1A League Breakdown

Class 1A Football Week 10 League Breakdown

Picture by Jenn Tyler and CSCS Football (Florence vs C.S Christian from last year!)

Class 1A Football Week 10 League Breakdown

Final week of the regular season and things are going to come down to the wire for the final few teams to get in.  A few big games still will decide who gets in and who does not get in.  Remember only the top 15 will get into the playoffs with the Foothills League Champion grabbing the #16 spot.  Will break down RPI numbers at the end.

Foothills League

The Foothills league will get only 1 team into the playoffs and that is the league champion.  1 team sits atop the Foothills league standings.  Platte Canyon is 3-0 in league but cannot win the league title till they face Manual this week.  Platte Canyon had two full weeks to prepare for Manual.  Defensively they will have to be able to stop the run and offensively must control the line of scrimmage.  Manual has a very similar game plan and must stop the run.  Offensively Manual must be able to run the ball.  Whichever teams control the line of scrimmage will win this game.  Remember only the league champion will get into the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Platte Canyon, Sheridan, Manual

RPI: Platte Canyon (23), Jefferson (29), Sheridan (30), Manual (31), Clear Creek (36), Lake County (40)

North Central League

The North Central League will be decided this week and it is winner takes all.  Holyoke hosts Limon this week and what a great game it should be.  Limon has won 4 straight games since their 7-point loss to #1 Strasburg.  They have dominated most of their games and this will be their biggest test of the season.  Defensively Limon has given up 119 points this season and last week gave up just 9.  Limon offensively has leaned heavily on RB Kory Tacha and he has answered the call with 1060 yards rushing.  QB Trey Hines and RB Jeremiah Leeper have also stepped up and Limon offense has clicked this season.  Limon should be a lock to host a first-round game regardless of how this game turns out but a league title is what both teams are after.  Holyoke is 8-0 on the season and looking to go into the playoffs at 9-0 and possibly a top 2 seed.  Holyoke has a couple big non-league wins over C.S Christian and Highland.  Holyoke defense has been impressive this year.  Holyoke has given up just 73 points on the year and held 5 opponents under 7 points.  Offensively Holyoke has been very balanced and had plenty of success.  QB Miles Sprague has been efficient and RB Blake Mosenteen has had a solid season.  Holyoke will hope to keep Limon defense off balanced.  This should be a great game with possibly a top 2 seed on the line.  The other two games in the North Central league are big games as well.  Wiggins vs Burlington is big for Burlington.  Wiggins is a bit to far back to get into the playoffs but Burlington on the other hand is still hopeful.  Burlington must win this game and get some help to get into the playoffs but will have a shot.  Wray and Yuma is also a big game for seeding with both teams locked into the playoffs.  Wray is hoping to host a first round game and Yuma is hoping to improve their seed into the top 10.

Playoff Contenders: Holyoke, Limon, Wray, Yuma, Burlington

RPI: Limon (1), Holyoke (2), Wray (9), Yuma (12), Burlington (18), Wiggins (21)

Northern League

The Northern League Champion will be crowned this week when Strasburg hosts Flatirons Academy.  Flatirons Academy is locked into the playoffs with a win or loss but would love to try and improve their seed for the playoffs.  Flatirons Academy did bounce back nicely from their loss last week beating Pinnacle 53-0.  Flatirons Academy will have to play their best game of the season to pull the upset of Strasburg.  Defensively Flatirons Academy will be tested by a balanced offensive attack.  Offensively QB Jacob Dube must have a huge game and get support from RB Deverick Dow.  Strasburg is hunting for the #1 overall seed and have played a tough schedule.  Strasburg has dominated defensively this year giving up just 81 points.  Strasburg has given up just over 14 points once and most points are given up in the 4th quarter when starters are pulled.  Offensively Strasburg has plenty of weapons with QB Collin Russell having a solid season and RB Trystan Graf having a solid season.  Strasburg offensively has a lot of speed and are tough to slow down.  A league title is on the line and seeding as well.  The only other game to really mention in the Northern League is Highland vs Estes Park.  Estes Park is too far out to snag a playoff spot but have had success this season.  Highland is hoping to sneak into the top 8 and host a first game.

Playoff Contenders: Strasburg, Highland Flatirons Academy

RPI: Strasburg (3), Highland (10), Flatirons Academy (13), Estes Park (22), Pinnacle (27), Lyons (37)

Santa Fe league

The Santa Fe League has been decided and Rocky Ford is your league champion.  They have the automatic berth into the playoffs and would love to win one more game heading into the playoffs.  Rocky Ford faces John Mall this week.  John Mall cannot get into the playoffs but would love to get to 4-5 to end the season.  This will be an interesting game for both teams, and I am sure pride will kick in for both teams and should be a well fought game.  Crowley County currently sits at #16 and face Ellicott in the final game.  What is crazy is even with a win over Ellicott Crowley County is in trouble of dropping farther back in the RPI and will need some help to jump into the top 15.  Crowley County first must take care of business but will be cheering for any team they have played this year to win.  Peyton sits at #20 in the RPI.  They face Trinidad in their final game and must win to at least have a shot.  Peyton will need a lot of help to jump into the top 15.  Both Crowley County and Peyton will need some help to get in.

Playoff Contenders: Rocky Ford, Peyton, and Crowley County

RPI: Rocky Ford (13), Crowley County (16), Peyton (20), John Mall (33), Trinidad (35), Ellicott (39)

Southern Peaks League

Centauri still cannot officially lock up the league title, but I will go ahead and crown them the league champions after Monte Vista beat Ignacio.  Centauri picked up a huge non-league win over Florence last week and should help improve their seed some playoff time.  Centauri hosts Ignacio this week for the league title but I think Centauri will get the win.  Only one other team has a shot at the playoffs in the Southern Peaks and that is Monte Vista.  Monte Vista hosts Buena Vista this week and is a must win game for Monte Vista to even have a shot at the playoffs.  Monte Vista must win and then will need some teams in front of them to lose and their OOWP must increase to have any shot.  I will go into more depth at the end.  Monte Vista must first beat Buena Vista though and will be a tough game.

Playoff Contenders: Centauri and Monte Vista

RPI: Centauri (7), Monte Vista (24), Center (32), Ignacio (34), Dolores (38)

Tri-Peaks League

The Tri-Peaks league will be decided this week when Florence hosts C.S Christian.  Florence will be looking to bounce back from their first loss of the season.  Florence lost to Centauri last week 28-20 and will hope to fix the mistakes from last week.  Defensively Florence gave up 218 yards rushing and 116 yards passing but had a pick 6 in the game and really contained the explosive Centauri offense.  Offensively Florence had success running the ball rushing for 212 yards.  Owen Busetti had 156 yards rushing.  The main problem offensively was passing with Florence throwing for just 15 yards.  Florence has still proven they can run the ball with teams stacking the box and shows how solid this offensive line is.  This week Florence defensively will be forced to stop a run first offense but has proven they can throw the ball.  C.S Christian has won 7 straight games but have not played the toughest schedule with their best non-league game against Holyoke.  C.S Christian though has proven they are a tough team with blowout wins over Buena Vista 56-6 and Rye 50-6.  Defensively C.S Christian must have success stopping the run and contain the speed of Florence’s RBs.  Offensively look for RB Peyton Brones and RB Joe Dunn to have big games.  I think the big X-factor offensively will be QB Caleb Stockton and if he can be effective against Florence’s defense.  Should be a great game!  Buena Vista is a near lock for the playoffs and have a big non-league game against Monte Vista this week.  Buena Vista with a loss would drop in the RPI and be right around the #14/#15 RPI and on the bubble. This will be a tough game for Buena Vista.  Buena Vista though with a win should improve their RPI.  Rye plays St. Mary’s this week and is a must win for Rye.  If Rye losses, they are in danger of missing the playoffs.  A lot of teams outside the top 15 will be hoping for Rye to lose to have a shot at the playoffs.  This is a big game for Rye and a win locks them into the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Florence, C.S Christian, Buena Vista, Rye

RPI: Florence (5), C.S Christian (6), Buena Vista (11), Rye (14), St. Mary’s (28)

Western Slope League

The Western Slope League title will be decided this week when Meeker and Hotchkiss collide.  Hotchkiss had a improved season this year and are a lock for the playoffs.  Hotchkiss though would like nothing more than to upset Meeker and win the league title.  These two teams have played already this year and it was a close 28-7 win for Meeker.  Hotchkiss knows they must be able to stop the pass to have any success defensively.  Offensively RB Jace Peebles must have a huge game.  He has been the x-factor for Hotchkiss this year.  QB Yahir Chavez must also be efficient when Hotchkiss does decide to throw the ball.  This will be a test to see how far Hotchkiss has grown as a team.  Meeker since losing to Limon a few weeks back has dominated all opponents.  Since the loss Meeker has given up just 20 points in 4 games.  Meeker is now hoping to lock up a top 5 seed and a win should help give them a shot.  Meeker defensively must be able to stop the run to have any success.  Offensively QB Ryan Phelan and RB Jeremy Woodward must have solid games and take care of the football.  Offensively Meeker has improved since the beginning of the year and we will see how much.  This will be a great game with a lot on the line in terms of seeding for the playoffs.  Looking at the other Playoff Contenders it is win or go home.  Paonia faces rival Cedaredge and must win and get some help to get into the playoffs.  Paonia currently looks like they could sit around #16 so they need a team to drop a game or some help from teams they have played.  Olathe has a shot still but Paonia with a win will stay slightly ahead of Olathe.  Olathe will need help to get into the playoffs.  Cedaredge and Grand Valley are to far back to get into the playoffs.

Playoff Contenders: Meeker, Hotchkiss, Paonia, Olathe

RPI: Meeker (4), Hotchkiss (10), Paonia (17), Olathe (19), Grand Valley (26), Cedaredge (25)

RPI Numbers

Class 1A is not as complicated as Class 2A.  First thing is only the top 15 of the RPI get into the playoffs with the winner of the Foothills League taking the #16 spot.  Second, I would say there are only two spots up for grabs.  Highland, Flatirons Academy, Yuma, and Rocky Ford (Automatic Berth) are all locks for the playoffs.  The only two teams on the bubble are Rye and Buena Vista.  If both teams win then things are very simple, they lock up the #14 and #15 RPI and get into the playoffs.  If one or both lose then things get more interesting.  Rye with a loss to St. Mary’s will see their RPI drop to around .500 and right on the bubble.  If Buena Vista losses their RPI will drop to around .5300 which is still nearly a lock for the playoffs but will make things much more interesting with the bubble teams.  So, the only two scenarios for bubble teams are this:

Scenario #1: Rye losses and Buena Vista wins
Buena Vista would end around the #11 RPI and firmly secure.
Only 1 spot would be open to a team outside the top 15 with Rye falling to round .5030 to .5050
Paonia, Burlington, and Olathe would have a shot to jump Rye if they win this week.
If Paonia, Burlington, and Olathe win their RPI are:

Paonia RPI .5050 to .5065, Burlington RPI .5015 to .5030, Olathe .4950 to .5010

Things would come down to OOWP to decide the final spot.


Scenario #2: Rye and Buena Vista lose
Buena Vista would still be a near lock with their RPI around .5300 to .5340 unless their OOWP drops.  Buena Vista would be on the bubble, but I think still get in
Rye losing opens the door for Paonia, Burlington, Monte Vista, and Olathe.
Very similar to Scenario #1 but Monte Vista added to the mix.
If Paonia, Burlington, Monte Vista and Olathe win their RPI are:

Paonia RPI .5050 to .5065, Burlington RPI .5015 to .5030, Monte Vista .4960 to .5025, Olathe .4950 to .5010

OOWP will honestly decided who gets the final spot like scenario #1.