8man League Breakdown

8-Man Football Week 10 League Breakdown


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Picture by OTSportsChek (Sedgwick County vs Hoehne)

8-Man Football Week 10 League Breakdown

With just 1 game left in the regular season we are down to the wire.  Only a few teams have a shot for the final couple spots.  Some teams need a few losses and a few teams just need to win.  Should be a great end of the season.  I go thru some scenarios at the end of the article.

Arkansas Valley League

Fowler is your Ark Valley League Champion.  They will probably be a top 6 seed but must beat Las Animas this weekend.  This win won’t help their RPI much, but I believe will stay in the top 8 of the RPI.  They will host a game and seemed primed for a solid run in the post season.  Holly is on the bubble.  Holly sits at #14 in the RPI.  Holly cannot lose this final game to Springfield and must win this game.  Holly is looking like they will sit in the #14 spot in the RPI but could improve to the #13 spot if Elbert or Rangely lose in front of them.  Holly must take care of Springfield and are locked into the playoffs with a #13, #14 or #15 spot in the playoffs.  I don’t have a scenario with Holly not making the playoffs.  Hoehne sits at #22 in the RPI and things don’t look great.  Hoehne with a win won’t improve their RPI much and would need a ton of help.  Hoehne will need a ton of help and will go thru it at the end of the article.

Playoff Contenders: Fowler, Holly, and Hoehne

RPI: Fowler (5), Holly (14), Hoehne (22), McClave (25), Springfield (34), Las Animas (37), Wiley (38)

Central League

Elbert is your Central League Champion.  Elbert with a win in their final game will probably stay around the #12 RPI.  Elbert cannot afford to lose though or will see their RPI drastically drop.  Front Range Christian is the only other team to mention in the playoff hunt.  FRC sits at #20 in the RPI and must beat Swink to have any shot at the playoffs.  If Front Range Christian beats Swink they will have some hope for the playoffs but need some help.  I will go thru at the end.

Playoff Contenders: Elbert and Front Range Christian

RPI: Elbert (11), Front Range Christian (20), Denver Christian (33), South Park (36), Justice (39)

Mountain League

The League Championship could be sorted out inside the Mountain League this week.  Sanford hosts Sargent in a huge rivalry league title game.  Sargent will be looking for their biggest upset of the season.  Defensively Sargent must find a way to contain Sanford offense and their speed.  Sargent must be able to stop the run.  Offensively Sargent must have a big day from QB Kage Pepper, RB Blake Behil, and RB Payton Brown.  We will see how much Sargent has grown as a team in this game.  Sargent has proven they can play in the first half with top teams but now are looking for a huge upset.  Sanford is hoping to snag the league title.  Sanford is also looking for just their 3rd victory in 10 attempts.  Sanford will look to the QB Thomas Faucette, RB Clay Canty, and RB Kelton Gartrell to come up big for Sanford offense.  Defensively Sanford has been dominating this season and will look to continue that this week.  This should be a great game.  Sargent and Sanford are both locks for the playoffs regardless of the result.  Another huge game inside the Mountain League is Mancos vs Dove Creek.  Mancos is a lock for the playoffs and are hoping to say inside the Top 8 and host a first-round game.  Dove Creek will be hoping to pull the upset to lock themselves into the playoffs but a loss puts them much more on the bubble.  Dove Creek sits at #15 in the RPI and a loss won’t hurt their RPI much.  Dove Creek will be playing the waiting game if they lose and we will go into more depth at the end.

Playoff Contenders: Sanford, Mancos, Sargent, and Dove Creek

RPI: Sanford (4), Mancos (6), Sargent (10), Dove Creek (15), Norwood (23), Del Norte (28), Sangre De Cristo (32)

Northwest League

Vail Christian is your Northwest League Champion.  Vail Christian is locked into the playoffs and are hoping for a top 5 seed.  West Grand sits at #9 in the RPI and are a lock for the playoffs as well.  They must avoid Gilpin County upsetting them or their RPI will drop into the #13 to #15 are but are still a lock to get in.  Rangely sits at #12 in the RPI and face Plateau Valley this week.  Rangely must win to get into the playoffs.  A loss and they may be on the outside looking in.  Rangely has leaned heavily Anthony Lujan and he will be needed again this week.  Soroco sits at #16 in the RPI and face Hayden this week.  Soroco must win to put their best foot forward.  If Soroco wins I have them locked into the playoffs, but a loss and they fall way back and will miss the playoffs.  It’s all on the line for Soroco this week.  No other teams in the Northwest League have a shot at the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Vail Christian, West Grand, Soroco, Rangely

RPI: Vail Christian (2), West Grand (9), Rangely (12), Soroco (16), Hayden (26), Gilpin County (27), Plateau Valley (30)

Plains League

The Plains League will be decided this week when Sedgwick County clashes with Merino.  Merino was able to bounce back from their second loss of the season and beat Byers 44-28.  A few big concerns with Merino is the loss of their QB.  Can Merino pull a huge upset like they did last year on Sedgwick County and can someone step up for Merino at QB.  This is a big game to see which direction Merino is headed going into the playoffs.  Sedgwick County is looking to avenge their loss to Merino last year to end the regular season.  Sedgwick County offensively has had a great season from QB Jared Ehmke and RB Beau Parker.  These two have been huge for the Sedgwick County offense and have some impressive numbers.  Sedgwick County with a win over Merino should jump to the #1 RPI but if they don’t they will be at a minimum the #2 seed in the tournament.  Sedgwick County, Dayspring Christian, and Merino are all locks for the playoffs and are all just trying to improve their seed and gain momentum heading into the state playoffs.  Caliche is not a lock yet for the playoffs.  Caliche faces Haxtun this week and is a must win for both teams.  Caliche with a loss to Haxtun will see their RPI fall to around the .5353 area and be in danger of falling behind Dove Creek, Simla, and Haxtun.  This is a huge game for Caliche and look for the senior leadership of Dylan Huss and Riley Stump to really step up this week.  Haxtun is also in a must win scenario and cannot get into the playoffs without the upset of Caliche.  Haxtun has with a win will see their RPI rise to .5350 to .5370 and could jump into the Top 16.  Haxtun will need to have a massive game from RB Ike Anderson and QB Owen Knode.  Haxtun is a very young team and have developed a ton this year.  Haxtun will hope to pull the upset, but they are a team to watch for next year.  Akron and Byers are eliminated from the playoff hunt.

Playoff Contenders: Sedgwick County, Merino, Dayspring Christian, Caliche, Haxtun

RPI: Dayspring Christian (2), Sedgwick County (4), Merino (7), Caliche (13), Haxtun (20), Akron (30), Byers (31)

Southern League

Pikes Peak Christian is your Southern League Champion.  They are looking at the #7 or #6 seed and will hope to have a massive run in the post season like they did last year.  They received a forfeit win over Justice this week so they will rest and prepare for the first round of the playoffs.  They are the only team in the Southern League currently locked into the playoffs.  Simla is on a wait and see basis.  They don’t have a game this week and now put their fate in the hands of everyone they played.  Simla will need wins from a few key teams they faced and mainly will be watching how Swink and Calhan do.  If Simla gets a win from Swink they will have a good shot of getting in but Swink will as well and will come down to the smallest of details between Swink, Simla, and Dove Creek.  Swink will hope to beat Front Range Christian to have any shot at getting in.  They will need some help to jump Dove Creek in the RPI but must take care of business against Front Range Christian.  Calhan and Custer County are just to far back to get into the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Pikes Peak Christian, Swink, Calhan, Simla

RPI: Pikes Peak Christian (8), Simla (17), Swink (18), Calhan (21), Custer County (24)

RPI Numbers

2A was very complicated and 1A was less complicated then 8-Man will be very simple.  Only a few things can really affect how the final spots will be secured.  Sargent and Elbert are locks for the playoffs regardless of the results.  Rangely, Caliche, and Holly all lock up playoff spots with wins and I think all will win to lock up their spot.  With all that said that means the #10 thru #14 seed are all taken.  That puts just two spots open for only a few teams to get in.  Of the three teams I just listed Rangely and Caliche have the toughest games and will be the games to watch.  The #15 and #16 spots will come down to a few teams.  Dove Creek is the first to mention.  If Dove Creek upsets Mancos, then they easily snag one of the final spots and will jump way up in the RPI.  If Dove Creek losses to Mancos (which I think is more likely) then Dove Creek will need some help to hold onto one of the final spots.  I still think Dove Creeks RPI will stay high enough (.53215 to .53240) to stay ahead of Simla, Haxtun, and Swink, but nothing is certain.  Soroco is in a must win this week and a win should move them higher than Dove Creeks RPI and into the #15 RPI spot.  Soroco faces Hayden this week and should be a winnable game for Soroco.  If Soroco losses then it opens the door for Simla, Swink, and Haxtun.  Simla, Swink, Haxtun, and Hoehne need a loss by Soroco, Rangely, or Holly to jump ahead of one of these teams.