be a run dominated game by both teams.  Olathe need another quality win, and this would be it if they can upset Paonia.

Playoff Contenders: Meeker, Hotchkiss, Paonia, Olathe, Cedaredge

RPI: Meeker (4), Hotchkiss (10), Paonia (13), Olathe (15), Cedaredge (24), Grand Valley (27)