6man League Breakdown

6-Man Football Week 7 League Breakdown

OT Sports Fleming vs Prairie
Photos by Roz Long & OTsportsChek (Fleming vs Prairie)

6-Man Football Week 7 League Breakdown

Just 3 games left in the 6-man regular season and things are starting to get interesting.  For the final week of the regular season I crunch some numbers and see who still has a shot at the playoffs.  This week I will look at the playoff picture a bit more in depth as well.

Central League

The Central league could be decided this week.  Deer Trail leads the way right now at 2-0 in the league standings.  Hanover & Genoa-Hugo are tied with 1 loss.  Genoa-Hugo has a big game this week against Colorado D&B.  Genoa-Hugo needs to win this week to have any shot at a tie for the league crown.  The main event inside the Central league is Deer Trail at Hanover.  Hanover is 3-3 on the year and kept their league title hopes alive when they beat Edison 32-25.  If Hanover upsets Deer Trail, it will be a three way tie for the league crown but it gives Hanover a shot at the title.  Hanover will have to play their best game this season.  Defensively they must find an answer for Deer Trails balanced attack.  Offensively Hanover has to be able to keep pace with Deer Trail and look for QB Dalton Sweazy and RB Josh Magana to have break out games.  Deer Trail is 4-1 on the year with their lone loss to Branson/Kim.  Deer Trail has league wins over Genoa-Hugo 54-46 & Edison 53-14.  A win over Hanover gives Deer Trail the league title and an automatic berth into the state playoffs.  Deer Trail will look to QB Kolter Eldringhoff and RB Walker Morelock to lead the way offensively.  Defensively Deer Trail must stop the run and play solid defense.  This is a game to watch this week and possibly a league title will be given away.

Deer Trail is the only team in the Central League in the Top 16.  It’s league title or bust I think for the Central League.  I am not sure if any team outside the league champion gets into the playoffs.  Hanover or Genoa-Hugo would need a ton of help.

Playoff Contenders: Deer Trail, Genoa-Hugo, Hanover

RPI: Deer Trail (12), Hanover (22), Genoa-Hugo (24), Edison (25), Colorado D&B (28)

East Central League

The East Central league has two teams atop the league standing.  Stratton/Liberty and Flagler/Hi Plains are leading the way currently in the East Central League.  A lot of non-league games take place this week with East Central Teams.  Flagler/Hi Plains hosts Peetz, Otis hosts Briggsdale, and Stratton/Liberty travels to Granada.  The last game mentioned is huge in terms of RPI and seeding for the playoffs.  Only 1 game inside the East Central league and it’s Arickaree/Woodlin at Idalia.  Both teams will be desperate for a win.  The loser will have their playoff hopes hurt.  The winner keeps the playoff dream alive.  I think the East Central league could easily get three teams into the playoffs, but we will see how the final two weeks shake out.  We will talk in much more depth about the East Central League next week.  The Idalia vs Arickaree/Woodlin game will determine a lot for the RPI due to both teams high OWP.

Playoff Contenders: Stratton/Liberty, Flagler/Hi Plains, Idalia, Arickaree/Woodlin, Otis

RPI: Stratton/Liberty (3), Flagler/Hi Plains (7), Arickaree/Woodlin (16), Idalia (19), Otis (21),

North League

The ultra-competitive North League continues to move forward.  Fleming is now in complete control of the North League but will have 2 hurtles left in their way of a league title.  Prairie, North Park, and Briggsdale all sit at 2-1 in the league standings and in second place.  These ties will start to be broken and many will next week.  This week just two league games taking place.  Prairie is at Weldon Valley and North Park travels to Fleming.  Prairie should cruise to the victory over Weldon Valley and move to 3-1 and stay in second place.  Prairie is in prime position with their head to head wins over Briggsdale and North Park.  Prairie would need help to win a league title and could get that if North Park upset Fleming.  The main even in the North League is North Park at Fleming.  North Park is 5-1 on the season with their lone loss to Prairie.  North Park could still be in the league title hunt but need to upset Fleming to do so.  North Park will have to play their best defensive game of the season.  Offensively look for the three headed monsters of Destry Schmidt, Eli Houston, and Brock Follett to have big games.  Look for North Park to play desperately to pull the upset.  Fleming is off to a 5-0 start and have dominated in all 5 games.  Fleming has a big head to head win over Prairie but cannot lock up the league title till next week when they play Briggsdale.  Fleming has yet to be challenged this year.  Defensively Fleming will have to stop the run to have success this week.  Offensively look for QB Kade Comstock and RB Brandon Williams to have big games.  This should be another good test for Fleming.

Looking towards the playoff I can only eliminate 1 team from the playoffs and that is Weldon Valley.  Peetz is sitting outside the Top 16 right now and have two top 10 teams left on their schedule.  Peetz may need an upset to get into the playoffs.  Briggsdale is outside the Top 10 and with 2 of their remaining 3 games against top opponents this is a must win game this week against Otis.  Briggsdale is the one team I am worried about but I think their OWP should keep them inside the Top 16.  Fleming, North Park, and Prairie all are inside the Top 10 and probably need 2 of their final 3 games to be wins.  I think that is a good possibility for all three teams but I cannot lock a team in yet.

Playoff Contenders: Fleming, Prairie, North Park, Briggsdale, Peetz

RPI: Prairie (5), North Park (8), Fleming (9), Briggsdale (11), Peetz (18), Weldon Valley (27)

South Central League

Your South-Central League Champion is Branson/Kim.  Branson/Kim beat La Veta 70-6 to lock up the league title.  Branson/Kim has just 1 league game remaining against Primero but that will not affect who wins the league.  Branson/Kim has 2 total games remaining and 1 of the two will be tough.  Branson/Kim plays a huge non-league game against Mountain Valley to end the year and Branson/Kim hopes to keep improving their playoff seed.  Manzanola is the only other team in the South-Central League with a shot at the playoffs.  The Manzanola vs Mountain Valley team could decide which team gets into the playoffs.  We will have to check the RPI numbers after this weekend, but I think is a potential playoff game for both teams.

Playoff Contenders: Branson/Kim and Manzanola

RPI: Branson/Kim (2), Manzanola (17), La Veta (26), Primero (29)

South East League

The Southeast League has a clear leader with Kit Carson beating Cheyenne Wells 51-43.  This was a great game with a huge surge in the 3rd quarter by Cheyenne Wells to get them back into the game.  Kit Carson now controls their own fate.  Kit Carson hosts Walsh this week. Walsh will be playing desperately as they sit at 1-2 and are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Kit Carson cannot win the league title this week but the game against Granada next week will be for the league title.  Kit Carson cannot overlook Walsh because this is somewhat a trap game.  Cheyenne Wells will be looking to bounce back after a tough loss to Kit Carson.  Cheyenne Wells is facing Eads this week.  Cheyenne Wells with a win stays in second place and their league title hopes alive.  Cheyenne Wells is also in prime position for a top seed in the playoffs but must avoid the upset minded Eads team.  Eads is 1-2 in league and picked up a huge win over Walsh 60-28.  The win moved Eads into the Top 10 in the RPI.  Eads will probably need to win at least 2 of their final 3 games to stay locked into the playoffs.  Eads will need a huge day from Damien Barnes to upset Cheyenne Wells and an upset would lock them into the playoffs.  Granada and Cheraw both have non-league games this week.  Cheraw cannot afford to lose this week they are sitting at #15 in the RPI.  Cheraw will end the year with two massive games against Cheyenne Wells and Eads and probably need at least 1 to get into the playoffs.  Granada has a huge non-league game against Stratton/Liberty this week then #1 Kit Carson next week for a league title.  If Stratton/Liberty and Kit Carson beat Granada I think they will still be in good shape but their final game against Walsh may be a must win for Granada to get into the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Kit Carson, Cheyenne Wells, Granada, Walsh, Cheraw, Eads

RPI: Kit Carson (1), Cheyenne Wells (4), Granada (6), Eads (10), Walsh (13), Cheraw (15)

South West league

The Southwest League title comes down to one game this week.  Cotopaxi hosts Sierra Grande for the league title.  Sierra Grande received a forfeit win over Cripple Creek last week.  Sierra Grande is fighting for their playoff lives.  Sierra Grande offensively must have a huge day from QB A.J Ojeda and RB Caleb Scharsch.  This is the one game Sierra Grande must take care of the football.  Defensively Sierra Grande must also be able to stop the pass but also must focus on a solid running attack.  This is a massive game for Sierra Grande who is ending the year with back to back top 10 opponents and probably need an upset to get into the playoffs.  Look for Sierra Grande to be playing desperately.  Cotopaxi picked up their second loss of the season falling to #8 Branson/Kim 28-12.  Turnover really hurt Cotopaxi last week with 2 of them and that was the difference in the game.  This week Ty Coleman and Tyler Sawyer must have huge games.  Defensively Cotopaxi did play well against Branson/Kim, but short fields hurt Cotopaxi.  Look for Cotopaxi to try and shut down the run this week to find success.  Cotopaxi with the win gets them the league title and the automatic berth but to improve their seed they will hope to win out.  A loss to Sierra Grande then Cotopaxi will probably need to upset Prairie in the final game to get into the playoffs.  Mountain Valley has a huge non-league game this week against Manzanola.  This is a must win game for Mountain Valley if they want any shot at getting into the playoffs.  Mountain Valley ends the year against Branson/Kim which will be a big RPI game.  We will see what the RPI does for Branson/Kim this week and next week.

Playoff Contenders: Cotopaxi, Sierra Grande, Mountain Valley

RPI: Cotopaxi (14), Mountain Valley (20), Sierra Grande (23), Cripple Creek (30)