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Class 1A Football End of the Season Awards

John Contreras Lamar vs LImon
Picture by John Contreras

Class 1A Football End of the Season Awards

My 2019 Class 1A End of the Season Awards.  Remember these are not CHSAA official but are Mile High Prep Reports Awards Winners.  Picking is never easy and usually takes me a while to decide on any of these awards. I physically could not make every game, so I used stats and tried to watch any film available.  I will not lie, and I leaned heavily towards teams that made the playoffs for picking First/Second team all-State.  If you would like an award/awards feel free to message me on Facebook, Twitter, or Email me at

Quick Note: If your team has not posted stats it is very hard for me to give awards to players with no stats even if your team is doing good, I cannot guess stats.

One other Note: Being a lineman in high school it also hurt me inside not giving any offensive lineman awards.  Just know that everyone on this list needs a good offensive line!

Player of the Year

Kory Tacha Jr. Limon High School; 1,469 yards rushing, 8.6 yards per Carry, 15 rushing TDs, 325 yards receiving, 3 receiving TDs, 70 Tackles, 3 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 INT, 1 Caused Fumble, 1 Punt Return for TD, and 1 Kickoff Return for TD

John Contreras Lamar vs LImon
Picture by John Contreras

Player of the Playoffs

Collin Russell Jr. Strasburg High School; 431 yards passing, 134 yards rushing, and 8 Total TDs all in the Playoffs.  Helped lead Strasburg into the State Championship

VV Centauri vs Strasburg 2
Picture by Vibrant Valley Photoragphy

Offensive Player of the Year

Ryan Phelan Jr. Meeker High school; 2,442 yards passing, 64.9 Completion Percentage, 21 TDs, 6 INTs, 236 yards rushing and 9 rushing TDs

Wendll's Restuarant Phelan
Picture by Wendell’s Restaurant in Meeker

Defensive Player of the Year

Adam Chacon Sr. Centauri High School; 173 Tackles, 11 Tackles for Loss, 1 Sack, 2 Interceptions, 1 Fumbles Recovery, 1 Forced Fumble, and 1 Blocked Punt

VV Adam Chacon
Picture by Vibrant Valley Photography

Newcomer of the Year: (New Award given to either a Freshman or Sophomore)

Cole Kerr Fr. 1,083 yards passing, 13 TDs, 10 INT, 533 yards rushing and 7 TDs, Cole Kerr was #5 in passing in Class 1A.

OTSports Cole Kerr
Picturey by OTSportsChek

Special Teams Player of the Year (Given to Kicker, Kick Returner or Punt Returner)

Kicker Alexis Vega Sr. Holyoke High school; 45 of 49 (90%) on PATs, 49 Kickoffs averaging 45.1 yards per Kick, and 15 Punt averaging 43.1 yards per Punt

Surprise team of the Year

Hotchkiss finished the season at 7-3 and made the playoffs as the #9 seed.  Last year Hotchkiss went 2-7.

Coach of the Year

Mike O’Dwyer Limon High school

Limon Badgers Athletics State

Position Awards:

QB of the Year: Ryan Phelan Jr. Meeker HS; 2,442 yards passing, 64.9 Completion %, 21 TDs, and 6 INTs

RB of the Year: Kory Tacha Jr. Limon HS; 1,469 yards rushing, 8.6 yards per carry, 15 TDs

WR of the Year: Seth Watson Sr. Holyoke HS; 795 yards receiving, 23.4 yards per catch, and 7 TDs

Most Tackles: Adam Chacon Sr. Centauri HS; 173 Tackles (25 Solo & 148 Asst)

Most Sacks: Kevin Trejo Jr. Sheridan HS; 19 Sacks

Most Tackles for Loss: Adam Smith Jr. Hotchkiss HS; 25 TFL

Most Interceptions: Kelton Turner So. Meeker HS; 7 Interceptions

Class 1A MileHigh Prep Report All-State Teams

1st Team Offense

QB Ryan Phelan Jr. Meeker High School

QB Miles Sprague So. Holyoke High School

QB Collin Russell Jr. Strasburg High School

RB Kory Tacha Jr. Limon High School

RB Wesley Van Matre Sr. John Mall High School

RB Jace Peebles Sr. Hotchkiss High School

RB Owen Busetti Jr. Florence High School

RB Holden Morgan Jr. Highland High School

RB Trystan Graf Jr. Strasburg High School

RB Taj Cornum Sr. Centauri High School

WR Seth Watson Sr. Holyoke High School

Limon Offensive Line

Strasburg Offensive Line

2nd Team Offense

QB Eric Maez Sr. Centauri High School

QB Trey Hines So. Limon High School

QB Isiah Garcia Sr. Rocky Ford High School

RB Kaidon Wenta Sr. Monte Vista High School

RB Peyton Brones Sr. C.S Christian

RB Adam Schulz Jr. Crowley County High School

RB Jeremiah Leeper So. Limon High School

RB Mason Claunch So. Centauri High School

RB Cayden Lynch Sr. Yuma High School

RB Blake Mosenteen Sr. Holyoke High School

WR Cole Rogers Sr. Meeker High School

Centauri Offensive Line

Holyoke Offensive Line

Honorable Mention (I am sure I will miss someone)

Cole Kerr Fr. Wiggins, Kik Molitor Sr. Buena Vista, Collin Reetz So. Estes Park, Caleb Stockton Jr. C.S Christian, Habran DelaCruz Jr. Center, Jacob Dube Jr. Flatirons Academy, Tyler Collins Jr. Wray, Lajayzhin Miles Sr. Manual, Colton Murray Sr. Peyton, Emmanuel Huerta Sr. Wray, Dusty Emig Sr. Cedaredge, Jeremy Woodward Jr. Meeker, Joe Dunn Jr. C.S Christian, Brandon Patterson Sr. Platte Canyon, Abraham Echauri So. Center, Elijah Pacheco-Martinez Sr. Jefferson, Eric Flores Sr. Wiggins, Jacob Shelton Sr. Meeker, Alex Carr Jr. Limon,

1st Team Defense

Adam Chacon Sr. Centauri High School

Mikey Ramos Sr. Holyoke High School

Ky Bandy So. Limon High School

Adam Smith Jr. Hotchkiss High School

Colton Murray Sr. Peyton High School

A.J Hemphill Jr. Strasburg High School

Elijah Burkett Jr. C.S Christian

Hunter Bergstorm Sr. Holyoke High School

Blake Fabrizius Sr. Highland High School

Kelton Turner So. Meeker High School

2nd Team Defense

Dj Van Matre Jr. John Mall High School

Bradyn Tacha Sr. Limon High School

Tevin Pelloni Sr. Meeker High School

Zach Buhr So. Centauri High school

Matt Berggren Jr. Flatirons Academy

Levi Trujillo Sr. Monte Vista High School

Grey Neal Sr. Paonia High School

Rian Chavez Jr. C.S Christian

Ethan Owens Sr. Hotchkiss High School

Honorable Mention (I am sure I will miss someone)

Aidyn Shafer So. Holyoke, Caden Vogt So. Clear Creek, Alexis Aguilar Jr. Wray, Trevor Ryan Jr. Flatirons Academy, Daniel Chavez Sr. Centauri, Slaten Burris Sr. Holyoke, Keyshawn Martinez So. Monte Vista, Lorgan Marx Sr. Limon, Charlie Neal Sr. Burlington, Clay Robertson Jr. Clear Creek, Zeke Larson Sr. C.S Christian, Chad Sutherland Sr. Strasburg, Kevin Trejo Jr. Sheridan, Baron Holman So. Centauri, Oliver Mendoza Hotchkiss, Eleazar Aguilar Sr. Center

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