Girls Basketball Rankings

MileHigh Prep Report Class 1A Girls Basketball Preseason Poll

MileHigh Prep Report Class 1A Girls Basketball Preseason Poll

Note: I am just going to quickly give the rankings and a quick breakdown of what they are returning.  Next week I will go league by league and breakdown each league!

Class 1A

Rank Team Notes
#1 Kit Carson


Defending State Champions


Kit Carson is your defending State Champions.  Kit Carson is losing 4 of their top 5 scorers from a year ago but the tradition of Kit Carson and not losing to a 1A opponent keeps them ranked #1.  We will see if Kit Carson continues to dominate Class 1A or like we found out for Volleyball will Class 1A be wide open.
#2 Briggsdale


Made State Tournament

(Went 2-1, Took 3rd)

Briggsdale Took 3rd last year and return all but one player from a year ago.  Briggsdale returns their top 5 scorers including Shelby Hoffman, Kylie Krise, Courtney Krise, and Kimberlyn Krise.  Briggsdale will be very tough this season.
#3 Fleming


Made State Tournament

(Went 1-2, took 4th)

Fleming lose their #2 scorer from a year ago and a huge leader.  Fleming though has plenty of talent returning plus a freshman who could step in right away.  Fleming will look to Kendyl Kirkwood and Whitney Chintala to step up this season and become the leaders.
#4 South Baca


Made State Tournament

(Went 2-1, Took 5th)

South Baca had success last season and will look to build on that.  South Baca returns nearly their entire roster including their top 7 scorers.  South Baca returns #1 scorer Alissa Hebberd, #2 scorer Delaney Eskew, and #3 scorer Patience Crane.
#5 Sangre De Cristo


Made State Tournament

(Went 0-2)

Sangre De Cristo has a new coach Dave Forster and his coaching style plus the returning talent could set this team up for a big run.  Sangre De Cristo has a big hole to fill with their #1 scorer graduating.  Avery Palmgren and Makenzie Rogers will try and fill that hole.  #2 scorer Kylee Christensen, #3 scorer Lexi Metz, and #4 scorer Tori Ford all must step up as well.
#6 Genoa-Hugo


Lost in Regional Finals to De Beque

Genoa-Hugo fell just short of the state tournament a year ago but return a lot of talent to try and make that jump this year.  Genoa-Hugo returns their top 6 scorers from a year ago.  #1 scorer Rylee Smartt, #2 scorer Brylee Miller, and #3 scorer Dixi Lockhart all return.  Genoa-Hugo should improve this season and have the motivation of missing the state tournament.
#7 Springfield


Lost in Regional Finals to Sangre De Cristo

Springfield just missed the State Tournament last year and this year should be ready to go.  Springfield returns all but 1 senior.  Julia Mondragon, Alexis Crane, and Kyle Parks should all become leaders and look for Springfield to really improve this season.
#8 Merino


Lost in Regional Finals to Briggsdale

Merino showed some big improvement last year and this year hope to get into the state tournament.  Merino loses their #2 scorer from a year ago and the leadership along with it.  Merino will return #1 scorer Hannah Pejsa Stegner, #3 scorer Taysa Conger, and #4 Scorer Rylyn Nelson.  Merino will have leadership to replace but should improve.
#9 Elbert


Made State Tournament

(Went 0-2)

Elbert had a solid season last year getting into the state tournament but will look to improve.  Elbert does lose their #1 scorer from a year ago but return the rest of the roster.  Olivia Lay, Kinsey Bitterman, and Maisen Avent must all step up this season for Elbert to improve.
#10 Haxtun



Haxtun was the runner up a year ago but lose some key pieces to that team.  Haxtun will turn to #2 scorer Brooklyn Davis to become the leader and then look for some younger players to really step up this season.
#11 Dove Creek


Did not qualify for Regionals

Dove Creek did not qualify for Regionals and will look to make it farther this season. Dove Creek will have the talent coming back to make a big run.  Dove Creek loses just 1 senior from last years team.  #1 scorer Grace Hatfield, #2 scorer Cassie Gatlin, and #3 scorer Kobie Beanland all return and should help Dove Creek improve.
#12 Cornerstone Christian


Lost at Regionals to Arickaree/Woodlin

Cornerstone Christian was extremely young last season with their top 4 scorers all being sophomores.  Cornerstone Christian should show improvement this year with their top 8 scorers all coming back.  Bryn Durrill, Savana Kascak, and Makayla Dannelly all should show improvement heading into their Junior years.
#13 De Beque


Made State Tournament

(Went 1-2, took 6th)

De Beque had a great season last year getting into the state tournament.  De Beque will have some key pieces to replace with their #1 and #2 scorers graduating.  De Beque will turn to Madison Scott, Railey Largent, and Jadyn Graham to become leaders this season.
#14 Prairie


Did not qualify for Regionals

Prairie just missed out on Regionals last year and are hoping to make it this year.  Prairie returns their top 3 scorers from last year but lose some scoring depth with 2 seniors graduating.  Prairie returns #1 scorer Makayla Baker, #2 scorer Bobbie Schriener, and #3 scorer Cierra Hove.
#15 Wiley


Lost in Regional Finals to Kit Carson

Wiley is losing some key pieces from last years team but some success from Volleyball should help this season.  Wiley loses 3 of their top 6 scorers and will turn to Taira Weber, Macy Rowan, and Kirsten Summers to lead this season.
#16 Cotopaxi


Lost at Regionals to McClave

Cotopaxi got into regionals last year and have the talent retuning to make a deeper run.  Cotopaxi loses 2 of their top 5 scorers but return plenty of depth.  Cotopaxi returns #1 scorer Koylynn Gulliford, #2 scorer Shealee Coleman, and #3 scorer Claire Carlson.  Cotopaxi should be competing for a top spot in their league this season.
#17 Shining Mountain


Lost at Regionals to Idalia

Shining Mountain had a solid season last year and return nearly their entire roster to try and make a deeper run.  Shining Mountain returns #1 scorer Frances Hilliard, #2 scorer Kalea Zeender, and #3 scorer Sophia Matarrese.  These 3 all should improve heading into their junior and sophomore seasons.
#18 Idalia

Lost in Regional Finals to Haxtun

Idalia losses some key pieces from last years team including 3 of their top 5 scorers.  Idalia will have depth coming back plus their #2 scorer Adriana Herrera and #3 scorer Camren Morris.  Leadership will be key for Idalia this season.
#19 Lone Star


Did Not qualify for Regionals

Lone Star took big steps last year just missing out on regionals but challenging both Arickaree/Woodlin and Idalia.  Lone Star will look to take the next step this year and return their entire roster.  #1 scorer Lamya Kuntz, #2 scorer Alivia Weather, and #3 scorer Andrea Kuntz should all improve this season.  Lone Star was very young last season.
#20 Eads


Lost at Regionals to Springfield

Eads is losing some key pieces from last years regional team.  Eads loses 4 of their top 7 scorers so some younger players will have to step up this season.  Eads does return Morgyn Johnson and Ally Spady who will have to step up and become leaders for Eads this season.
  Teams to Watch for: Arickaree/Woodlin, North Park, McClave, Belleview Christian, Longmont Christian, Kim/Branson, La Veta, Mile High Academy, Mountain Valley/Moffat, Weldon Valley