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MileHigh Prep Report Class 2A Girls Basketball Preseason Poll

OTsports Limon vs Akron
Photos by Shani’s Stitch In Time Shantil Watson Basler (Limon vs Akron)

MileHigh Prep Report Class 2A Girls Basketball Preseason Poll

Note: I am just going to quickly give the rankings and a quick breakdown of what they are returning.  Next week I will try and do league Predictions.

Class 2A

Rank Team Notes
#1 Limon HS


Made State Tournament

(Went 0-2)


Limon returns a very talented group that is hungry to avenge their 0-2 state tournament.  Limon return 5 of their top 6 scorers.  Toni Lopez, Sidney Hines, and Trista Marx will all look to dominate this year for Limon.  Replacing their top rebounder will be the biggest thing for Limon.
#2 Sanford HS


Made State Tournament

(Went 1-2, Took 4th)

Sanford is return a very talented trio but have some holes to fill in the depth department.  Sanford return Mackenzie Peterson, Asian Caldon, and Cheyenne Caldon but losing their main rebounder, one of their best defenders, and senior depth will be important for Sanford.
#3 Del Norte HS


Made State Tournament

(Went 2-1, Took 3rd)

Del Norte loses some key senior pieces to last years team which is why they are behind Sanford.  Del Norte does return Kendra Parra who is a POY candidate.  Del Norte will turn to Yesenia Rosales, Gabby Jones, and Kaeci Madrid to really step up this season.  I could also see a freshman and 2 other players really stepping up for Del Norte.
#4 Wray HS


Made State Tournament

(Went 2-1, Took 5th)

Wray loses 3 of their top 6 scorers but have some key pieces back.  Wray returns their #1 scorer Taby Jones, #4 scorer Abby Shay, and #5 scorer Morgan Jones.  These 3 players must all step up this year until some depth can develop for Wray.  Replacing the main PG and top rebounder are also key for Wray.
#5 Yuma HS


Defending State Champions

Yuma is your defending State Champions and have a lot of tradition which is why I kept them in my top 5.  Yuma loses their best two players from last years team but we saw for Volleyball some players stepped up.  Look for Reagan Nolin, Ema Richardson, and Elle Roth to really step up and become leaders for Yuma
#6 Holyoke HS


Lost in Regional Finals to Meeker

Holyoke returns their top 6 scorers and lose only 2 seniors from last years team.  Holyoke returns Taeryn Trumper, Kristen Vieselmeyer, and Emily Jelden all must become leaders for this team.  I think Holyoke will have a shot to dethrone both Wray and Yuma as the top team in District 2.
#7 Heritage Christian


Made State Tournament

(Went 1-2, took 6th)

Heritage Christian loses some key senior scoring depth but return their #1 and #2 scorers from a year ago.  Emma Johnson and Kali Siemers both return for Heritage Christian and must lead this team.  Heritage Christian biggest question mark will be who become the main guard for this team.
#8 Rye


Lost in Regional Finals to Swink

Rye is return a very talented group of Freshman and Sophomores.  Rye will have to replace some key leadership players with 3 seniors graduating.  Rye returns their top 3 scorers Sophie Anderson, Sydney Anderson, Chloe Richardson, and Jolee Ortiz.  Rye is a team I think we will be talking about for a long time if they can develop these youngers players.  Rye will need to find some leadership especially in the rebounding department.
#9 Meeker


Made State Tournament

(Went 0-2)

Meeker is losing a great group of seniors including their #2 thru #4 scorers.  Meeker will have to fill those holes but have talent coming back. Meeker returns their leading scorer Julia Dinwiddie and will look to Matilda Brown, Kirsten Brown, and Sarah Kracht to step up this year.  Meeker main whole to fill will be at the guard position.
#10 Ignacio


Lost in Regional Finals to Wray in OT

Ignacio is return their top 8 scorers from a year ago.  Ignacio is poised to make a deep run this season.  Ignacio will look to Makayla Howell, Jayden Brunson, and Charlize Valdez to become leaders and push Ignacio into the State Tournament.
#11 Simla


Lost in Regional Finals to Del Norte

Simla is losing 3 seniors that were a big part of last years team.  Simla is return #1 scorer Kaitlyn Rector, #3 scorer Halle Lutz and #4 scorer Taylor Warnecke.  Simla biggest hole to fill will be at Point Guard.
#12 Dawson School


Lost in Regional Finals to Heritage Christian

Dawson School is returning their top 5 scorers from a year ago.  Dawson School will have some leadership and rebounding to replace but have a lot coming back.  Dawson School will look for Kaitlyn Day, Maddy Timms, and Madison Day to step up and become leaders.
#13 Swink



Swink is losing a great senior Class that takes their top 4 scorers and main guards.  Swink has a solid upcoming Junior class and a pair of seniors who can lead this team.  Swink will struggle early on but I think by the end could make a tough run especially with a great coach in Curt Lewis.
#14 Rocky Ford


Lost in 1st Round of Regionals to Peyton

Rocky Ford is return a very solid Junior Class that should help power them to an improved season.  Rocky Ford return #1 scorer Abby Snyder, #3 scorer Lily Hancock, and #4 Scorer Meghan Saltzman.  Rocky Ford must have someone step up as the leader, but they should be much improved this season.
#15 Peyton


Lost in Regional Finals to Limon

Peyton is losing some key scoring depth with the #3 and #4 scorer graduating.  Peyton is returning their #1 scorer Shelby Miller and #2 scorer Kayleigh Mannering.  Peyton will have to find some leaders in the rebounding department but will have their main guards back.
#16 Sedgwick County


Did Not Qualify for Regionals

Sedgwick County loses 2 of their top 6 scorers from a year ago.  Sedgwick County returns their #1 scorer Alison Woodhams, #3 scorer Whitney Walters, and #4 scorer Satara Ehnes.  The big question for Sedgwick County is can someone step up to help score along side Woodhams.  Sedgwick County showed big improvement for Volleyball see if the same happens for Basketball.
#17 West Grand


Did Not Qualify for Regionals

West Grand had some success early on for basketball and will not hope to take a big step this year.  West Grand loses just 1 senior from last years team and have a lot coming back.  #1 scorer Emma Desanti, #3 scorer Alex Schake, and #4 scorer Maddy Probst are all back and should help West Grand improve from last year.
#18 Union Colony Prep


Did Not Qualify for Regionals

Union Colony Prep will look to have some big success for basketball this year.  Union Colony Prep loses just 1 senior from a year ago.  Union Colony Prep returns their top 6 scorers.  #1 scorer Mayson Fago, #2 Scorer Alexis Boiko, and #3 scorer Kamryn Arnold must all step up this year.
#19 Center


Lost in 1st Round of Regionals to Swink

Center loses just 1 senior from last years team.  Center started showing progress last year pulling a few upsets to get into regionals.  Two teams in District 1 will be right on their tails in Custer County and Sargent.  Center will hope Alexis Varelas will continue to improve along with Brandi Almeida and Isabella Phillbern.  Center must show improvement this year or will get caught or past by Sargent or Custer County.
#20 Highland


Lost in Regional Finals to Yuma

Highland is losing a great senior class taking their top 3 scorers, #1 rebounder and top PG.  Highland though has a solid upcoming senior class and some depth.  Highland will hope Sidney Brown, Alyssa Winter, and Cabrini Medina will all step up and become leaders this season.
  Teams to Watch for: Colorado Springs School, Custer County, Sargent, Denver Christian, Lyons, Dayspring Christian, Calhan, Hotchkiss, Soroco, Vail Christian, Fowler