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Coin Flips: Future Home Sites for Playoff Football Games on November 14-16

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Coin Flips: Future Home Sites for Playoff Football Games on November 14-16


How the home sites are determined.

  • For 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A and 1A: The team with the fewest playoff home games will host. If equal, the higher seed will host.
  • For 8-man and 6-man: The team with the fewest playoff home games will host. If equal, a coin flip determines the home team.

Class 2A (Quaterfinals)

Schools Type Home Team
Rifle vs Basalt Homes Games Basalt
Englewood vs Baslt Higher Seed Basalt
Rifle vs Classical Academy Higher Seed Rifle
Englewood vs Classical Academy Homes Games Englewood
Delta vs Elizabeth Homes Games Elizabeth
Pagosa Springs vs Elizabeth Higher Seed Elizabeth
Delta vs Faith Christian Higher Seed Delta
Pagosa Springs vs Faith Christian Homes Games Pagosa Springs
Resurrection Christian vs Bennett Homes Games Bennett
La Junta vs Bennett Higher Seed Bennett
Resurrection Christian vs Platte Valley Higher Seed Resurrection Christian
La Junta vs Platte Valley Homes Games La Junta
Lamar vs Moffat County Homes Games Moffat County
Eaton vs Moffat County Higher Seed Eaton
Lamar vs Sterling Higher Seed Sterling
Eaton vs Sterling Homes Games Eaton

Class 1A (Quaterfinals)

Schools Type Home Team
Strasburg vs Hotchkiss Homes Games Hotchkiss
Manual vs Hotchkiss Higher Seed Hotchkiss
Strasburg vs Highland Higher Seed Strasburg
Manual vs Highland Homes Games Manual
Meeker vs Flatirons Academy Homes Games Flatirons Academy
Buena Vista vs Flatirons Academy Higher Seed Flatirons Academy
Meeker vs Centauri Higher Seed Meeker
Buena Vista vs Centauri Homes Games Buena Vista
Limon vs Wray Homes Games Wray
Rye vs Wray Higher Seed Wray
Limon vs Florence Higher seed Limon
Rye vs Florence Homes Games Rye
C.S Christian vs Rocky Ford Homes Games Rocky Ford
Yuma vs Rocky Ford Higher Seed Yuma
C.S Christian vs Holyoke Higher Seed Holyoke
Yuma vs Holyoke Homes Games Yuma

8-Man (Quaterfinals)

Schools Type Home Team
Sedgwick County vs West Grand Homes Games West Grand
Elbert vs West Grand Coin Toss Elbert
Sedgwick County vs Merino Coin Toss Sedgwick County
Elbert vs Merino Homes Games Elbert
Vail Christian vs Rangely Homes Games Rangely
Dove Creek vs Rangely Coin Toss Rangely
Vail Christian vs Dayspring Christian Coin Toss Dayspring Christian
Dove Creek vs Dayspring Christian Homes Games Dove Crek
Fowler vs Caliche Homes Games Caliche
Simla vs Caliche Coin Toss Simla
Fowler vs Mancos Coin Toss Mancos
Simla vs Mancos Homes Games Simla
Pikes Peak Christian vs Holly Homes Games Holly
Sargent vs Holly Coin Toss Sargent
Pikes Peak Christian vs Sanford Coin Toss Pikes Peak Christian
Sargent vs Sanford Homes Games Sargent

6-Man (Semifinals)

Schools Type Home Team
Kit Carson vs Prairie Coin Toss Prairie
Eads vs Prairie Coin Toss Prairie
Kit Carson vs Fleming Home Games Kit Carson
Eads vs Fleming Home Games Eads
Cheyenne Wells vs Stratton/Liberty Home Games Cheyenne Wells
North Park vs Stratton/Liberty Homes Games North Park
Cheyenne Wells vs Branson/Kim Coin Toss Cheyenne Wells
North Park vs Branson/Kim Coin Toss Branson/Kim